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Thread: micro fleece vs disposable liners.

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    Question micro fleece vs disposable liners.

    until now i used supermarket nappy liners (which i only ever found in home brand) which i washed if wet, chucked if pooey (or getting old), but that was on my toddler- now my newborn is in cloth i want his skin better protected. does anyone know if disposable liners help keep bums dry? i am interested in getting some micro fleece if this is more effective. and what is the story with chux- can these really be used as liners too, and how effective are they at keeping senitive skin dry?

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    Not sure about disp liners but microfleece really does draw moisture away. My fleece liners often feel dry when the rest of the nappy is wet. YOu can buy it by the metre in Textile Traders or Spotlight and cut your own sizes/shapes rather cheaply. Good for the envn and your toilet system!

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    I only use the flushable liners if Caleb has nappy rash and I don't want the nappies clugged up with nappy cream. When I do I also use a microfleece liner because they don't do as good a job at keeping the butt dry on their own.

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