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Thread: Are these herbs SAFE? I'm worried....

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    Default Are these herbs SAFE? I'm worried....


    I saw an Acupuncturist/Herbalist (chinese man) on Saturday and he gave me electroacupuncture (was hoping for the needle kind instead!) and said it would be more beneficial to fertility and conceiving... and he did up some herbs for me and gave me a 1 month supply... not once did he ask me what cycle day I was on (at the time I think it was cd2) nor did he specify what herbs to take at different parts of my cycle.... instead he just gave me 28 bags (4wks supply) and said to boil up one serve each day and drink morning and afternoon.... so i've been doing this (mind you cost me $140 for 4 weeks!!)

    I asked him 'what herbs am i taking' and he said 'i only know chinese names' so he couldn't tell me i don't like taking something that I don't know what it is however I have taken it because it cost me so much money and can't waste them and besides i figure they are natural so how much harm can it do right?

    I have read others stories about AP on here and they've said that their acupuncturist gave them different herbs for different parts of their cycle.... i guess i kinda feel ripped off! Anyway i am taking the herbs and will start to see another acupuncturist as of next week and no longer see this chinese man.... I need someone who i can understand and someone who can tell me exactly what I am taking & when!

    My question is.... has anyone else been given herbs to take every day for the whole cycle??? i just hope none of the herbs are 'preventing' conception *sighs* as i've read some particular herbs should only be taken different parts of the cycle.... doh

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    Ren i cant help you insofar as having ever taken chinese herbs for conception, however what i would suggest is get the chinese names for the herbs you are taking and give them to someone who can translate and explain what they are for if you are worried.
    From my experience with chinese herbalists in general they seen to know what they are doing, and if hes reputable (not selling herbs out the back of a soup shop or anything lol) then you should be all right....but get the names and even try to google them or sonething?

    Good luck with it anyway!

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    Thanks Limeslice... i just can't wait to finish these herbs and start to see this lady i'm going to see... she helps women to conceive and i think she'll be able to tell me what i'm actually ingesting!!

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    Can you not ring her and see if she can tell you over the phone? I would honestly not take something that i didn't know what it is. Could you look up the name on google?

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    The chinese man that gave me the herbs (who i was seeing) gave me a 4 week supply and when i asked him what they were he said 'i only know chinese name' hence he couldn't tell me....

    They're just herbs I doubt they'll seriously hurt me in anyway but i was just concerned about taking different herbs at different times of the cycle; he has given me NO info whatsoever....

    Anyway this lady i am seeing next week (can't wait) will be much more thorough and help me out and she's Australian so i'll be able to understand her much better & she will do my acupuncture aswell.

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    Off topic but did you get my email?

    Glad you are seeing another acupuncturist.

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    Hi Renstar,

    I notice this thread is a bit old, hopefully you have had some success with your fertility treatment.

    I am an Australian born and trained Acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner and I have found it interesting reading what your experience has been accessing TCM. Sometimes as practitioners we don't have the time and in the case of Chinese speaking practitioners the language or cultural skills to explain all the questions our clients have, which is a real pity.

    So to answer a few of your concerns....

    Yes properly prescribed Chinese herbs are perfectly safe to take with your Western medical fertility treatment and during pregnancy. they really are just bits of twigs and bark, more like food to the body than toxic chemicals.

    There are some herbs which are contraindicated during pregnancy, but a trained practitioner will know these inside out and prescribe responsibly and appropriately. In Victoria (the only state in Australia to have a registration board) we have state registered practitioners, to check your practitioner is registered and therefore competent you can search on the CMRB website Welcome to the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria

    Whether you need to know what they are even in English I'm unsure. You will not be able to understand their use as they are prescribed according to TCM philosophy, which took me 6 years of full time study to get the jist of. You are probably better advised to focus on lovingly making babies with your partner, a relative better use of your precious energy.

    Also each case is diagnosed individually according to TCM, so some people will require changes according to their menstrual cycle and have 4 different formula in the month, while others will be just as adequately be treated with a full month of the same herbal formula. This may be confusing to consumers but the outcome will be the same...generally if the formula is the optimal one for you, your fertility will improve with treatment.

    Cost of treatment varies between practitioners, usually about $75 per consultation and $30 per week of formula, so the cost is comparable. If you can afford it the money is very well spent because the herbs work like adding fertiliser to your inner garden (uterus) which will help to provide nourishment for a full term pregnancy.

    I hope this information has been useful and encouraging for you. Good luck with your journey

    Natural Woman

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