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Thread: working out due date???difference between natural of ivf

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    Question working out due date???difference between natural of ivf

    When you concieve naturally, the first day of your last peroid is used to determine when bubs is due, how does it work when you fall preg. doing ivf, do they count from last peroid or from days your eggs are fertlized?

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    From your last period, same as when you fall naturally.

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    if you're an odd ball like me that doesn't get a period, it can be a little more difficult. my clinic said to count back 14 days from EPU, label that as day one of LMP, and work it out from that.

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    Same as BG for me, I didn't get a period so we counted back 14 days from EPU as the date of LMP.

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    I'm another oddball, but different, as usual. For me the problem was that I bled for three weeks straight so it was fairly impossible to pin a date down. The clinic chucked a date in for me to keep their computer system happy.

    I'd always calculated my EDD from the date of EPU, and the clinic has done the same thing. Fortunately, my FS gave me some calculations of all sorts of things in relation to my pregnancy - one of which was the LMP date I should have had. I've got to say that knowing it now makes life so much easier - my GP couldn't cope until I could tell him the LMP date for his files.


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    Thanks Ladies:

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