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thread: Toilet training general chatter

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    Nov 2006
    Atop the lookout...

    Steph *seems* like she wants to use the toilet- she is always in there with me (mainly because she won't leave me in peace to go on my own ), and has recently started pulling her pants down or off entirely. Then when I ask her if she wants to do wees or poos she nods 'yes' (although she will nod yes to almost anything, even the silliest question or if she wants to be punished, so ). And yesterday she assembled her portable high chair (you know the ones that go on top of a normal chair), sat on it and wee'd. I only know that because it leaked out her nappy and all over the seat, and she had taken her pants off. And if she has done a poo, then she pats her nappy and makes the 'stinky' sound and hand signal.

    When she was a few months old I would put her on the potty, with varying degrees of success, but then it stopped (I forget why), so she knows what the potty is and isn't afraid of it. Nor is she afraid of the toilet, and I have one of those little seat inserts for her, which she is often picking up while I am in the loo and waiting until I stand up before she tries to put it on the toilet. She then pulls at her pants and nappy wanting to sit on the seat. I don't know if this is just her wanting to emulate me or actually do anything, as she has never wee'd or poo'd sitting on the loo that I can think of.

    With the warm weather here, I would love for her to be tt soon, and especially with a new baby due in the new year. (I know it takes more than just prayer to tt) I would also dearly love to be able to take her swimming and not have to worry about 'floaters' or anything else! Am I wanting this more for me, or Steph? Re-reading my post, it sounds like me!

    Any ideas? I know not to expect anything overnight, but I had her on the potty for months, routinely, and it didn't *seem* to do anything (except that she knows what the potty can be used for, aside from standing in!). Like Tobily's DD, I would put her on the potty before the bath, but she would just give me a grin, or get off because she wanted to be in the bath, and I can't force her to sit there. By the way, she is in disposables, I have a few cloth nappys, but no clips/pins, and don't understand or know how to use them, or if they need covers, or what?????

    I have read and re-read all the posts in this thread, but I still don't know what I should do.

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    Jan 2008

    Hi all... Potty training is just so different for each and every one.... I found a great website called pottytraining.com.au an they have everything you need to help support both you and the littlies to make the whole thing a tad smoother.
    I have been putting DS on the potty from a very young age and found the transition to toilete seat easy, most kids have a toilet routine and it is knowing what each ones is so that you can get them on the toilet when they are actually ready to do wee's or poo's.
    We are still challenged with the pooing side of it as he prefers to do it in the bath, I think it has something to do with the angle of crouching which is actually very natural for the bowel movement, with wee's though he is now 22 months old and most times tells me that he needs to go. So we have been without daytime nappies for about 6 months and night time nappies for about 2 months.
    We used the reward system so by and by he has lots of matchbox cars as everytime he did a wee in the toilet he got a sticker and every 5 stickers a prize until it got to the point that the prizes were coming round too quickly as every wee was in the toilet.

    Anyway I found the website, the people that ran it and all the products fantastic and would recommend them to anyone.

    Good luck to those going through it and remember it's about training us as much as them..


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    Dec 2007
    Taking a ride on my grdonkey :D

    Gah, thank God for this thread!! DD is just off the 18-month mark and I *know* she can be toilet trained now, it's just the logistics of it that have me stumped!
    I was sure she was ready to try a couple of months ago, because she was always taking her nappy off and could tell me when she'd done a poo, and she's always in the toilet with DH or I when we go so she knows what the deal is. She had no problems sitting on the potty and wiping herself with toilet paper or baby wipes, but she'd sit there, wipe herself, jump up and run off without doing anything, and then pee on the floor.

    We gave up after a week of accidents, figuring it just wasn't her time. But I really want to make a good go of it this time around, especially seeing as DD2 is due at the end of May and I don't want to be changing two sets of nappies!

    I gave it another go this morning - when I got her out of bed and changed her wet nappy, I popped a pair of 'knickies' on her and tried putting her on the potty every half hour or so. I was doing the dishes and she came up behind me with her hand on her bits, and I asked if she needed to pee - she nodded and ran for the potty, but then just sat there drinking some water and did nothing.
    I figured if I kept a close eye on her I could get her to the potty before she peed all over the floor, but for a good three hours - nothing. Then, I noticed a puddle on the floor and DD was hiding behind the curtains with a huge grin on her face, and a very wet pair of knickers on. I wonder if maybe she prefers to wet herself because it means she gets a quick shower to freshen up? And in DD's world, bathtime is second only to dinnertime on her list of favourite things.
    The other day a friend and I were sitting at the table having a coffee and DD dragged her potty to my feet, took her nappy off and sat down on it for a while, but again, nothing happened. I'm absolutely sure she's ready to be toilet trained, as she knows when she's doing pees and poos and hates wearing nappies, and loves sitting on her potty, but I just can't seem to get her to sit long enough to actually do anything!

    Any tips?

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    Jul 2007

    Hi all
    A while back dd seemed to be training herself and just started 'going' without discussion or fanfare. No wet day nappies for about 3 weeks. Then she just stopped (I think she realised ds was getting his nappy changed, there was a lot of talk about her being a baby...).
    Then she started going again, but only at her grandparents - she'd even wear undies with no accidents.
    Now, in the last couple of weeks, she's decided to start going again, and we leave her in undies at home. I've still been putting her in nappies when we go out, but so far she has been requesting the toilet and managing to hold on.
    I don't know, I am really beginning to think that with girls at least it all comes down to them just wanting to (and maybe seeing all their friends being taken to the toilet)
    No idea what to expect with ds though
    GL everyone

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    Jan 2008
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    i have a 24 mth old son and we have decided to start potty training, day one is going strangly as my son thinks/ the potty is a shoe. He hates having a wet nappy on and takes his pants n nappy off so my DH decided it was time.(which a bit of influence i think) i dunno how he will go and im a bit scared

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    Jan 2008

    Hey Beautiful Madness,
    I remember my first few toilet training days I thought I was going absolutely mad - we would be ready to go out having put him on the toilet etc and he would proceed to have an accident 3 or 4 times in a row before we walked out the door. It took a couple of weeks before we started to get into a routine and I am now so glad I stuck with it (after tears from me of thinking I was failing and getting no where) as he is 2 and has been toilet trained for well over 6 months during the day, the night times I chose to do a couple of months later as it is more about you being trained to make sure you take him at least 2 times after he goes to bed until he can get out and go all by himself.
    If you wanted some support and great tips and tools check out the pottytraining.com.au website. They sell all sorts from toilet seats to training charts.
    Good luck and stick with it

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    Thanks for that, great tips!
    DD is 18mths and so far we just sit on the potty before bath time - she runs to the potty as soon as her clothes are off but I think she's still totally in the dark about what she's supposed to do on it! She sits there for a minute, gives a big grin then hops off and into the bath.
    We're not pushing her but I'm not quite sure where to go from here so the above is very helpful
    That's what we've started doing with our 18 month old, only she sits on the big toilet with a toddler insert. I just hold her legs and let her sit their for a while. She hasn't done anything in the toilet yet, but still tends to pee in the bath.

    I'll read the above properly soon.

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    Apr 2007
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    ds (who was 2 in august) was doing well. we had to move and since then (it was only a mth ago) he's not as keen on tt. Today, and this is becoming frustrating coz this is how it goes whether we are out or not, I asked him if he needed to go (he was fluffing a bit and there's no way I want him poo-ing in the library (specially since he was wearing shorts and no undies). Took him to the toilet where he sat for about a min and whinged to get off (which is how it is at home too). 5 mins later in an aisle of the library shelves, there was a puddle.

    I just heard him grunting at the table, so I've rushed him off to sit on the toilet.

    Thing is, if my mum is here, and he doesn't see her all that often, she'll take him to the toilet and he'll wee for her!!!

    I've heard there's a website, and stuff you can buy from said website that can toilet train your child in a week - what one??

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    Jan 2008

    Hi All,
    I just wanted to share for anyone that is tiolet training...Remember every child is different and will do it at their own pace.
    I myself did the very early potty association,(which I just realised I better get out for DS2) then the little seat on the big toilet, I've been through the changing umpteen times before you get out the door, I gave matchbox cars as the reward system,(got them all now so gotta find something else for DS2) my DS was out of daytime nappies by 18mths and nightime by 2..
    My biggest thing was realising that I was being trained as much as him...especially night time, I still take him to the toilet once during the night...Days we still have mishaps every now and then..Oh and he still sits on the toilet most times..When daddy comes to stay he stands sometimes on his feet and othertime sits.
    The website I found really really helpfull was pottytraining.com.au
    Good luck to one and all

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    Mar 2010

    Toilet training

    My daughter was very easy to toilet train initially. She basically did it herself at 2 and half which in my opinion is very early. She stopped wearing nappies at all times and stopped all 'accidents' by the age of 3. However, now she is 6 years old and for the entire 2009 year as a 5 year old she wet the bed at least 3 times a week.. We needed to get her pull ups and would take her to the toilet in the middle of the night to combat this. She has since stopped thankfully.

    What i'm trying to say it in some cases, toilet training too early can have negative affects.

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    Feb 2010

    Hey Everyone,

    Needing help, my little boy is 2yr old and will only sit on a potty for a couple mins then thinks its time to get off, how to i get him to realise what he's suppose to do?

    It's getting quite frustrating as all he wants to do is play, ive let him sit on the potty for 15 mins and read a book or something to distract him but still nothing

    Help would be much appreciated!

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    Sep 2008
    Auckland, NZ

    Great tips! I'm starting to think about TT DD (18m) so this info is very helpful to me, thanks

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    Mar 2007

    Hi M2Z...it could be just too early? My DS2 is 3.5yrs and I am still having problems with poo.
    Perhaps leave it for a while and try again in a couple of weeks??
    Does he let you know when he has done a poo or wee in his nappy?
    Are you using jocks full time or pull up/nappy?

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    i tried everything with my 3 and half year old.....but he just wasnt ready and in his own time he just decided to start going and he is great now.

    every kid is different, i learnt if u try everything and it doesnt work, they arent ready and just let them lead

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    Nov 2006
    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

    my ds is 3, when he was about 2 he asked to use toiet a couple of times and then stoped. I have introduced it to him now, we have done rewards, we wear undies all the time during the day now but he won't tell me, I have to tell him to go.
    We have filled an entire reward chart and I've even caught him about to poo and got that in the toilet latley. I'm starting to feel like I will be telling him to go for ever and he is never going to tell me.
    I know he can do it he has told me on a couple of occasions, and it putting up less of a fight now but how long will I be doing this, I can't leave him alone while I do things around the house or feed dd etc in fear he is going to wee and I haven't got him there in time.

    he tells me he like haveing wet or dirty undies.

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    Jun 2011

    i tried toilet training my son and at first he would get up and sit on his seat onto of the big toilet and he would wee and then he had to flush and wash his hands,he is only 22 months lol. then he just stopped wanting to know altogether.when he sees me in there he still has to flush and wash his hands but whenever i put in on the toilet he gets really upset and begs to get down. will try again in a few months i think. winter wont help me either i dont think.

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    Re: Toilet training general chatter

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    Re: Toilet training general chatter

    Anyone else going through toilet training?

    Spock is now 19months, my first thought was she is too young, but she is showing so many ready signs. She is now telling me when she needs a new nappy, if it is wees or poo. She knows the pot and pretends sitting on it and making a 'ssss' sound. Same as the toilet, if I am on it she will watch and got 'SSS' and then point to her vagina and insist I take her nappy off so she can go toliet too. And she sits on it, makes the noise, gets paper to wipe and the flushes and washes her hands. If she is nudie rude and does a wee, she shows me and says 'ewes' and helps me clean it up. Everything except actually do a wee on the pot or toilet. Which I guess is the training part we need to do!
    Atm I'm just letting her go nappy free and see what happens. If she does a wee try and put her on the pot. But we only started this morning =p

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