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Thread: Positive OPK??

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    Thanks everyone!

    I thought I should also mention that probably the reason we haven't conceived yet is due to my right fallopian tube!!!! I saw a kinesiologist and acupuncturist yesterday and she was very, very good. shes been doing it for 32yrs... she picked up that my tube was partially blocked! so i'm on a fungal-free diet (gross) to clear it out she said its nothign serious but could be why im not yet pregnant!!!! amazing hey... & she has put me on olive leaf extract 3 times a day.... for overall health not just reproductive... seeing her weekly now.

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    Fingers crossed Renstar- hopefully a BFP is on your horizon!

    I used the OPK for a few days and gots all negatives, but am also temp charting and had a slight dip immediatley followed by a rise- so hopefully there was O!

    I have a super irregular cycle so am at the mercy of my therm and OPK at present. Assuming O, looks like the TWW has begun.

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    Bobin - good luck this cycle to you it's an awful 2 weeks wait isnt it....

    I was quite amazed when i got my pos OPK! i had never had one before so it was a bit exciting! My chart has kept high temps for a few days now so i'm feeling 'a little' hopeful at least but still have 3 days to go, anything could happen

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