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Thread: Cramps ! Should I be Worried?

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    Default Cramps ! Should I be Worried?

    Hi everyone Im approx 8weeks pregnant and had a scan that showed a heart beat at 7 weeks. Im just really worried that all the cramping Im getting is a bad sign. Yesterday and today have been extremely intense . Im still on pesseries and clexaine and thought maybe the cramps are from the progesterone?? Has any one else suffered from this????? and it turned out ok

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    its hard to ask opinions on here about cramps coz we arnt actually there iykwim. If the cramps are bad, ring your doc asap. Seeing the heartbeat at 7 weeks surely is a good sign tho. I havent really had cramps, tho i did have some pains but that was around 4 weeks. Now im just having stretching pains and ligament pains. But please ring ur doc just to make sure. Let us know how things go xoxo

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    Hi there,

    Agree with above heartbeat at 7 weeks is strong positive, they would also have had a change to see if there was a risk of it being ectopic (chances are they yould have spoted a problem). My GP has me going for one at 7 weeks (I'm at 6 now) to rule that out as I have had cramping from ovulation right through.

    Big points the GP passed on to me are (please forgive bad spelling):

    1) some women get m/s, others have cramping or digestive issues (or combinations of these symptoms). If you've had painful periods all along you might be very intune with the sensation and notice each time your uterus expands.

    2) cramps that come and go (might be more there than not but it does ease up) are ok. Constant cramping is a bad sign.

    3) "normal" cramps will get less over time not stronger either in how often they occur or how sever.

    4) lower cramps are linked to the uterus growing and changing, cramps higher up (above belly button) linked to gass. Gass can be damn painful and I was besides myself with the pain last wed night. De-Gass has helped reduce that to manageable - though you do burp and fart a lot more.

    The final bit of advice I was given is that EVERYTHING will feel strange and trouble me as I don't usually carry a small child inside me. I'd have to have a whole lot of babies to be used to any of this so often the hardest part is not getting worried.

    If you are concerned get help, you might want to keep a record of when the cramps happen and how sever they are for a day or two and take that to a GP.

    Please know that this dosn't cover everything but I know that cramping is a major part of my pregnancy and learning how to tell the difference between the different cramps and what they mean has helped me calm down a lot. It dosn't stop the pain and it is a huge bother but you can find a funny side to it. for example I have found that whenever I sneaze or cough I cramp, I havn't heard that anywhere else and its just silly.

    Best of luck and I hope that everything is fine.

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    Default hi

    HI there
    I am 13 weeks and I have had cramping from day one!!! I have also had a MC before at 5 weeks and i was worried as the cramps felt the same.

    Doc said just body stretching for the bubba.. I have had numerous Ultrasounds and all is well..

    I am sure you will be ok!

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