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    I have just found out this afternoon that I have a 3cm cyst on my right ovary I am having an ultrasound on Monday to get further info (it showed up on a CT) and then I am heading back to my specialist on Wednesday. He will then refer me on to a specialist.

    I am wondering what your experience is if you have had one. Did they remove it? How big was it?

    Please don't post anything to freak me out though Just the basics will be fine! TIA

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    OK, I won't freak you out cause mine isn't a feel good story! LOL!

    But I think at 3cm, it's more than likely to be what they call a 'functioning' cyst which very basically means no big deal and should just go away on it's own.

    Good luck!

    **ETA: PAHLEASE do not start googling if you don't want to freak yourself out. Just wait till you see your specialist.

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