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    gosh it's hard to pick a pram, given that none of them fit every requirement!

    I like the Beema Qs...DH is thinking abuot the Phil and Ted.

    Upside of the P&Ts is the toddler seat (though this is our first), but I've heard bad reviews about the fiddly zip etc to change the seat setting. doesn't look comfy!

    What do you think?

    We want a 3 wheeler appropriate for jogging but also daily use, one that is not too heavy and one that will fit when we go to Coles!

    Any feedback on these two? Or are there others we should be looking at?


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    I don't know the BeemaQ. I don't like the P&T's. The seat position is done by the zips like you say, and there are only a few positions. Friends that have them complained that their babies wanted to be more upright than the slightly off flat position, but were still too little for the next position up. As someone with a reflux baby, I would have had huge problems with a pram that was so flat and couldn't be readily altered to something appropriate.

    I have the Mountain Buggy and its brilliant. Light, easy to fold, great storage basket thing, and a seat that is completely adjustable however you want it to be. It doesn't fit through standard aisles, but goes through the wheelchair aisles easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahjah View Post

    We want a 3 wheeler appropriate for jogging but also daily use, one that is not too heavy and one that will fit when we go to Coles!

    I don't think any pram fits at Coles! LOL...oh the shopping nightmares. Usually there is an isle that fits all prams as it's required for Wheelchairs just have to find which one that is. Otherwise we have a cheap stroller we use at coles, or the baby carrier.

    As for type of pram, I can't comment on the two you have mentioned...but I have the Valco Runabout & the two main reasons I bought it were it was the only pram that I could find after going to a hundred shops that had three wheels, & didn't do up with zips...what a pain. Unzipping & zipping up each time you want to change it for bubs! Also they had a deal going that included the sun cover, rain cover, baby bag etc - so no hidden costs.

    Though if you have the money to spend then I would say you can't go past the Mountain Buggy, wish I had one

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    I got a cheap 3 wheeler from K-mart when I had Emily (so a few years ago now) and it went through the checkouts I now have a Valco and I always have to bypass the checkouts.. very annoying!!

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