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Thread: aaagghh Yasin

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    Thanks for asking Christy
    I was going to post in here after his football this morning because today he was really, really co-operative. Tessa the coach came up at the end of the class to say that he was listening much better but I could see that just by watching. He still refused to participate in the tails game - he sat on his at the nets so no-one could grab it lol.
    I've been making a big effort to avoid situations that cause tantrums which has made life a little more peaceful.
    The monkey harness has made life out and about simpler. Once it's on he knows he can't bolt and he's stopped trying.

    I've decided to drop TT for a few weeks. I'm not offering him the loo before bath time or his undies. Imran loves jumping up on the loo before his bath so I'm hoping that when Yasin sees that Imran gets praised every night for using the loo he will want a bit of the action.

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    As I have just changed my 4th poopy diaper from my 3 year old-I hear you!!! I am getting quite annoyed and frustrated is is just getting disgusting unfortunately she doesn't seem to get it.

    As the parent of the perfect angel I can tell you the look was of sympathy. They all even the angels have thrown a fit in some public event or store. We are all coping as best we can in any given moment.

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    I'm so glad things are better Chloe. Is DH back yet? That might make a difference. DH is working really long hours atm and I think that has been a trigger for Jack's deteriorating behaviour.

    Speaking of which, I am still having to deal with cleaning up poo from him taking his nappy off and smearing the poo everywhere - twice yesterday and once tonight just 10 minutes after getting him home from day care - AARRGGHH. So believe me, pooey nappies that are still on bottoms seem appealing to me right now. Whoops, I've highjacked your thread. Back to you.

    I totally understand how frustrating it has been for you. And it is tiring to deal with it day in and day out and not know if you are always doing the right thing. But it sounds to me that you are doing a truly amazing job, and the improvement in his behaviour is testament to that. Keep up the good work and know that we are all here when you need to vent.

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