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Thread: Leaking Huggie - HELP!

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    Billy Ocean Guest


    Hi Janie,

    Thanks for that. I have just been changing him every time I notice it, iykwim. I check him at every feed and each time he makes a noise pretty much! Ha ha! This is all such a big learning curve. I think I may get onto the cloth ones sooner. I agree the boosters would be too expensive for the amount I'd need.

    We're trying to sort out breastfeeding as well at the moment as I'm not making enough milk - so between that and formula and wet nappies and being sent off to breastfeeding school tomorrow - it's been kinda busy! Who knew!!!

    Might stick it out until the end of this week and try to check his nappy more often. Hate to wake him when he's asleep though.

    Speaking of awake...

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    I have found that i have this problem too. I worked out that the sides of the nappies have to overlap, if you dont make sure the nappy is on nice nad snug it leaks. I also make sure i check each leg and make sure the elastic is not folded up, that its nice and straight..good luck

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    It's funny- my DS leaked so much when he was little however my DD never really leaked at all- I think there was only 1 or 2 occasions during the DAY that I had to clean her clothes. Maybe girls are different than boys and boys just insist on making a mess? hehe.

    I only used Huggies when they were given to me. Don't like spending that much on Nappies! I swear by Aldi nappies... they're so cheap, very absorbent and even better than huggies (In my opinion!)

    My son wears Aldi nappies in the extra large range and NEVER leaks wees or poos. Only a few leaks out of the newborn aldi nappies as they were a little big to start off.. but definitely recommend Aldi nappies if you were going out (instead of cloth)

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    Hey Ezz

    Not sure if you are still having probs but my suggestion is...get the next size up!!
    When DS was in the same NB disposables he started leaking and getting wet all up his back too. I changed to crawlers (even though he was nowhere near 5kg+) and not a leak. The crawlers are for up to about 10kg. As soon as it starts happening again I will be going up a size.

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    Billy Ocean Guest


    Many thanks ladies. I've been taking some extra time putting them on and seem to be having fewer leaks! I think I'll give the cloth a go when these are finished but I've heard the Aldi nappies are great so might get those for when we go out.

    Thanks so much again.

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    I use huggies on Sage and haven't had any leaks. I've also been using Aldi newborns as I was given 4 bulk packs and I hate them. They leak everytime we use them. I noticed someone said they bought the crawler size huggies. What about the infant size ones??? This is the size I buy now and they fit 4-8kgs. Just a thought incase the crawler ones are too big.

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    We've had horrid leaks with Huggies.. and poo blowouts out the legs and up the back! ugh!! GO THE MCN's! hehe.

    As for boosting disposables temporarily.. just use anything absorbent.. face washers would do the trick.

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