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    My daughter was born at 30w due to chronoamniocentesis, an infection in the lining of my uterus, which broke my water and nearly killed my baby with septsis. Luckily she was delivered in the nick of time by emergency caesar, APGARS 8 and 9, weighing in at 1.68kg. Breathed on her own, was in SCN3 and now in SCN4 at Royal Womens Hospital. She had problems with jaundice, other than that, no hiccups, only forward. Breastfed at 31w4d, up to birthweigh again, out of humidicrib and into cot with kammed bed (heated waterbed) underneath. Is pretty much holding her own temp... whats the long term probs with having a baby 10w early?? I was so scared, still get worried - she's so tiny! felt so guilty, hated being pregnant sometimes, and wished it was all over... was it just that i got my wish?? having probs expressing due to stress...

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    Congratulations on the safe if early arrival of Anneliese!!!!
    My husband has twins who were born at 28 weeks and after a short amount of time in hospital were fine. The only difference is that they are both quite short - DSD @ 8 1/2 is the same height as DD who is 5.

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    Simone - Firstly, congratulations!! I am so glad that Anneliese is doing well and is healthy. Her agpars were fantastic, and to be holding her temp and breastfeeding already is also fantastic. You are obviously doing a great job!!!
    Please don't feel guilty, I know that when your bub is born early you look for a reason and someone to your situation you are blaming yourself, but sometimes these things just happen and there is nothing that you could have done to change it. It is not your fault and nothing that you could have done would have caused this to happen.
    Just the same, I understand how you feel...I also tried to find someone to blame, including does take time and talking for these feelings to subside.
    My DD was born at 28.6wks and is doing so well. Apparently they catch up at about 2 yrs.
    Simone - Anneliese sounds like she is a real fighter and is doing so are obviously doing a fabulouse job sweetie!!!

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    Congratulations on your birth!!
    Dont blame yourself for bubs coming early. I am a big believer in things happening for a reason. My cousin was born at 26 weeks, he was so tiny, my uncle could fit his wedding ring up his arm when he was born. He is now 11 and is progressing as any other child his age, no probs at all.
    Good luck and take care (dont worry)

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    Hey Simone!
    CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your little girl.
    Ivy and Noah were born 10 weeks early too. They were tiny to start but at six months have caught up really well.
    It's easy to blame yourself for what happened but I believe in the same thing that Elly does, all things happen for a reason.
    Developmentally, Ivy and Noah are progressing to their 'adjusted' age of 4 months. You will get used to all the jargon and you will get used to different expectations for your little one.
    When you feel up to it, you should come and chat with all the other premmie mums.
    It's a great place to learn and console and be consoled! Also a great place to celebrate the little things, that in a premmie world are really BIG achievements!

    See you there

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    I can relate to the feelings of guilt. For weeks, I just wanted the baby 'out' of me, and I was so depressed. Then, when she was delivered, I felt so guilty because I felt as if if I could have carried her for longer, she would be better off. I had awful PND at the time too, which didn't help - but I can see now that the whole situation was just one of those things.

    Sorry for waffling, im really tired today!

    Good luck with everything, see you in the premmie mum's thread.

    Love Gwen x

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    Congratulations again on the birth of Anneliese, Simone! It sounds like she is doing really well for a little one born so early. Your ticker photo certainly brings back memories!

    Premmie bubs stay in the newborn stage a bit longer and will often take a bit longer to reach their milestones, but like the other girls have said, she will eventually catch up to her peers and will not necessarily suffer any long term problems. It sounds like she is off to a great start anyway.

    I hope things are continuing to go well and I hope your expressing is picking up too. It's not an easy job. If you have any questions or want to discuss anything, post any time.

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    thanks for your support ladies, its good to know my feeling arent irrational, and even better to know im not alone...

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