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Thread: My turn to play the pram game!

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    Ooooh Sarah - I forgot all about that bit - its a really dumb design isnt it!? I know some have an easy strap system(isnt the P &T's a strap too?) but I didnt like it either, way too fiddly and you have to have 2 hands free plus your head right under to adjust it.
    You have to wonder if the designers of ALOT of prams simply have NO children!!!!! Big call I know but you have to wonder!! :P

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    Sarah, Just thought I would bump this back up to see what you decided on?
    I have been checking out the Love N Care Adiva Sport, on-line only though, and also the Love N Care Nova Stroller.
    Found a Bootiq pram in a shop a few weeks ago, but haven't seen the LNC ones to compare it too?


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