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Thread: Thinking about getting a job - is this crazy?

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    Default Thinking about getting a job - is this crazy?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm thinking about getting a job (no, that's not the crazy part ), as with rising interest rates and food prices, like everyone else, we are finding it a bit tight on 1 wage. We don't need a lot more, maybe an extra $100 a week for the moment just so we don't accumulate any debt.

    I'm studying to be a massage therapist, i have 10 weeks left and then i will be opening a business from home, which hopefully with a lot of hard work will be quit successful from the reposnse i've had so har. We will use this money to save up for a car (we will need one that can take 3 car seats in the back for when we have our next child), and for school fees. Whatever if left over will go towards extra repayments on the house, and doing sopme reno's i want done.

    I'm really looking forward to running the business - i think a challenge will be good for me, it will be a lot of hard work but something that i will have achieved all by myself, and some time away from the kids (it will be PT from home, as i never wanted to have my kids in care full time), and the extra money will be great, as i have a tendancy to worry about money a bit.

    I don't want to start taking clients already, even though i am good enough to. Mainly as i can't get insurance until i formally finish the last bit of supervised hours, and also, i would feel like i can only charge a student rate (about 50% discount), and many have suggested that once you do that you lose the ability to ever charge those customers full price, as in their minds you are only worth what they were paying in the beginning. So i would rather wait 10 weeks and have them as long term customers if that makes sense?

    So i wanted to get a job for the next 10 weeks.. I wanted something i can walk away from without feeling guilty (somehow i always do and end up staying at jobs even when i dont want to), so i can focus on the business. I also just want something in the evenings and on a Sunday (when DH is home) at the moment, as i don't want my DD in care (when i have massaged on my MIL or mum is going to take her, and once I'm getting enough clients she will be a bit older and i will look into FDC rather than creche).

    all i can think about is working in a supermarket - that is the crazy part of the question!

    I have experience in bookkeeping, accounts, receptionist etc., but all those things are normally utilized during the day, not at nights. I did try emailing my old boss to see if i can work from home doing accounts, but haven't heard back so i'm assuming it's a no.

    Can anyone think of something else? I am willing to work at night times, i know i'l be exhausted but it is only for a little bit.

    Or does anyone know how much coles etc pays new staff? I don't want to be up all night for a pittance either.


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    Have you contacted any of the temp agencies?
    If it's temping job you can walk away with no guilt.
    What about medical centers? They need receptionists after office hours - medical reception isn't much different to other forms of receptioning. There's more filing.
    Call centers?

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    im a manager at woolies i think its safeway in victoria and the casual rate for nightfill is about $20 an hour before midnight and after midnight increases by 30% for first 2 hours then increases again best nights to work is a sat or sunday if you are planning to work through the night as you get more $$$ for your efforts. im pretty sure coles pay isnt far behind

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    DH just told me that when he did night fill at coles (a few years ago mind you) the pay was about $16-18p/h.

    Plus he said that you get extra when you work past midnight, but since coles are such tightar$es, they give you a shift from 9pm - 12am so they don't have to pay you the extra.

    So i would assume that the rate would be around $20 an hour.
    I like Chloe's idea of temping though.. that sounds great!!

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    Ok, i think i'll apply for safeway (they have one 5 mins away for nightfill) and some temp agency's, and see who contacts me first.

    mum2be - do they employ females for nightfill? I can lift things up to around 15kg - i'm used to picking up my toddler all day long

    This in one of the questions -
    When performing repetitive tasks it is easy to become bored and overlook important details. Please outline in 100 words or less, what would you do in this situation to ensure the job gets done properly
    How do i say i'm completely anal, so i like things done properally (just ask DH how many times i make him redo stuff), it can't be more boring than cleaning up the house, and i'm getting money for it, so why do i care if i'm bored?? *lol*

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    yes the majority of my nightfill team is female some of the work is heavy though most cartons weigh about 12 kg and you fill from rollcages so its easier on the back no picking up cartons from the floor. yes its repetitious and boring though when i was a nightfill manager years ago now i used to have good music playing something to sing along to and keep people awake, my idea was to try and make it more fun and not so boring we enjoyed our nights even though we worked hard. good luck

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    If it's any help, I did night fill work for almost a year before I had children (this is going back about 10 years)... and I am only a small woman (5ft tall and at the time 45kg) ... they never worried that I couldn't lift things that were too heavy, as most of the time, the heavy boxes are in the aisles they need to be in, and mainly night fill's job is making sure the shelves are stacked full.

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    In response to your question you could say that you take pride in a job well done and get satisfaction in seeing the end result.
    or... you set yourself goals through out your shift.
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    yael- have you got an aldi near you? i hear they pay really well

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    I used to work at a supermarket when I was at uni, its easy work, males do the heavy lifting. you can always do check out as most supermkts are open to cust til late.

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