thread: Faint BFP using First Response

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    Faint BFP using First Response


    I'm new to this site, 1st month of TTC, and think I posted this is the wrong section previously!! So this is all v. new to me, on day 30/28, tested Saturday, and got the tiniest faintest line, think maybe began to image it!! Then I tested this morning again, and got a faint + both times used the First Response, do yuo think it is worth trying the Clear Blue Digital to see if I get a clearer response, not sure how faint is too faint!!
    Also this is a bit of TMI, had a little (tiny amount of old blood, Sun-Wed morning), I have read that this can be normal, but it is driving me crazy, as well as the feelign that AF is constantly on it's way, going to bthrm a lot to check, butterflies in tummy today, think that is nerves.

    And if I am + I cannot believe that it would happen straight away when so many people try for so long with no luck.... feeling guilty.. and don't want to believe it...

    Love and Baby Dust xx

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    Sorry I'm not up to scratch on the different types of test , hopefully you are PG!! don't feel guilty.
    I was lucky enough to Have three bubs from four tries (I had a m/c) between DS and DD#1. I also had spotting with both my DD's and this caused a lot of stress, I had to keep reminding myself to enjoy the special time and not to focus on the spotting. I hope you have a positive out come I'll be keeping an eye out.
    Best wishes.

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    Thanks for your msg, being the first time it is hard to know what is normal!! I think I will get a clear blue and try tomorrow morning.. might take out the guess work!!

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    Hi Victoria,

    I've heard that the Clear Blue digital are less sensitive than the First Response. The First Response Early Pregnancy Test are very sensitive.

    Do you know when you O'd? Are you charting? It is possible that you have O'd later this cycle and are still testing a little too early. I got my BFP at 17DPO (still a BFN at 15DPO). If I were you I would wait 48 hours and then test again with the First Response Early Pregnancy Test and use FMU. (HCG doubles every 48 hours.)

    Good luck - I hope its a for you!

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    A line is a line, congratulations on your BFP!

    We wanted to start trying in April this year and fell first go. I am now 32.5 weeks pregnant.

    I know what you mean about feeling guilty but you have to tell yourself that everybody is different.

    I have felt that I am blessed (even when I whinge about getting up to pee so much through the night) because there are so many couples out there that have problems TTC - I not only feel for them, I think they are so strong to keep trying and not to give up - I think all those couples need a medal, seriously!

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    Thanks girls

    I have just been to the shops and I have decided to not buy the Clear Blue digital, not worth the $20 for 2!!!! So I will retest on Thursday, want to hold out until Friday and give it an extra 48 hours, the line is still as it was this morninng and I can see it from arms length, so may have been lucky to get pg first time round!! Still hard to believe we all for it but when it happens it is unbelievable!!! If all goes well, brilliant will be pretty safe to tell others at Christmas!!

    But to be certain will wait until Friday, am booked in to see DR on Monday for a Pap Smear, thinking I will have to alter that - booked it thinking I would have my AF this week!!!!

    I definitely OV'd on the 22nd of Oct, so that make me 16DPO, (Slick CM). Have only been off the pill for 2 cycles and the first cycle we didn't try - just trained!!! Then by AF cam right on time as if was still on the pill.

    Will let you know if it gets stronger, thankyou so much for your comments, really makes this easier to be able to talk

    Lots of Love and Baby Dust xxx

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    thats great if you are pg , quick too!
    I've recently came off the pill too, good to hear your cycles sorted out quickly. It will probably take me a bit longer for a as DP works away

    good luck

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