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Thread: Pressure Leaks with MCN's

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    Default Pressure Leaks with MCN's

    I have peapod pocket nappies, they always seem to pressure leak when he is wearing a body suit. My question is, is this common with a MCN's or just peapods? He is also a tummy sleeper which doesn't help!!!
    I will be looking at getting some more when I go back to work, so would be interested in reading some feedback

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    It could be the body suit is squashing in at the crotch and causing a compression leak. Best way to sus that out is to not use them and see if you still have the leaking.

    Maybe you could try an extra booster at the front if he's tummy sleeping. When Caleb was about 5 months he was on his tummy all the time. Awake or alseep and leaked out the top of every nappy except for a BBB. It would be bone dry at the back and sides.

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