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Thread: The end of morning sickness

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    Question The end of morning sickness

    Hi everyone!

    I was just wondering if the end of morning sickness creeps up on you like the beginning of morning sickness does? From 6W2D I've been consistently sick. Not vomiting, but wishing I would. It was 24/7 although the night time was worse (if that's possible). I'm now nearly 10 weeks. Up until yesterday I had a few good days in a row where I had very very little nausea and just a bit of tiredness. These have been the first and only days so far I've felt anything that resembled normal. Yesterday and today, however, I have felt sooo terrible again. I can barely move off my bed

    What was your experience? Did you have some good days and bad days and then gradually more good than bad? Or did the m/s just stop one day for you?

    I'm looking for a light- hoping that the end of the tunnel is nearly here.


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    Claire Guest


    In my first two pregnancies m/s lasted 18 and 16 weeks. In my third I woke up around 7 weeks pregnant and it had gone! I felt it a few times when I got overtired or very hungry but as a constant it had disappeared. Funnily enough my third was a boy, the first two been girls.

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    Hi peekay,

    My M/S I'm hoping is pretty much gone now. I started to notice an improvement at 13 weeks. Now I'll be good for a few days and then have nausea again in the evenings for a few days and then good again. So with me its been just as you've suggested..... good and bad days and then more good than bad. Having said that I've heard that some people just wake up one day and its all gone. We're all different.

    Hopefully your M/S is on the way out now.

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    peekay... I don't have any advice because it looks like we are at pretty much the same spot, but I know what you\re going through... I had a few good days last week, and feeling really rotten again today *bleh*

    I hope that for both of us, we wake up tomorrow and it is gone!

    (Congrats on the pregnancy BTW )

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    Thanks ladies

    I'm having a pretty good day today- just tired. I can live with the tiredness for the moment though (still on holidays )

    Principessa, I really hope my m/s is starting to ease. I have 2 and a half more weeks until I go back to work and I just can't imagine trying to teach 25 brand new Preppies feeling like this. So- thinking positive- here's to it ending VERY soon!

    Thanks leasha

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    I think morning sickness may end differently for everyone, just like it starts.

    For me..I think it's coming to an end..instead of being sick multiple times a day and being bedridden because movement makes the nausea worse, I'm finding I'm only sick once every few days now.

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    Hey Peekay,

    Congratulations on the pregnancy. See, I told you it could happen - I was hopeful after your op.

    MS is different for everyone. Mine has only just started to improve significantly in the last week or so. With my DS, the nausea never disappeared and I had it all the way through the pregnancy and I was a chucker too - right into the third trimester.

    This time I have had some really really bad chuck sessions but luckily the last of those was about 3 weeks ago now. But even when it was bad, I had some okay days in between so it wasn't constant for me. I still get a bit queasy if I get overtired or don't eat enough or regularly enough!

    I hope it starts to ease for you soon. And you get to enjoy your school holidays!!


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