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    I thought that it would be nice to have a thread where we could share poems or lyrics about miscarriage and loss. They may be poems relating specifically to loss, or those that have helped you through those tough times.

    If you would like to have a poem included, please reply to this post and I will add it. I've gone back through the miscarriage and loss threads and already found a few to start us off.
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    What Makes A Mother? Submitted by Becc

    I thought of you and closed my eyes
    And prayed to God today.
    I asked what makes a mother;
    And I know I heard him say:

    A mother has a baby
    This we know is true.
    But God, can you be a mother
    When your baby's not with you?

    Yes, you can, He replied
    With confidence in His voice.
    I give many women babies;
    When they leave is not their choice.

    Some I send for a lifetime
    And others for a day.
    And some I send to feel your womb;
    But there's no need to stay.

    I just don't understand this, God
    I want my baby here!
    He took a breath and cleared His throat,
    And then I saw a tear.

    I wish I could show you
    What your child is doing today.
    If you could see your child smile
    With other children and say...

    "We go to earth to learn our lessons
    Of love and life and fear
    My Mommy loved me oh so much,
    I got to come straight here.

    "I feel so lucky to have a Mom
    Who had so much love for me;
    I learned my lesson very quickly,
    My Mommy set me free.

    "I miss my Mommy oh so much
    But visit her each day.
    When she goes to sleep,
    On her pillow there I lay.

    "I stroke her hair and kiss her cheek
    And whisper in her ear;
    "Mommy don't be sad today,
    I'm your baby and I'm here."

    So you see, my dear sweet one,
    Your children are okay.
    Your babies are here in My home,
    And this is where they'll stay.

    They'll wait for you, with Me
    Until your lesson there is through,
    And on the day that you come home
    They'll be at the gates for you.

    So now you see what makes a mother;
    It's the feeling in your heart.
    It's the love you had so much of
    Right from the very start.

    Though some on earth may not realise,
    Until their time is done.
    Remember all the love you have
    And know that you are a SPECIAL MOM!
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    Baby Angel (author unknown) Submitted by Angel

    Don't let them say I wasn't born,
    That something stopped my heart,
    I felt each tender squeeze you gave,
    I've loved you from the start.
    Although my body you can't hold,
    It doesn't mean I'm gone,
    This world was worthy, not, of me,
    God chose that I move on.
    I know the pain that drowns your soul,
    What you are forced to face,
    You have my word, I'll fill your arms,
    Someday we will embrace.
    You'll hear that it was "meant to be
    God doesn't make mistakes",
    But that won't soften your worst blow,
    Or make your hearts not ache.
    I'm watching over all you do,
    Another child you'll bear,
    Believe me when I say to you,
    That I am always there.
    There'll come a time, I promise you,
    When you will hold my hand,
    Stroke my face and kiss my lips,
    And then you'll understand.
    Although I've never breathed your air,
    Or gazed into your eyes,
    That doesn't mean I never "was"
    An angel never dies...
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Father's Day Submitted by Becc

    A gift for you on Fathers Day,
    What on earth could it be?
    I know the gift you really want,
    Is to once again, have me.
    Or perhaps the gift of understanding,
    To make sense of a senseless loss.
    I'm sorry, my dearest Daddy,
    But for those gifts, you must talk to the boss.
    The gifts that I can give today,
    Are memories, both sad and sweet.
    From the touch of your hand on Mummy's tummy,
    To my tiny little feet.
    Remember the joy you felt inside,
    When you found out you would be my Daddy?
    the great big smiles upon your face,
    You were over the moon, you were so happy.
    Remember when you felt me move,
    the wonder and love you'd feel?
    Remember it today Daddy,
    It just might help you heal.
    Remember the little cuddles we had,
    And the moments that we shared.
    Remember my little nose,
    And the colour of my hair,
    I love you dearest Daddy, you know that this is true.
    Just keep your memories of me alive,
    And I will always live in you.
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    Spring (John Butler Trio) Submitted by Angel

    So Spring is in her belly,
    It's sprouted in her soul,
    and no one had to tell us,
    we did just know.
    and know life seems a little more, somehow,
    and I looked at her like I always do and I see,

    Just the thought of you changed us,
    I remember exactly when,
    but as soon as you say hello,
    you say goodbye again,
    and now she feels abandoned,
    Forgotten and betrayed,
    well there ain't nothing I can do,
    There?s nothing I can say.

    Don't go away so soon,
    I?m hoping to meet you,
    when will our paths cross again?
    I know we'll be the best of friends.

    Thought I?d like to meet you,
    See what you looked like,
    I bet you look like your mother,
    boy, you'd be shining in the light,
    but your not coming out to play,
    Not tomorrow or tonight,
    And now I hold her crying
    Yes I hold her body tight.
    Yes I hold her body tight.

    And I say,
    Don't go away so soon,
    I?m hoping to meet you,
    when will our paths cross again?
    I know we'll be the best of friends.
    Don't go away so soon,
    I'm hoping to meet you
    When will out paths cross again?
    I know we'll be the best of friends.

    Now its a month since your visit
    and your memory lingers on,
    Somehow feels like your around,
    even though I know your gone
    and in these times when you feel so low
    Ain?t nothing you can do
    But we're still thankful for your visit
    ?Cause we changed ?cause of you,
    Yeah we changed ?cause of you.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Anonymous author: Submitted by Angel

    All autumn you danced within me,
    Dancing to the music of my soul, I felt the vibrant personality you would be.
    Then one day the dancing ceased,
    I knew of it before your heartbeat could not be heard.
    All my dreams of you, the life that we would share, taken in a day, in a moment.
    The dancing has ceased, but my love for you, my precious one, goes on.
    Forever a part of me. Forever in my thoughts. Forever in my dreams. I love you.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    The Master Gardener Submitted by Ms Lee
    (Helen Rice Steiner)

    The Master Gardener
    From Heaven above,
    Planted a seed
    In the garden of love.

    And from it there grew
    A rosebud small,
    That never had time
    To open at all.

    For God in His perfect
    And all-wise way,
    Chose this rose
    For his heavenly bouquet.

    And great was the joy
    Of this tiny rose,
    To be the one our Father chose.

    To leave Earth's garden
    For One on high,
    Where roses bloom always
    And never die...
    So, while you can't see
    Your precious rose bloom,

    You know The Great Gardener,
    From the "Upper Room"
    Is watching and tending
    This wee rose with care,

    Tenderly touching
    Each petal so fair...

    So think of your Darling
    With the Angels above,
    Secure and contented
    And surrounded by love.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    A Different Child Submitted by Cailin
    by Pandora Waldron

    A different child,
    People notice
    There's a special glow around you.
    You grow
    Surrounded by love,
    Never doubting you are wanted;
    Only look at the pride and joy
    In your mother and father's eyes.
    And if sometimes
    Between the smiles
    There's a trace of tears,
    One day
    You'll understand.
    You'll understand
    There was once another child
    A different child
    Who was in their hopes and dreams.
    That child will never outgrow the baby clothes
    That child will never keep them up at night
    In fact, that child will never be any trouble at all.
    Except sometimes, in a silent moment,
    When mother and father miss so much
    That different child.
    May hope and love wrap you warmly
    And may you learn the lesson forever
    How infinitely precious
    How infinitely fragile
    Is this life on earth.
    One day, as a young man or woman
    You may see another mother's tears
    Another father's silent grief
    Then you, and you alone,
    Will understand
    And offer the greatest comfort.
    When all hope seems lost,
    You will tell them
    With great compassion.
    "I know how you feel.
    I'm only here
    Because my mother tried again.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    To the Child in My Heart Submitted by babyangelmum (Trish)

    0 precious, tiny, sweet little one
    You will always be to me
    So perfect, pure and innocent
    Just as you were meant to be.

    We dreamed of you and of your life
    And all that it would be
    We waited and longed for you to come
    And join our family.

    We never had the chance to play,
    To laugh, to rock, to wiggle.
    We long to hold you, touch you now
    And listen to you giggle.

    I'll always be your Mother.
    He'll always be your Dad.
    You will always be our child,
    The child that we had.

    But now you're gone but yet you're here.
    We'll sense you everywhere.
    You are our sorrow and our joy.
    There's love in every tear.

    Just know our love goes deep and strong
    We'll forget you never -
    The child we had, but never had,
    And yet will have forever.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Baby Mine Submitted by Tiggy (Tiff)

    There's a small baby boy,
    who won't grow up at all,
    Did your angel bare him gently Lord,
    Because he was so small?

    I wondered why you bothered, it's such a long long way
    From heaven to a mother's heart,
    And then not let him stay.
    A lifetime is so little when it's only for a few days.

    Excuse the tears and pleading,
    The bitterness I've shown
    I really did not understand that he was just a loan
    I got caught up in all the sweetness,
    The joy from day to day,
    The clothes I was preparing
    While he was on his way
    Somehow I never thought
    He'd have so short a stay.

    What sort of baby is he Lord?
    I'm sure he's very good.
    But if he cries, I'm sure
    It's just his little blue hood.
    I've dressed him very warmly to go so far away,
    'cause I knew where he was going, he'd be longer than a day.

    So Lord, If you're not too busy,
    From the cares we give down here,
    Will you please just take a minute to whisper in his ear,
    That I miss him very dearly, that
    I'm glad he came our way
    That I close my eyes and see him,
    Oh God, please just say
    That I'm glad I was his mother
    Even though it was just a few short days.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Just Those Few Weeks Submitted by Hopeful (Kristy)

    For those few weeks,
    i had you to myself.
    And that seems too short a time
    to be changed so profoundly.

    In those few weeks,
    i came to know you,,,
    and to love you.
    You came to trust me with your life.
    Oh, what a life i had planned for you!

    Just those few weeks,
    When i lost you,
    i losted a lifetime of hopes,
    plans, dreams and aspirations,,,
    A slice of my future simply vanished overnight.

    Just those few weeks,
    it wasn't enough time to convince others
    how special and important you were.
    How odd, a truly unique person has recently died
    and noone is mourning the passing.

    Just a mere few weeks,
    And no "normal" person would cry all night
    over a tiny, unfinished baby,
    or get depressed and withdraw day after endless day.
    No one would, so why am i?

    You were just those few weeks my little one
    you darted in and out of life too quicky.
    But it seems that's all the time you needed
    to make my life so much richer
    and give me a small glimpse of eternity.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Stillborn Submitted by Tiggy (Tiff)
    By Leonard Clark

    I carried you in hope,
    the long nine months of my term,
    remembered that close hour we made you,
    often felt you kick and move
    as slowly you grew within me, wondered what you would look like
    when your wet head emerged,
    girl or boy and at that glad moment
    I should hear your birth cry
    and I welcoming you
    with all you needed of warmth and food:
    We had a home waiting for you.

    After my strong labourings
    sweat cold on my limbs,
    My small cries merging with the summer air,
    you came. You did not cry.

    You did not breathe
    We had not expected this:
    it seems your birth had no meaning
    or had you rejected us?

    They will say that you did not live,
    register you as stillborn.
    But you lived for me all that time
    in the dark chamber of my womb:
    and when I think of you now,
    perfect in your little death,
    I know that for me you are born still:
    I shall carry you with me forever,
    my child, you were always mine,
    you are mine now

    Death and life are the same mysteries.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by Tiggy (Tiff)

    What we have done
    will not be lost
    to all eternity.

    Everything ripens
    at it's own time
    and becomes fruit
    at it's hour.

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Healing Submitted by Tiggy (Tiff)
    By Marjorie Pizer

    I sat in my desolation
    Withdrawn from all around
    Feeling my life was a ruin, a failure.

    I was empty inside
    With the utter collapse of my being.
    I did not care anymore
    For living or dying.

    I was alone
    In my distress and desolation.
    But as I sat sadly on the ground,
    The sun reached out his hand to me
    And touched my face
    And so my healing began.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by babyangelmum (Trish)
    Words by Elliott’s Mummy, Lynda

    Cradled for moments,
    Loved forever.
    Always cherished,
    Forgotten? Never!
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by babyangelmum (Trish)

    Mommy cries for the moments when you were all mine
    my tears seem endless thinking of all the lost time
    my heart aches for the things I will never know yet dream of
    I long to be with you or at least know that you feel my love

    Mommy cries because I will never know the answers why
    you were gone so quick, I wasn't ready to say goodbye
    I couldn't fit a lifetime of words into that day
    and feel sad at times for the things I don't get to say

    Mommy cries when I can't exactly picture where you are
    I imagine a place that surrounds you with love and it's not to far
    then I wish upon wishes that you could show me the way
    I travel in my dreams to hold you again but this time I can stay

    Mommy cries for the memories that are gone
    the ones I planned on making, the ones I missed out on
    like watching your eyes slowly open, or telling you your name
    making you smile and laugh as we played our favorite game

    Mommy cries because a part of me lies with you
    I can't get it back and maybe I don't want to
    I have been touched by an angel and he watches over me
    and no matter where I go there he will be

    Mommy cries when I visit you and clean near your stone
    I want so much more for you, I want to take you home
    even though it hurts that is where you are, where I grieve
    it never gets easier though, I still feel so empty when I leave

    Mommy cries because life goes on and I don't want to let go
    I hold that day so close to me, it's all I will ever know
    my love for you will stand the test of time, it will last forever
    knowing that in our hearts we will always be together

    Mommy cries for the days that have yet to come
    your first birthday, the day you should have turned one
    I wonder if years from now will it be the same when I cry
    will it hurt just as much counting the years that have gone by..

    thank you to anyone who reads this.. it truly comes from my heart.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by babyangelmum (Trish)
    ~ Words by Mummy, Lynda ~

    Angel babies,
    In Heaven above,
    In God‘s care,
    Wrapped in our love.

    Angel babies,
    You’ll never know,
    Just how much,
    We miss you so.

    Angel babies,
    Spirits set free,
    To roam the skies,
    For eternity.
    Angel babies,
    Though we’re apart,
    You’ll always remain,
    Deep within our hearts.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by babyangelmum (Trish)

    Charlotte Rose , our gift in Spring
    So much love she was to bring
    We had much hope & joy for her birth
    But she was too beautiful for this Earth

    Why did she have to go away?
    Precious babies are meant to stay
    How do we mend our broken hearts?
    We’re not meant to be apart

    I wish I could take away the pain
    Our lives will never be the same
    When will we stop feeling this way?
    Heartache is with us every day

    But when we wish upon a star
    My little angel is not far
    Shining down from heaven above
    Knowing she is treasured and loved.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    These are My Footprints Submitted by babyangelmum (Trish)

    These are my footprints, so perfect and so small.
    These tiny footprints, never touched the ground at

    Not one tiny footprint, for now I have my wings. These
    tiny footprints were meant for other things.

    You will hear my tiny footprints, in the patter of the
    rain. Gentle drops like angels tears, of joy and not
    from pain.

    You will see my tiny footprints, in each butterflies'
    lazy dance. I'll let you know I'm with you, if you
    give me just a chance.

    You will see my tiny footprints, in the rustle of the
    leaves. I will whisper names into the wind, and call
    each one that grieves.

    Most of all, these tiny footprints, are found in
    mummy's heart, cause even though I'm gone now, we'll
    never truly part."
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Never Submitted by Kazz

    I'll never get to see your precious face
    or whisper words to make you feel safe,
    I'll never get to hold you tight
    when you can't sleep at night,
    I'll never get to sing to you a sweet lullaby
    to calm you down when you cry,
    I'll never get to fall asleep with you in my arms,
    all bundled in a blanket to keep you warm,
    I'll never get to to hear you laugh and giggle,
    or see your toes wiggle.
    There are many things I won't get to do,
    but the hardest is not being with you.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    My Angel baby Boy Submitted by Kazz

    My angel baby boy I can't believe your gone;
    what makes it so?
    Hard is that I longed for weeks to,
    hold and kiss you.
    I dreamed of the day I would count fingers and toes
    as you entered our world,
    now I can only dream.
    The hopes I had for you are a fleeting memory,
    now replaced by tears of misery and anguish.

    There isn't any faltering in the tears that I shed;
    they fall freely from my eyes.
    My angel baby boy,
    I miss you and love you so.
    How many tears must I shed to feel healing has begun?
    I'll shed a milliom; trillion even to never forget
    my angel baby boy.

    My precious angel baby boy,
    I'll never let you die in my heart,
    you'll live there for a lifetime and no one will ever
    take you away from me again.
    Keeping you safe and tucked deep,
    you'll never be cold or hungry;
    safe warm and happy in my heart you'll stay.
    My heart has been tortured with pain, but,
    with you there I'm feeling better.

    My anel baby boy, I love you.
    Your wings are spreading wide.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Mummy's little baby Submitted by Kazz

    Mummy's little baby is not far away,
    I'm keeping you in my heart
    and that's how it's going to say!
    Although you didn't get to meet me
    and look into my eyes,
    Mummy will be thinking of you when
    I look up into the skies.
    Ad when I feel the sunshine....
    shining down on me,
    I know your safe & happy and
    where you have to be.
    I have so many questions
    and there are no answers to find,
    but don't think for just a second that
    you'll ever leave my mind.
    You, my precious angel made
    a mummy out of me,
    but our Father up in heaven,
    chose to raise you instead of me.
    God must have so much love in store
    and wonderful plans for you.
    So I will carry this burden of pain,
    so your dreams come true!
    So cry any tears my love- be happy
    and be free.
    When God decides its time...
    you will meet daddy and me
    You are very special both here and in
    heaven above
    No matter where you are my angel you,
    have Daddy and Mummy's love.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted and written by Fiona Jill

    Today is a special day,
    It’s ok to shed a tear.
    There is a place in your heart for me,
    I know you hold so dear.

    Why did I have to leave?
    Before this day had come.
    They tell me that you’re special,
    You’re my special mum.

    I wish I got to look at you,
    Gaze into those loving eyes.
    I feel the love you have for me,
    Love that strong never dies.

    I come and visit often,
    You know that I am here.
    I get to feel your warmth,
    When you hold my brother near.

    I hope he gets to know me,
    I love to run and play.
    He will tell you stories about me,
    And ask why I couldn’t stay.

    They talk about you fondly,
    All the angels up here.
    They say I’m really lucky,
    That’s its you who holds me near.

    Today is a special day,
    I love you, my mother dear.
    Hold on to my big brother tightly,
    So I can hold you near.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by Kirsty - author unknown

    The Angel, in the Book of Life,
    Wrote down my darling's birth,
    And murmured, as she closed the book,
    "Too beautiful for Earth."
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by Kirsty - author unknown

    Our time together was short, but our touch enduring.
    The love you gave me was sufficient for a lifetime, such was our bond.
    Your special gift to me, Mum & Dad, was my birth.
    My special gift to you was the strengthening of your love for each other.
    The tears you now cry are meant to flow.
    I am still yours.
    When you feel alone, remember I am with you.
    When you feel sad, remember me & be joyful.
    When you feel despair look for my rainbow,
    And I will be there.
    I am yours, Your little one.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    The Cord Submitted by Mooshie
    Author Unknown

    We are connected
    My daughter and I, by
    An Invisible cord
    Not seen by the eye.
    It's not like the cord
    That connects us 'til birth
    This cord can't be seen
    By any on earth.
    This cord does it's work
    Right from the start.
    It binds us together
    Attached to my heart.
    I know that it's there
    Though no-one can see
    The Invisible cord
    From my daughter to me.
    The strength of this cord
    Is hard to describe.
    It can't be destroyed
    It can't be denied.
    It's stonger than any cord
    man could create
    it withstands the test
    and can hold any weight.
    And though you are gone,
    Though you're not here with me,
    The cord is still there
    But no-one can see,
    It pulls at my heart
    I am bruised .........
    I am sore,
    But this cord is my lifeline
    As never before,
    I am thankful that we are
    connected this way
    A mother and child
    Death can't take it away!
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    The Dance (Song by Garth Brooks) Submitted by babyangelmum (Trish)

    Lookin' back on the memories of
    the dance we shared beneath the stars above.
    For a moment, all the world was right.
    How could I've known that you'd ever say 'good bye?'

    And now, I'm glad I didn't know the way it all would end
    the way it all would go.
    And our lives are better left to chance.
    I could have missed the pain, but I'd've had to miss the dance.

    Holdin' you, I've held everything.
    For a moment, wasn't I the king?
    But if I'd only known how the king would fall,
    Hey, who's to say, you know, I might have changed it all.

    Repeat (Chorus)

    Yes, my life is better left to chance.
    I could have missed the pain, but I'd've had to miss the dance.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    To where you are Submitted by babyangelmum (Trish)

    (By Josh Groban )
    (Lyrics were composed by Linda Thompson)
    (Music by Richard Marx)

    Who can say for certain
    Maybe you're still here
    I feel you all around me
    Your memory's so clear

    Deep in the stillness
    I can hear you speak
    You'r still an inspiration
    Can it be
    That you are mine
    Forever love
    And you are watching over me from up above

    Fly me up to where you are
    Beyond the distant star
    I wish upon tonight
    To see you smile
    If only for awhile
    to know you're there
    A breath away's not far
    To where you are
    Are you gently sleeping
    Here inside my dreams
    And isn't faith believing
    All powers can't be seen
    As my heart holds you
    Just one beat away
    I cherish all you gave me
    Cause you are mine
    Forever love
    Watching me from up above
    And I believe
    That angels breathe
    And that love will live on and never leave

    Fly me up to where you are
    Beyond the distant star
    I wish upon tonight
    To see you smile
    If only for awhile
    To know you're there
    A breath away's not far
    To where you are
    I know you're there
    A breath away's not far
    To where you are.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Hello ,Goodbye (Song Michael W Smith) Submitted by babyangelmum (Trish)

    Where’s the navigator of your destiny?
    Where is the dealer of this hand?
    Who can explain life and it’s brevity
    ’cause there is nothing here that I can understand

    You and I have barely met
    And I just don’t want to let go of you yet


    Noah, hello, goodbye
    I will see you on the other side
    Noah, sweet child of mine
    I will see you on the other side

    And so I hold your tiny hand in mine
    For the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face
    Heaven calls for you before it calls for me
    When you get there, save me a place

    A place where I can share your smile
    And I can hold you for more than just a while
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Butterfly Submitted by babyangelmum (Trish)
    ~ Mariah Carey

    When you love someone so deeply
    They become your life
    It's easy to succumb to overwhelming fears inside
    Blindly I imagined I could
    Keep you under glass
    Now I understand to hold you
    I must open up my hands
    And watch you rise

    Spread your wings and prepare to fly
    For you have become a butterfly
    Fly abandonedly into the sun
    If you should return to me
    We truly were meant to be
    So spread your wings and fly

    I have learned that beauty
    Has to flourish in the light
    Wild horses run unbridled
    Or their spirit dies
    You have given me the courage
    To be all that I can
    And truly feel your heart will
    Lead you back to me when you're
    Ready to land

    I can't pretend these tears
    Aren't overflowing steadily
    I can't prevent this hurt from
    Almost overtaking me
    But I will stand and say goodbye
    For you'll never be mine
    Until you know the way it feels to fly

    Chorus (2)

    So flutter through the sky
    Spread your wings and fly


    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Your Maker By Alison Williams

    We have a child in Heaven that never knew our love
    A child dancing with angles in a perfect world above
    We never got to name our child before heaven took a smile
    We were left cring and wondering as I put my God on trial
    I miss the pains of my womb growing and the prayers we said each and every night
    As the months drag on you'd be that little bit nearer and soon your face well in sight
    I've cried enough tears to end a drought and have a rainbow sitting on my cheek
    sometimes I'm happy and laughing again and then I crash and the world is bleak
    I play you songs and I hope you can hear them
    I hope you are on my grandfathers knee
    We're tring to give you a brother or sister so that one day in Heaven you will see....
    That children are a gift form God
    and although we could love you...we could never love you like your maker

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    A Walk To Remember Submitted by loveloula

    I walk to remember
    the steps you'll never take.
    I carry you with me
    as I firmly plant my feet.

    Our trek started long ago,
    before my belly swelled.
    You were a love that grew-
    like butterfly wings that beat.
    Your gently flutters then became
    kicks upon which I would dwell.
    And I would talk to you, sweet babe,
    about the world you soon would meet.

    The sun always shone upon us then-
    when you were in my womb.
    And I was eager to show you the world
    that would have been your home.
    How you'd have loved the sun shining-
    blue skies without a cloud.
    The autumn leaves turning-
    the snow falling all around.
    The flowers in summer-
    would have filled your eyes with smiles.
    And the rain that might have fallen
    would have caused you great surprise.

    You would have traveled far with me-
    holding me by the hand,
    And I'd have shown you all I could-
    more that I can imagine.

    You hold my HEART tightly now,
    as though we're holding hands.
    How far we've traveled, little one-
    and my life with you has been sweet.
    For I carry you in my heart,
    as I firmly plant my feet.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by Baby~amore` (Trish)

    Six months was all I had of you,
    and some would say our time is through,
    but even though we are apart,
    your heart beats on inside...
    my heart.

    author unknown ... can be changed to suit gestation of your precious baby
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    When I'm Gone! Submitted by Baby~amore` (Trish)
    (Henry Alfred Dixon)

    When I'm gone from your side,
    and all your tears have been dried
    Do not stand at my grave and weep,
    I am not there, I do not sleep.
    I am a thousand winds that blow;
    I am the diamond glints on snow,
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain;
    I am the gentle autumn's rain.
    When you awaken in the morning hush,
    I am the swift uplifting rush
    of quiet birds in circled flight,
    I am the soft star that shines at night
    And when you stroll in the evening hours
    and catch the aroma of beautiful flowers
    There'll be no need to sob and cry;
    I am not there, I did not die!
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Little Baby Submitted by Baby~amore` (Trish)
    (Joan D Schmidt)

    Little baby who was not meant to be,
    You were a person - at least to me.
    Would your eyes be blue? Or hazel or dark?
    Would you caw like the crow? Or sing like a lark?
    Would you have ten little fingers and ten little toes?
    A rosebud mouth? A turned up nose?
    Would you be laughing and happy, or somber and quiet?
    Would you run and jump, or rather be still?
    Would you like to read, or prefer to play?
    None of my questions will have an answer.
    Your chance to live will never be.
    The only thing I truly know -
    Little baby, we would have loved you so!

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    A Man in Grief Submitted by Baby~amore` (Trish)
    (Eileen Knight Hagemeister)

    To be a man in grief,
    Since "men don't cry" and "men are strong"
    No tears can bring relief.

    It must be very difficult
    To stand up to the test
    And field calls and visitors
    So she can get some rest.

    They always ask if she's all right
    And what she's going through,
    But seldom take his hand and ask,
    "My friend, but how are you?"
    He hears her crying in the night
    And thinks his heart will break.
    He dries her tears and comforts her,
    But "stays strong" for her sake.

    It must be very difficult
    To start each day anew
    And try to be so very brave--
    He lost his baby too.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Please Don't Tell Them You Never Got to Know Me Submitted by Baby~amore` (Trish)
    (Pat Schwiebert)

    It is I whose kicks you will always remember,
    I who gave you heartburn that a dragon would envy,
    I who couldn't seem to tell time and got your days and nights all mixed up,
    It is I who acknowledged your craving for peach ice cream by knocking the cold bowl off your belly,
    I who went shopping and helped you pick out the "perfect" teddy bear for me,
    I who liked to be cradled in your belly and rocked off to dreamy slumber by the fire,
    It is I who never had a doubt about your love,
    It is I who was able to put a lifetime of joy in an instant.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    In The Garden Submitted by Baby~amore` (Trish)

    In the most beautiful of gardens,
    most carefully tended, there is an
    occasional rosebud that never opens.
    in all respects that rose is like
    all the others, but some unseen cause
    keeps it from blooming.
    It wilts and fades away without coming
    to its radiant unfolding.
    What happens in nature's garden
    occasionally happens in God's family.
    A baby is conceived, beautiful and precious,
    but with some unseen, mysterious band
    sealing that life so it never comes to
    its rightful unfolding.
    This child, too, like the bud that
    never opens, gradually fades
    and is gathered back into God's
    heavenly garden of souls-where all
    imperfections are made perfect.
    Where all injustices are made right,
    where all mysteries will finally
    be explained, where all sorrows will
    finally be turned to joy!
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    The Gift of Memory Submitted by Baby~amore` (Trish)

    One gift, above all others
    God gives to us to treasure
    One that knows no time, no place
    And one gold cannot measure

    The precious, poignant tender gift
    Of Memory...that will keep
    On dear ones ever in our hearts
    Although God gives them sleep

    It brings back long remembered things
    A song, a word, a smile
    And the world's a better place
    We had them for awhile!
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Stillborn Submitted by Baby~amore` (Trish)
    (Linda Kay)

    I am not sure I understand.

    Is it a babe who is born
    In the hush of a morning's breath
    Before the birds begin to sing?
    No. This is not stillborn, though
    We would like it to be.

    Is it a babe who is born so quiet,
    So still, that the angels hush
    Their rustling wings to hear
    If she will not draw a tiny breath?
    Perhaps. This is very close, but surely,
    it means more.

    Born, still in the arms of God.
    Born, still in the full knowledge of
    God's love and power,
    His glory and grace.

    Born, still to us, but alive to God!
    Surely this is stillborn:
    No death, but life eternal,
    No sorrow, but everlasting peace,
    No separation, but
    communion forever
    With God!

    Yes, now I understand,

    Stillborn . . .
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Only a Moment Submitted by Baby~amore` (Trish)

    How quietly she
    tiptoed into our world.
    Softly, only a moment
    she stayed
    but what an imprint
    her footprints have left
    upon our hearts.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Angel Wings Submitted by Baby~amore` (Trish)

    A precious angel slipped away, no one heard a cry.
    No time for Dad and Mommy to sing me lullabies.
    My time with you was much too short. I had to leave too soon,
    But love had joined us as I grew inside my Mommy's womb.
    It wove it's way within our hearts, in all our hopes and dreams,
    Until the very purest love became my tiny wings.
    Although I could not stay with you, I knew right from the start,
    That once you felt your angel's love, you'd keep me in your hearts.
    I'm just a little angel but my time was not in vain.
    As dark clouds that surround you give way unto the sun,
    My precious parents you will see that any heart will sing,
    If only for a moment it is brushed by angel wings.

    By Jean Rozon
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Written & Submitted by *Teagan*

    My precious baby
    Your were brought to me
    A special gift
    But it wasn't meant to be

    Just past 5 weeks
    I knew something was wrong
    My heart was shattered
    I cried all day long

    I didn't want to know
    I couldn't believe it was true
    Why you were taken from us
    No one knew

    It hurts so bad
    I want the pain to end
    I miss you so much
    Will my heart ever mend

    How I wish you were still with me
    The heartache grows each day
    I hope that one day we'll meet again
    But for now, in God's arms you will lay
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by naomi54 - author unknown

    Daddy, please don't look so sad,
    Mama please don't cry~
    "Cause I am in the arms of Jesus
    and He sings me lullabies."
    Please, try not to question God,
    Don't think he is unkind
    Don't think He sent me to you,
    and then He changed his mind.
    You see, I am a special child,
    and I'm needed up above
    I'm the special gift you gave Him,
    the product of your love.
    I'll always be there with you
    and watch the sky at night,
    Find the brightest star that's gleaming,
    That's my halo's brilliant light.
    You'll see me in the morning frost,
    that mists your window pane.
    That's me in the summer showers,
    I'll be dancing in the rain.
    When you feel a little breeze,
    from a gentle wind that blows
    That's me, I'll be there,
    planting a kiss on your nose.
    When you see a child playing,
    and your heart feels a little tug,
    That's me, I'll be there,
    giving your heart a hug.
    So Daddy, please don't look so sad,
    Mama don't your cry.
    I'm in the arms of Jesus
    and He sings me lullabies.

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by naomi54 (Author - Claudette T. Allen)

    Go ahead and mention my child,
    The one who died you know.
    Don't worry about hurting me further,
    The depth of my pain doesn't show.
    Don't worry about making me cry.
    I'm already crying inside.
    Help me to heal by releasing
    The tears that I try to hide.
    I'm hurt when you just keep silent,
    Pretending she didn't exist.
    I'd rather you mention my child,
    Knowing that she has been missed.
    You asked me how I was doing.
    I say "pretty good" or "fine."
    But healing is something ongoing.
    I feel it will take a lifetime.
    Author~Elizabeth Dent

    O precious, tiny, sweet little one
    You will always be to me.
    So perfect, pure, and innocent
    Just as you were meant to be.
    We dreamed of you and of your life
    And all that it would be.
    We waited and longed for you to come.
    And join our family.
    We never had the chance to play,
    To laugh, to rock, to wiggle.
    We long to hold you, touch you now
    And listen to you giggle.
    I'll always be your mother,
    He'll always be your dad.
    You will always be our child,
    The child that we had.
    But now you're gone...but yet you're here
    We'll sense you everywhere.
    You are our sorrow and our joy,
    There's love in every tear.
    Just know our love goes deep and strong
    We'll forget you never--
    The child we had, but never had
    And yet will have forever!
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by naomi54 - author unknown

    Mommy and Daddy don't cry for me.
    To walk the earth was not meant to be.
    I'm in God's house you see.
    I watch over you every day.
    I know that you love me in a very special way.
    You wanted me to be healthy and whole.
    So you had to let me go.
    You will get to see me every day.
    As you look at the children who past your way.
    I may be the little boy with the dimple in his chin.
    Or the little girl with the golden curl.
    You will know what you did is right because
    When you look in the sky on a clear star filled night,
    I will be the star that is shining so bright.
    I love you Mommy and Daddy, good night.

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by naomi54 - author unknown

    It must be very difficult
    To be a man in grief
    Since "Men don't cry"; and "Men are Strong"
    No tears can bring relief
    It must be very difficult
    to stand up to the test
    And field calls and visitors
    So she can get some rest
    They always ask if she's all right
    and what she's going through
    But seldom take his hand and ask
    My friend, but how are you?
    He hears her crying in the night
    and thinks his heart will break
    He dries her tears and comforts her,
    But 'stays strong' for her sake.
    It must be very difficult
    to start each day anew
    And try to be so very brave
    He lost his baby too.

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by naomi54 (Author - Eileen Knight-Hagemeister)

    We cried tears when we learned that a child would be,
    that our God had allowed you to quicken in me.
    We cried tears with our loved ones as they shared our joy,
    and we thought about names for a girl or a boy.
    I cried tears as I thought of the things we would do,
    all the things that your Daddy would pass onto you.
    And I cried as I thought of every inch you had grown,
    as I pondered the day that you'd make yourself known.
    Then to think of the world you must enter brought fears,
    once again little one your Mother cried tears.
    Something's wrong, I can tell--once again there are tears,
    and I'll not get the chance of your love through the years.
    Oh the ache and the sorrow and all of the pain,
    and again, yes again my tears fell like rain.
    Then His peace comes to me as I think of you there,
    gently rocking with Father in His favorite chair.
    Your sweet little fingers clenched tight in His palm,
    and His Son softly singing to help you keep calm.
    Our God knew your days before you came to be,
    and He knew little one you would not stay with me.
    So, I cry, but I know that when this life is done,
    I will greet and embrace you my sweet little one.
    There's a time to be born, and a time to die,
    and the joy and the sorrow both make us cry!

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by naomi54 (Author - Connie Johnson)

    We are connected, My child and I,
    by an invisible cord, not seen by the eye.
    It's not like the cord that connects
    us 'til birth
    This cord can't be seen by any on Earth.
    This cord does its work right from the start.
    It binds us together, attatched to my heart.
    I know that it's there, though no one can see,
    The invisible cord from my child to me.
    The strength of this cord is hard to describe.
    It can't be destroyed, it can't be denied.
    It's stronger than any cord man could create,
    It withstands the test, can hold any weight.
    And though you are gone,
    Though you are not here with me,
    The cord is still there, but no one can see.
    It pulls at my heart, I am bruised...I am sore,
    But this cord is my lifeline, as never before.
    I am thankful that God connects us this way,
    A mother and child--Death can't take it away!

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by naomi54 - author unknown

    My Precious Little Baby,
    Your face I've never seen.
    Your skin I've never touched before,
    Nor held you close to me.
    You lived inside my body,
    But only for a while;
    Till Jesus softly whispered,
    "Come home my little child."
    You must have been a special child;
    If God needed you up there.
    Because heaven is a better home,
    It's beauty can't compare.
    So, till I get to heaven,
    And see your shining face;
    Jesus will take care of you,
    And love you in my place.
    Yes, Jesus loves His little lambs,
    They sit around His throne;
    So sit on Jesus' lap dear child--
    Till Mommy gets called home.

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Happy Mothers Day Mommy Submitted by naomi54
    (Author - Heather Peterson....Mommy to Angel Gage)

    A kiss to you on Mother's day,
    a hug from me to you.
    I know that you are sad sometimes,
    I know that you are blue.
    Please wipe away that tear,
    and put on a happy face.
    For I'm with God in Heaven now,
    and oh, Mommy, what a wonderful place!
    God gave me wings so I could fly,
    they are white with a hint of blue.
    I'm a big boy Mommy, with these wings of mine
    they carry me down to visit you.
    God is teaching me how to catch your prayers,
    prayers that come as wishes.
    Your wish is the same everyday,
    a wish that I could have stayed.
    I have a prayer for you now Mommy,
    I pray that you will hear.
    God needed me here with him,
    I have no pain or fear.
    For I am an Angel now you see,
    I watch over you each night and day.
    A little piece of Heaven on earth,
    guiding you on your way.
    I come to tuck you in each night,
    as you wanted to do with me.
    I hear your prayers and kiss your cheek,
    and then I watch you dream.
    Before I leave you and go back home,
    I look at you and sigh.
    And as I fly back to Heaven
    I sing you a lull-a-bye.
    A kiss to you on Mother's Day,
    a hug from me to you.
    I love you Mommy, please don't cry,
    you'll get to hold me soon.

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Together as One Submitted by naomi54
    (Author - Heather Peterson....Mommy to Angel Gage)

    An Angel woke up early one morning
    for he knew he had a plan
    God had told him just the day before
    that he was off to a different land.
    He was proud that he was chosen
    he knew it was a wonderful task
    God had many to choose from
    but it was he that God did ask.
    God told him he would be a special gift
    to a woman and a man
    and their love would hold him close
    as God held them in his hand.
    With a golden smile, he began his journey
    across the imagination stream
    He didn't have far to go
    when he reached the rainbow of dreams.
    Soon he was carried by the stardust
    for he no longer needed wings
    And as he grew closer, he heard the woman sing
    'Sleep tight my Angel,
    gentle kisses from me to you
    Sleep sound my Angel,
    I'll get to see you soon.
    Soon he was in a cozy place
    her heart beating music of love
    inside his Mother's womb
    and Angel from up above.
    For only a few weeks was this his home
    when God told him it was time to leave
    Silently he flew back to Heaven
    watching his parents grieve.
    The little Angel was confused in Heaven
    and he approached God to ask
    why he had to leave so soon
    and why he was chosen for this task.
    He listened closely as God replied:
    "In a few short weeks
    you shared your love
    inside her womb she carried
    an Angel from up above.
    Your task does not end here"
    God told his little one.
    "For now you will watch over her
    until her time is done."
    An Angel woke up early one morning
    for he knew he had a plan
    On golden wings he flew to her
    and gently took her hand
    She could not see him through her tears
    but felt his presence nearby.
    He heart lept with joy
    as she heard her own lull-a-bye.
    'Sleep tight my Mother
    gentle kisses from me to you,
    Sleep sound my Mother
    Your angel is with you.
    From that night on he went to her
    in daylight and in dreams
    Soon her tears came less.
    And her eyes again began to gleam.
    He knew he would never leave her side
    he'd stay with her till the end.
    And on that day she would hold him close
    and they'd be one again.

    I lost my child today.
    People came to weep and cry
    As I just sat and stared, dry eyed.
    They struggled to find words to say
    To try and make the pain go away.
    I walked the floor in disbelief.
    I lost my child today.
    I lost my child last month.
    Most of the people went away.
    Some still call and some still stay.
    I wait to wake up from this dream
    This can't be real--I want to scream.
    Yet everything is locked inside,
    God, help me, I want to die.
    I lost my child last month.
    I lost my child last year.
    Now people who had came, have gone.
    I sit and struggle all day long,
    To bear the pain so deep inside.
    And now my friends just question, Why?
    Why does this mother not move on?
    Just sits and sings the same old song.
    Good heavens, it has been so long.
    I lost my child last year.
    Time has not moved on for me.
    The numbness it has disappeared.
    My eyes have now cried many tears.
    I see the look upon your face,
    "She must move on and leave this place."
    Yet I am trapped right here in time.
    The songs the same, as is the rhyme,
    I lost my child......Today.

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by naomi54

    I'm going to tell you something
    I hope you'll never have to know.
    I'll tell you how a heart can break
    And tears can constant flow.
    I lost my baby girl you see,
    An angel in my eyes
    God chose to take her hand one day
    And led her to the skies.
    But please do not forget my child
    She was a person too
    And forever she will live
    Inside of me and you.
    So, please don't ever tell me
    That time will heal my pain
    Because not even time
    Can bring her back again.
    Just tell me she is happy
    In that land way up above
    She's snuggled in an angels wings
    All wrapped in Mommy's love.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by naomi54 - author unknown

    To My Husband...
    Your tears flow within your heart,
    Mine flow down my cheeks.
    Your anger lies with thought and movements,
    Mine gallops forward for all to see,
    Your despair shows in your now dull eyes,
    Mine shows in line after written line.
    You grieve over the death of your son,
    I grieve over the death of my baby.
    But we're still the same, still one,
    Only we grieve at different times--
    Over different memories
    and at different lengths.
    Yet we both realize...
    The death of our child.

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Death of a Child Submitted by naomi54 (Author - Pam Burden, TCF)

    Sorry I didn't get to stay.
    To laugh and run and play.
    To be there by your side.
    I'm sorry that I had to die.
    God sent me down to be with you,
    to make your loving heart anew.
    To help you look up and see
    Both God and little me.
    Mommy, I wish I could stay.
    Just like I heard you pray.
    But, all the angels did cry
    when they told little me goodbye.
    God didn't take me cause' He's mad.
    He didn't send me to make you sad.
    But to give us both a chance to be
    a love so precious...don't you see?
    Up here no trouble do I see
    and the pretty angels sing to me.
    The streets of gold is where I play
    you'll come here too, mommy, someday.
    Until the day you join me here,
    I'll love you mommy, dear.
    Each breeze you feel and see,
    brings love and a kiss from me.

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Just say "I'm Sorry" Submitted by naomi54 (Author - Sandy Eakle)

    You don't know how I feel
    Please don't tell me that you do.
    There's just one way to know--have you lost a child too?
    "You'll have another child!"--must I hear this each day?
    Can I get another mother, too, if mine should pass away?
    Don't say it was "God's will"--
    That's not the God I know,
    Would God on purpose break my heart,
    Then watch as my tears flow?
    "Aren't you better yet?"
    Is that what I heard you say?
    NO! A part of my heart aches--
    I'll always feel some pain.
    You think that silence is kind,
    But it hurts me even more.
    I want to talk about my child
    Who has gone through death's door.
    Don't say these things to me,
    Although you do mean well.
    They do not take away the pain away;
    I must go through this hell.
    I will be better--slow but sure--
    And it helps to have you near.
    But a simple "I'm sorry you lost your child"
    is all I need to hear.

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Submitted by naomi54 - author unknown

    Mommy please don't be sad,
    I miss you so much too.
    It's beautiful here,
    but I worry a lot about you.
    I sleep with angels watching me...
    there is only love up here.
    I am never lonely or afraid
    because God is so very near.
    I walk with Jesus every day,
    He is very kind and loving.
    Don't worry Mom, He hold my hand
    when we cross a golden street.
    I never cry or hurt myself,
    I see Grandpa every day.
    I play and laugh and sing a lot
    and I hear you when you pray.
    Please Mommy, don't be mad at God,
    you see He loves me too.
    And even though you are not with me,
    I am really still with you.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Fly Submitted by naomi54 (Celine Dion)

    Fly, fly little wing
    Fly beyond imagining
    The softest cloud, the whitest dove
    Upon the wind of heaven's love
    Past the planets and the stars
    Leave this lonely world of ours
    Escape the sorrow and the pain
    And fly again.
    Fly, fly precious one
    Your endless journey has begun
    Take your gentle happiness
    Far too beautiful for this
    Cross over to the other shore
    There is peace forevermore
    But hold this memory bittersweet
    Untill we meet.
    Fly, fly do not fear
    Don't waste a breath, don't shed a tear
    Your heart is pure, your soul is free
    Be on your way, don't wait for me
    Above the universe you'll climb
    On beyond the hands of time
    The moon will rise, the sun will set
    But I won't forget.
    Fly, fly little wing
    Fly where only angels sing
    Fly away, the time is right
    Go now, find the light.

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    The Club Submitted by Bec G(Author Karen Grover)

    We are all members of a very exclusive club. We had been only vaguely
    aware of its existence, and we thought that surely a chapter in a city
    the size of ours wouldn't have many members.

    We had seen a few people who belonged to the club, but we didn't seem to
    have anything in common with them, so we didn't really get to know them.
    Occasionally, we read stories in the newspaper about new members being
    initiated into the club, but it didn't seem likely that we would ever be
    eligible to join, so we paid no attention.

    The price of membership is so dear that we couldn't imagine being a part
    of the club. We must have realized in the backs of our minds that people
    didn't choose to join and pay the dues--it was done for them somehow. In
    fact, no one really has any idea of how members are selected. There are
    a lot of theories; but much of the time, the theories come from non-members
    who don't understand much about the situation.

    The "club" we are now in (although it is not an organized group), is
    known as "bereaved parents." The cost of our membership was the life of
    our children; and we, like all other members, have no idea why we were
    selected for membership.

    No one wants to be in this club. Even now, months afterward, inside our
    hearts and minds we continue to fight membership, but there is no
    resigning from it. It is an automatic lifetime membership. There was no
    way to avoid it - we did the best we could to keep our children safe only
    to have them die. Though we lay awake night after night, and think of it
    day after day, there is no answer as to why we have been thrust into this
    select group. We hate it and we cry out in protest, but there is no way
    to change it.

    We have learned a lot since our membership began.
    We now understand much about the other members.
    In fact, we seek to be with them, to have regular get-togethers,
    to discuss our membership, and try to understand its value.

    Sometimes, those outside the club are afraid of us, fearing that if they
    come near us or talk with us, they will be selected to become members
    too! Acquaintances often try to ignore the membership, pretending that
    it doesn't exist. They seem to think that will make things easier, and
    then the members won't feel "different," but it really only makes things
    much worse.

    So many times, we have wanted someone to say hello or to tell us they
    have been thinking of us or to mention something about the absent child
    who still lives inside us and overshadows all our thoughts. We have
    heard people say, "I don't want to upset her, or remind her of her baby,
    or say something that will make her cry."

    We want to tell them: "The only way you can make me feel worse than I
    already do is to pretend that it doesn't exist or that it isn't as deep
    and painful as you surely know it is.

    Have you ever experienced the feeling of having one terrible incident go
    through your mind, day after day, week after week, month after month,
    wondering why it happened and how you could have prevented it? Well,
    don't worry about reminding us of our children. We are thinking about
    them nearly twenty-four hours a day.

    "Sure, sometimes our minds are temporarily distracted--it would have to
    be to function at all. But if you think there is even one day that goes
    by without our children’s death tearing up our hearts, then you have no
    idea what this club is all about.

    "We appreciate your talking about our children, or at least letting us
    talk about them. They are a very large part of our lives, and ignoring
    them now will really hurt us. It makes us think that you feel they are
    no longer important because they are gone. It hurts to think that
    people don't want to think about them or remember good things about
    them, just because they have died.

    "We understand that you don't want to say anything that will make us
    cry. That sounds kind, and we used to feel that way too, but now we know
    better. We’d rather the tears didn't come when you talk to us because we
    know they may scare you away, or at least make you very uncomfortable.

    "But we've learned how useful and necessary they are. If we go too long
    without tears, our body builds up a terrible pressure from the pain of
    the grief. If you will allow us to cry in your presence, perhaps we
    won't have to cry alone, wondering if anyone else remembers, or even
    cares, about our loss."

    "You can't know what will make us cry--sometimes we don't know,
    ourselves. Some days we stay dry-eyed through nearly everything. Other
    days, the slightest thing will start the tears--things you could not
    possibly imagine or anticipate. Not all the tears are tears of sorrow.
    Even in the midst of our anguish, We sometimes cry tears of joy and
    relief because you have reached out; because you have confirmed that our
    children were special; perhaps because you have shared with us
    some precious memory about them which we had not known before."

    "Please don't run away from us. Don't pretend their death never occurred,
    or even worse, that they never lived! We still love them, think of them,
    need to remember. Please share with us and we will all feel better."

    "We are learning that God is not punishing us. He did not cause the
    death of our children. But, He can help us to grow through this
    experience--to become stronger and wiser and more caring, if we have
    some help. Initially, when we were told that we would change and grow
    stronger through this experience, we wanted to scream that if it meant
    giving up our children, We didn't want to change or get stronger. But we
    know we have no choice about that now--they are gone. Now our choices
    are to either let God, and friends, help us to become better; or we can
    choose to allow this grief to destroy us."

    We have to experience the grief. We can't pretend it doesn't hurt, or
    hurry it along. That's what membership in this club is teaching us. We
    are choosing to allow God to take an unspeakable experience and use it
    to start life again...in a new and better way."

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    Tootie, Thanks so much for starting this thread.

    I know when I had my MC I found a lot of poems in relation to this type of loss. They made me totally howl my eyes out, but sometimes a poem or a song that makes you cry so hard can be a really good release, and help you move on in the grieving process.

    I know that "Spring" by the John Butler Trio also really affects my DH as he has that CD in the car and realised what it was about, and it helped him deal with our loss.

    Girls, read these poems and cry: I promise you it does help, even if you do go through a box of tissues!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Aug 2003

    My god these poems made me cry!
    I was thinking of mothers day coming up, cause my sisters birthday is around mothers day, and sometimes even falls on mothers day (She was born on MD) So there is always this joke about how mum and I are stealing her thunder cause its her birthday we are meant to be celebrating. This year is going to be different though cause if she hadn't had the miscarriage she would be almost ready to have her baby.
    I wanted to find a poem to write out for her to give her on mothers day so i came here and found the one "What makes a mother" and "just those few weeks".
    Thankyou everyone for these beautiful poems

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    Mar 2005


    All these beautiful poems made me cry. I too havepoems but not sure they all have to do with this thread, where may i post them and would it be ok to do so. Please let me know Nadia.xx 8-[

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    if you think they are relevant post them here and one of moderators will add them to starting post. Yes , they are special poems and your are welcome to share yours too - but hey I am not the moderator - though don't think they have censored any yet.

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    Melinda Guest

    No, we haven't needed to censor any poems. If your poems are related to miscarriage and loss, then feel free to add them to the list and I will make sure they are included in the first post. If they are related to other subjects, then perhaps post them in the appropriate forum, or the general chatter forum. If you are at all concerned about the content of your poems, feel free to e-mail them to either myself, or another Moderator for viewing before posting them and we will let you know!

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    Feb 2005
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    Tootie - thank you for this thread - i have just started a scrap book page for my lost one and i have used the poem - Just a few weeks. I know that i lost this pg very early adn i thought that it didn't matter - but it does and i don't want to forget. Again thank you for the poems that are here that can say the things i can't.

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    Oct 2005
    Moura, QLD, Australia

    ok me thinks a hormonal pg woman who has too many angels maybe shouldn't visit this thread lol I sit here with tears streaming down my face unable to express the sadness yet joy I feel when my little ones kicks me, becuase deep down I wnat to hold my Katy again

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    Jun 2006
    Central Coast

    Oh my, I am in tears reading all those beautiful poems!!! thank you thank you thank you for starting this thread!!! I find it very hard to express myself to others and plenty of those poems are exactly how I have felt and am feeling... AMAZING!!!!

    "The Club" - definately one of the best poems EVER!

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    smelly Guest

    Thought you might like to add the following lyrics. It's not specifically about miscarriage or loss, but has certainly taken on special meaning for me since my daughter was born sleeping earlier this year.

    Who You'd Be Today
    (B. Luther/A. Mayo - recorded by Kenny Chesney)

    Sunny days seem to hurt the most
    I wear the pain like a heavy coat
    I feel you everywhere I go
    I see your smile, I see your face
    I hear you laughing in the rain
    I still can't believe your gone

    It ain't fair you died too young
    Like a story that had just begun
    But death tore the pages all away.
    God knows how I miss you
    All the hell that I've been through
    Just knowing, no one could take your place.
    Sometimes I wonder, who you'd be today...

    Would you see the world?
    Would you chase your dreams?
    Settle down with a family?
    I wonder what would you name your babies?
    Somedays the sky is so blue
    I feel like I can talk to you
    And I know it might sound crazy

    It ain't fair you died too young
    Like a story that had just begun
    But death tore the pages all away.
    God knows how I miss you
    All the hell that I've been through
    Just knowing, no one could take your place.
    Sometimes I wonder, who you'd be today

    Today... today... today...
    Today... today... today...

    Sunny days seem to hurt the most
    I wear the pain like a heavy coat
    The only thing that gives me hope
    Is I know, I'll see you again someday

    Someday... someday...

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    Dec 2005

    how sad and also beautifull are all of these songs and poems
    i also have a song by Lamb who are my favorite group :


    (From the album "LAMB")

    There's no one here today
    'Cause someone took the light away
    There's nothing in my heart
    Don't think I could even start to explain
    I can't stand the pain of losing something so much a part of me
    Though in reality you were hardly there in my heart, in my heart
    You were everything, everything
    You were everything, everything

    In these few hours a breath of summertime has turned to winter rain
    In such little time all my hope has gone
    Will it ever be the same
    All I ever wanted was to see your face
    To see a little smile from my little one and let
    You know, and let you know
    You were everything, everything
    You were everything, everything

    Babe I did all I could just
    To give you life
    I'd have done anything
    Just to give you life life life liiife

    Out there in the dark your little spirit is lost without a home
    Oh don't be afraid I'm thinking of you, no you'll never be alone
    Someday, somehow, when the time is right
    May an angel smile upon me and give you life
    To give you life
    I'd give everything
    I'd give everything, everything
    I'd give everything to give you life
    To give you life
    To give you life to give you life give everything
    I'll give everything give everything
    I'll give everything

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    Jun 2006
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    Here's some lyrics from Fiona Apple

    "The child is gone"

    Darling, give me your absence tonight
    Take the shade from the canvas and leave me the white
    Let me sink in the silence that echoes inside
    And don't bother leaving the light on
    'Cuz I suddenly feel like a different person
    From the roots of my soul come a gentle coercion
    And I ran my hand over a strange inversion
    A vacancy that just did not belong
    The child is gone

    Honey help me out of this mess
    I'm a stranger to myself
    But don't reach for me, I'm too far away
    I don't wanna talk 'cuz there's nothing left to say
    So my
    Darling, give me your absence tonight
    Take all of your sympathy and leave it outside
    'Cuz there's no kind of loving that can make this all right
    I'm trying to find a place I belong
    And I suddenly feel like a different person
    From the roots of my soul come a gentle coercion
    And I ran my hand over a strange inversion
    As the darkness turns into the dawn
    The child is gone
    The child is gone

    also this from Tori Amos...


    She's addicted to nicotine patches
    She's addicted to nicotine patches
    She's afraid of the light in the dark
    6:58 are you sure where my spark is

    She's convinced she could hold back a glacier
    But she couldn't keep Baby alive
    Doubting if there's a woman in there somewhere

    You say you don't want it again
    And again but you don't really mean it
    You say you don't want it
    This circus we're in
    But you don't you don't really mean it
    You don't really mean it
    If the Divine master paly is perfection
    Maybe next I'll give Jday a try
    Trusting my soul to the ice cream assassin

    You say you don't want it again
    And again but you don't really mean it
    You say you don't want it
    This cirucs we're in
    But you don't you don't really mean it
    You don't really mean it
    How may fates turn around in the overtime
    Ballerinas that have fins that you'll never find
    You thought that you were the bomb yeah
    Well so did I
    Say you don't want it
    Say you don't want it
    Say you don't want it again
    And again but you don't really mean it
    Say you don't want it
    This circus we're in
    But you don't you don't really mean it
    You don't really mean it

    She's addicted to nicotine patches
    She's afraid of the light in the dark
    6:58 are you sure where my spark is

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    muma Guest

    hey guys these are awsome there beautiful. its such a sad thing to go through, i feel for anyone who goes through it

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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    To those who look away

    When I grow teary-eyed in the baby department

    Look a little deeper

    Surely you have some compassion in your heart

    To those who change the subject

    When I speak my daughter's name

    Change your way of thinking

    It might just change your whole life

    To those who roll their eyes

    And say that we barely had her at all

    So how could we miss her so much?

    In our hearts we have seen her live a thousand times

    We have seen her first steps, first day of school

    Her wedding and her children

    We have had her forever in our minds

    To those who say youll have another

    We may and well thank God for that every day

    But even if I have 20 more babies

    I will forever have one who is not here

    And that is one too many

    To those who say get on with my life

    I have. It is a different life

    The life of a grieving mother

    Do not judge the bereaved mother

    She comes in many forms

    She is breathing but she is dying

    She may look young but inside she is ancient

    She smiles but her heart sobs

    She walks, she talks, she cooks, she cleans, she works,

    She is but she is not all at once

    She is here but part of her is somewhere else for eternity

    Author Unknown - changed to her/she/daughter
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    Silvia Guest

    I found this poems, I think they're beautiful I've write some poems for my DD but I'll like to keep those private(not even DH have read them)


    I would like to send a letter to heaven
    and address it to the one I love.
    My child has left this world,
    to be with the Lord above.

    I would tell her that I love her,
    and that I miss her loving touch.
    I would say were lost without her
    and we miss her - - oh so much.

    I would ask if she could visit,
    if we promised not to cry.
    Maybe one more time to see her
    We forgot to say "Good-bye."

    We will try to control our emotions
    we truly feel we could.
    So please - - we need a visit.
    We promise we'll be good.

    It is so hard, we miss her.
    Oh Lord, this feeling is the worst.
    We know you gave her to us,
    yes, we know you had her first.

    But you called her prematurely,
    I'm sorry I question your will.
    I know you have your reasons
    but Lord - - I miss her still.

    If you'd only make an exception
    please consider what we plea.
    It is so hard accepting that our daughter
    - - We will never see.

    Oh baby I write you this letter
    with all the love there is to be had.
    Because it's just not me who's hurting
    there's your brother and your dad.

    We need so much to see you,
    then we'll try to let you rest.
    But if not in this world, baby,
    then we'll see you in the next.

    So Im sending a letter to heaven,
    and pray you hear my plea.
    But if the answer is not what Im asking --
    Lord come and rescue me!

    ( by:Paula Osipovitch)

    To All Parents

    by Edgar Guest

    "I'll lend you for a little time a child of Mine," He said.
    "For you to love the while she lives
    And mourn for when she's dead.
    It may be six or seven years, or twenty
    two or three,
    But will you, till I call her back,
    Take care of her for Me?
    She'll bring her charms to gladden you,
    And shall her stay be brief,
    You'll have her lovely memories as
    solace for your grief.

    I cannot promise she will stay, since
    all from earth return
    But there are lessons taught down there
    I want this child to learn.
    I've looked the wide world over
    In my search for teachers true
    And from the throngs that crowd life's lanes
    I have selected you.
    Now will you give her all your love,
    Nor think the labor vain,
    Nor hate me when I come to call to take
    her back again?

    I fancied that I heard them say:
    "Dear Lord, Thy will be done!
    For all the joy thy child shall bring,
    The risk of grief we'll run.
    We'll shelter her with tenderness,
    we'll love her while we may,
    And for the happiness we've known
    Forever grateful stay;
    But shall the angels call for her much
    sooner than we've planned

    We'll brave the bitter grief that comes
    And try to understand.

    As I Remember

    As I remember you my child,
    I think of how I miss you.
    I see your face before me,
    In almost everything I do.

    You gave me so much happiness,
    A reason to face each day.
    The times that we were all alone,
    Love sustained us along the way.

    One could not ask for a sweeter child,
    Than the one God gave to me.
    Even if just for a few short years,
    On earth He let you be.

    I won't forget the love we shared,
    Your laughter and your smile.
    Your love and kindness for all others,
    Will be remembered all the while.

    And now I will put my trust,
    Into the hands of our Father above.
    Knowing you were a part of His plan,
    For His children that He does love

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    Dec 2006
    In my own private paradise

    i heard this song a number of times on the Country Music Channel, and ended up in tears every time. Thought i'd share it with you all.

    Artist: George Canyon
    Lyrics for Song: My Name

    It’s cold in here feels like everything’s upside down
    I can feel you talking but I can barley make out the sound
    I been kicking around these parts, feels like a year
    I’m gonna change this world if I ever get out of here
    She wants to dress me in pink, paint’s my bedroom blue
    And I just laugh to myself, cause only I know the truth
    This love is my only emotion
    Haven’t learned any fear any pain
    It’s kind of funny with all this commotion
    I guess they’ve got me, to blame
    They don’t even know my name
    They don’t even know my name

    Well I’ve never felt so ready, think it’s finally time
    Cause that big old world is waiting, and it’s mine all mine
    Just then everything got real quiet, it got real bright
    And a man took my hand said don’t worry, Mommas gonna be alright
    Then he opened the gate, & I followed him in
    Said you can wait right, here till it’s your turn again
    And his love is the one true emotion
    Heaven knows no fear no pain
    I never got to set my wheels in motion
    They loved me just the same
    And they didn't even know my name
    Didn’t even know my name
    You loved me just the same
    And you didn’t even know my name

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    Jess06 Guest

    Wondering Why?

    I wrote this poem after my miscarriage Dec 2005, it helped me at the time to cope with all my unanswered questions and even though I am truly blessed with giving birth any day now, April 2007, I am still asking the question why......

    My bodies stopped aching,
    But I can't say it's not hurting,
    My mind is desperate for answers,
    But can't find any sense.

    Questions keep churning,
    And I find myself asking why!
    Why, is it so difficult, to catch my breath!
    To scream out loud, when it's so quiet in here.

    Silent screams for help,
    Unfortunately falling on deaf ears,
    Meaningless words, circling,
    All in the name of love and caring.

    Questions keep churning,
    And I find myself asking why!
    Why, is it so unfair, to go through these emotions,
    Only to remain empty, sitting in a pool of tears.

    But time does heal the pain,
    Memories still remain the same,
    And I feel now, as I did that time,
    That I'm still wondering why,

    And it still makes me cry.....
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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    I have come across some beautiful poems that I thought I would share in here.

    I have read through most of the poems already on here and I am sure they aren't already on here. If they are feel free to remove the double.

    Dear Daddy

    Don't cry for me Daddy
    I am right here
    Although you can't see me
    I can see your tears.

    I visit you often
    Go to work with you each day
    And when it's time to close your eyes
    On your pillows where I lay

    I hold your hand and stroke your hair
    And whisper in your ear
    If you're sad today Daddy
    Remember I am here

    God took me home
    This we know is true
    But you will always be my Daddy
    Even though I'm not with you

    I am Daddy's little girl
    We will never be apart
    For every time you think of me
    Please know I'm in your heart.

    I Love you Daddy!
    You're Baby Girl
    (Author Unknown)

    Special Angel in Heaven

    There's a special Angel in Heaven
    that is a part of me.
    It is not where I wanted him
    but where God wanted him to be.

    He was here but just a moment
    like a night time shooting star.
    And though he is in Heaven
    he isn't very far.
    He touched the hearts of many
    like only an Angel can do.
    I would've held him every minute
    if the end I only knew.
    So I send this special message
    to the Heaven up above.
    Please take care of my Angel
    and send him all my love.
    ~Author unknown~


    A gift of love was given,
    For just a little while;
    A gift of love and laughter,
    In a precious little child.
    Someone to steal your heart away,
    A little hand to hold;
    Tiny footprints 'cross your life,
    Now left upon your soul.
    The echoes of soft laughter,
    The sweetness of that face;
    The child who brought you so much joy,
    Will never be replaced.
    So take each loving memory,
    Of that precious little child;
    In knowing a gift came down from God,
    If for just a little while. Allison Chambers Coxsey ~ 2001

    ~Tiny Angel ~
    Tiny Angel rest your wings, sit with me for a while.
    How I long to hold your hand and see your tender smile.
    Tiny Angel, look at me, I want this image clear....
    That I will forget your precious face is my biggest fear .
    Tiny Angel can you tell me, why is it you have gone away?
    You werent here for very long Why is it you couldnt stay?
    Tiny Angel shook her head, "These things I do not know....
    But I do know you love me and that I love you so."

    A mothers Prayer

    An emptyness that I now feel,
    since you left I love you still.
    For you the pictures I have drawn,
    but my pain goes on and on.

    I miss you now, but your with God
    And I know your near.
    Listen as I pray at night,
    for you will always hear.

    If I had one wish come true,
    My only wish would be for you.
    To hold you in my arms once more,
    Tell you I love you, forever and more.

    And now my son if I may near,
    I'm saying that I love you dear
    with all my loving heart,
    I'll never forget you.
    I loved you from the start!

    (c) Sara Gwaltney All Rights Reserved

    For a brief and fleeting moment,
    Our angel touched the ground;
    With tiny wings and halo,
    And sweet, soft angel sounds.

    Blessing the lives of others,
    In beauty and in grace;
    Those who saw him knew that God
    Had kissed his tiny face.
    Our angel came for reasons,
    We may not understand;
    His journey brief, with gifts so great,
    And guided by God's hand.
    Our angel left us with a memory,
    For all the world to see,
    He gave himself so others know
    Just how precious life can be. So, rest our tiny angel,
    Your work on earth is through;
    In the beauty of God's perfect love,
    We saw His gift in you.

    ~author not known~

    Baby Secret
    -author unknown-

    I'm just a little baby
    Who didn't quite make it there;
    I went straight to be with Jesus,
    and I am waiting for you here.
    Don't you worry about me mommy,
    I am of all God's lambs most blessed;
    I would have loved to stay with you,
    but the Shepherd knows whats best.
    So dear mommy, don't you sorrow,
    wipe those tears and chase the gloom,
    I went to be with Jesus,
    Straight from my mommy's womb.
    Thank-you for the life you gave me,
    it was brief but I don't complain;
    I have all of Heaven's glories,
    Will suffer none of the earthly pain.
    Daddy gave me something for you,
    It's our secret, Mommy dear,
    He pressed it tight against my forhead,
    and he whispered in my tiny ear. I'll be waiting for you, Mommy,
    For You and Daddy both.
    I'll be with you forever,
    Then I'll give you Daddy's kiss

    Remembering You

    We thought of you today,
    But that is nothing new
    We thought of you yesterday
    And will tomorrow, too
    We think of you in silence
    And make no outward show
    For what it meant to lose you
    Only those who love you know
    Remembering you is easy
    We do it everyday
    It's the heartache of losing you
    That will never go away.
    ~author unknown