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    Hi all

    I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies have an Emmalunga pram.We plan to start ttc very soon & i've started my research into prams.

    I love the look of the Emmalungas as i love the traditional looking prams,in particular the 3in1 combo prams.My ? is how do you find the steering of them with the fixed wheels?

    I've suffered a buldging disc in my back & for me this as well as weight is a big deciding factor on the pram we eventually get.If i can seperate the seat from the frame that's a handy feature.

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    I love the look of the Emmalungas as i love the traditional looking prams,in particular the 3in1 combo prams.My ? is how do you find the steering of them with the fixed wheels?
    I brought one cause I loved the look of it but I couldnt steer it,lol. Honestly it was hell the few times I used it so I got rid of it.

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    I have one of the old fixed wheel jobbies - I love it. My DH doesn't like the steering mechanism (or loack of it!) but I didn't mind it - it was great for walks to the supermarket in that you can fit two green shopping bags full of stuff underneath the bub. Being able to split it into two is great too. But the toddler seat on the Emm wasn't that flash though.

    But IMO I would not go for a pram because of the look though - there are too many baby-related things that mums buy for the look and end up being practical.

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    I LOVE the emmuljungas! We had the coronado for the boys (now 7 and 9 years old). The model names have changed, but this was the 3 in 1 with separate bassinette section. I loved the look, loved using it, the suspension is great, a good weight. We are TTC number three and will be definitely going the emmuljunga again ( a new one, gave the other away!).

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    You can always get one as a second pram, because they're very cheap on ebay. Why don't you go to a baby shop and take one for a 'test drive'? Personally I'd be concerned about the steering issue - but I think there may be a newer model that has swivel wheels at the front.

    we have a mountain buggy and it steers beautifully - very, very easy to use.

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    Hello, I have an Emmaljunga (I think it's the Coronado, a friend bought it for me for a song on eBay) and I've absolutely loved the bassinette. Now my DD's getting a bit older and wants to sit up and look around, we'll be changing over to the seat part soon. Only problem for us is it doesn't fit in the boot of my (oldish model) camry and it's a bit of a pain hooking and unhooking all the time. The toddler seat folds down with the pram, but again too big for my camry, ironically it fits in the back of our hyundai hatchback better (It's a height clearance issue). If you're looking at some on eBay, just get the person to measure it folded so you can work out how well it will fit for you.

    The steering took a bit of getting used to but I'm tall so find the handle a really good height. They are fabulous over rough terrain as the suspension and wheels are great!

    PS bassinette was especially handy in the first few weeks as I went back into hospy and DD slept in her pram.

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