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Thread: Work not to sure what to do????

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    Bec Guest


    Thanks girls,

    I am still planning on taking 12 months mat leave at this stage.
    I have not told my boss as he has not asked and I have been way to busy to even think about it.

    I am still really peeved with him for treating me like that in the first place and I have no discussed it with many people that I work with.

    My hubbie is also trying to get into uni so in 12 months time I may need my job to go back to. But I am not telling work anything as he has not been accepted and they dont need to know as it is my hubbie not me.

    I would still rather go back p/t but there is no way that would happen.


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    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!


    Bec all you need to do as you have done is make the decision to take 12mths leave the rest is your own personal decision and no business of works, especially at this stage.

    I was in a similar boat except I'm in a huge company but no paid maternity leave - didn't even have policy so we just had to go by legislation. I got the you won't want to come back full time my wife is so glad she didn't blah blah and we'll never be able to offer you part time.

    When my leave was coming to an end - I went up to them - new boss by this time - and siad well basically I'm resigning cause I won't be coming back full time - the only work I'll be able to do is from home so am going to go looking for that if for anything - they were so short staffed I've been working from home 3 days a week ever since (that was over 18 months ago).

    As you say your situation in 12months plus may be completely different so you need that time to make up your mind and find out where you're going. Don't feel guilty its your time to take and even though you personally mightn't want to go back at least it leaves you with an option if come 12 months there is nothing else available to you.

    Sorry for rambling and hope it all works out.

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    Bec, I've come late into the discussion, but I agree with Lucy (I'm not from a HR perspective, I'm from the union delegate perspective!), give them the bare essentials of information and if you get pressed beyond this just say that you don't have to discuss it.
    Employment supplements of weekend papers are full of maternity leave positions, so if your boss claims it's too hard, then you're the least of his worries.
    Regardless of whether you want to return or not, you stick to your entitlements. If you find something else near the end of your leave, give the appropriate leave (outlined in a contract, award or agreement) and take off. Your boss has asked for it, quite frankly. And he DOESN'T have to pay casual wages, unless he advertises for a casual, instead of a fixed term full timer.
    Put it this way, if you roll over and let him bully you into resigning before you take your leave, it makes it so much easier for him to do this to someone else - and it's no skin off your nose, really, to just say you'll come back (even if you don't). Your allegiance should not lie with someone who is trying to swindle you out of entitlements that women have worked bloody hard to receive in the last few decades.
    As for your conscience, let it look after you, especially as it is all too clear that your boss is looking after himself and his own interests. Don't help him out, regardless of your inkling that you won't go back.
    My manager asked if I would be coming back (in her "I really, really care... but probably not about you" kind of way) and I told her I would. How does this even matter when I'm casual?? Ugh! The Fed Govt was trying to say that most employers do the right thing... how come I only know of the ones who don't?
    Sounds like you're on the ball and getting your confidence back about the scenario and what to say to him

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    Bec Guest


    IK and Jaspen,

    Thanks I still plan on taking the mat leave, but now I am looking at doing it earlier like telling him as early as next week after my Ob app.

    Our circumstances have changed and I am trying work to stressfull so I want to stop now and take mat leave starting as soon as he can find somone and I train them up.

    Is it to early to take mat leave now?


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