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Thread: We are having major problems toilet training.

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    Default We are having major problems toilet training.

    I have no idea what to do now. My daughter is showing every single sign under the sun that she is ready to use the toilet but she really doesnt like it or doesnt want to like it I have no idea. She has done 1 poo and 2 wees in the toilet since I have been trying to toilet train her. We have been trying since August. She takes her nappy off and passes it to me when she has done a wee, she tells me that she has done poos, she loves wearing undies but she hates it if u ask her if she wants to go to toilet. I swear I dont nag her about it. I ask her about every 45 mins if she would like to go to the toilet and she yells at me "noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooo"
    All of the kids in her daycare are toilet trained and she wants to wear undies like them but she just doesnt want to do it. She is almost 3 now. We have tried the toilet insert and a potty that looks like a toilet and she is not interested at all. She would rather play with the potty. She get so upset if she has an accident too in undies so I use pull ups and training pants and she just wets them and takes them off. What else can I do.

    I was wondering if anyone uses those charts and sticker boards they have for toilet training and if they work?

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    tried the stacker charts, mini m and mms, heaps of praise, proper undies, pull ups, nothing on at all, toilet seats, potties and non have worked for Oscar.

    Physically he knows exactly what is going on and is even dry at night but will he tell me he wants the potty/toilet??? Nope - he will just go in his pullups or pants. As it's been warmer he has been nudie on he bottom half as he hasn't weed or pooed on the floor for about 6 months..... until last week - he weed on the floor 4 times!!! he has gone backwards so far its just not funny and i am getting so frustrated! I knwo all the books say don't make a big deal... and we don't but we make sure he knows it is the wrong thing to do.

    Sorry no help to you at all - and sorry for hijacking and venting but getting v frustrated here! Good luck with your little girl!

    Julie x

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    Jodie, it is so frustrating isn't it. Jack is much the same - he will use the toilet - if he wants to! Some days he uses it nearly every time, other days not at all. He is capable, just not willing (mostly because he never wants to stop playing).

    My advice would be to just go with the flow. Keep encouraging her to use the toilet, but don't make a fuss. When she seems ready, or asks for undies, put them on her and don't make a fuss if she has an accident.

    I have a friend who said she TTd her DD in a week (just after her 3rd bday). Well she is now 3 1/2 and does 2 wees a day only and only 1 poo at most, in the evening, and only in a pull up. She is now constipated. So don't just assume that all those kids in undies are fully TTd.

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    With Zander, once the half an hour or so had passed since the last wee I would ask every 10 minutes, "do you need to do a wee?" if he said no straight away then I leaft it another 10 minutes, if he hesitated or ignored me, he'd be straight on the potty or toilet. Most of the time it worked.

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