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Thread: A missed miscarriage...

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    Jane. honey I have only just spotted this.... I am SO sorry sweetheart. I just cant explain just how unfair it all is and just how angry I get knowing such beautiful people have to go through this so unneccesarily...

    I hope that putting your thoughts and feelings in writing helps. I know it has for me in the past... I would love to also give a big hug to both you and Andrew - he sounds as though he has been great support for you, which really muct be so hard for them when they deal with their own feelings too - sounds as though you have yourself a bit of a find there.

    I wish I had some magic words of comfort, but as I know there are none all I can offer you both is :hugs:

    thinking of you...

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    Thankyou all.. Mummyto1 my friends visiting was a lovely time. Fussing over there kids plus i was cramping badly kept me distracted she is taking it hard i think feels guilty that she is doing whatever eating whatever and i was sooo careful she has a 14mth old girl Leah so busy with her...


    Unfortunately it hasnt gone smoothly at all i have been in a lot of pain cramping on and off since Friday. I ended up back at casualty Saturday night with cramping and passing more product and bleeding heavly all late arvo. He checked me out and found that my uterus was contracting again passing more of the sack they obviously didnt get it all. Gave me a pencillon injection for good measure and sent me home with directions if i got worse or still bleeding heavly the next arvo to come back.. Plus to add to it i was consipated. So christmas eve Sunday i was still unwell feeling faint and tired not to much cramping only a bit in the morning.. Starts bad again about 9pm and had passed some large long pieces of sack rang dr and he said it was good that i had passed these things and that there shouldnt be much more.. Panadiene forte my best friend along with wheat pack. Bad sleep cramped pretty much all night slept for a few hrs at a time.. Christmas morning i woke to my beautiful Andrew holding my present in front of me and silver locket and a November birth stone angel pin. Then out to his Brothers and Sil for presents nice to see my niece but very hard to see my pg sil. Home again presents with my family great presents!! I brought mum and dad and Andrews parents a willow tree Angel of Remembrence.. Few tears.. prepared lunch had lunch and went down hill bed ridden with cramping more to do with consipation then bleeding/cramping.. As the night came i improved a bit.. Have had a good day today only some bleeding and a few cramps this arvo although just passed either a 20 piece blood clot or product.. So that was my christmas sad and painful so hears to 2007!!! Oh then to top off my day our neighbour (also a good friend) came over and told us they are pg due 3 days after i would have been she wanted us to find out from her not from anyone else which was nice but tears came back first real cry since Thursday so probably needed ( would have been sooo nice being pg together and have our children grow up together i had actually guessed a week or so ago that she was pg).. Andrew is doing it tough really wants me to get better hates seeing me in soo much pain plus i think it has hit home.. PREGNANT AND YOUNG BABIES EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! Trying to talk him into going away next weekend to maybe Melb and staying in a hotel for new yrs just spend time together but he wants to do it here so will wait and see..

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    Hi Jane,

    Rowie again, just reading your post above and I can so relate. Remember your hormones have kicked in (I forgot about them) you will cry and there is nothing quite like that crying hangover.
    I saw two girlfriends on Christmas Eve, both of which are pregnant, one due 2 days before our date... I could not believe how hard I took the news, one I don't see often but the other I see a lot of and I can just feel myself pushing her away.

    Go out with your DH, just for dinner, get away from your four walls and just talk to each other and let each other know how you are feeling. He is so worried about you and doesn't know how to make it better....

    take care of yourself and enjoy New Years, bring on 2007 I say.

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    really sorry to hear your loss just try and be as strong as ever and everything will work out ok. xxxx

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    I am soooo sorry to hear your news *hugs darlin* I have not been online for over a week so had not seen your posts until now.
    I hope you are doing alright. I will look out for you on msn later ...
    Take care of yourself

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    I just wanted to send you a hug... I am so sorry things have been so tough. I hope you did go away for the New Year just to get away from it all.
    Big hugs and I hope that this New Year brings wonderful things for you...

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    Hi Janeo,
    I'm so sorry for your loss ;-( It's a very hard time. I had exactly the same thing as you last week. I thought we were 11.5 weeks but after a visit to casualty and an ultrasound following some brown then bright red bleeding, I knew on the monitor it wasn't big enough for 12 weeks, even before she said anything. I know it's very hard. Thinking back I also lost symptoms and I think part of me knew earlier that bubs was there no more. My husband got excited on Christmas Day and told all his family just 2 days before the bleeding. The course of my m/c sounds exactly like yours. I let it come naturally, and had the same product, cramping and constipation as you. I wish I had read this post earlier so I could've taken some comfort knowing that what I was going through was normal, and to have offered some prayers for you as well. But I hope you're taking care of yourself and allowing your partner to take care of you too. I wish you all the luck in the world for 2007. Best wishes,

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    I am so sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself at this time.

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