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    Default morning sickness Q

    Hi ,

    this is my 2nd pregnancy and this one I am not as sick as my first - i am sick day on day off kind off the last time i think i was nasueous most of the time..from about 5 - 13 weeks.. im 6 weeks today .. im worried that soemthing is not right with this one... I never really threw up last time mainly just dry reaching ...

    Have you had different levels of sickness with your pregnancies and did you have the same sex or different sex babies.

    Thank you

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    I think its fairly normal, a friend of mine had the best pregnancy with her first, no morning sickness, no tiredness nothing! And now with her second bubs she's got really really bad morning sickness. Like my SIL and I... she had the perfect pregnancy no ms, no tiredness, no sore back NOTHING and I had ms right up until 6 1/2 months.. she had a complicated birth though.. so i have my fingers crossed that the harder the pregnancy the easier the birth LOL it may be a silly dream.. but it would be nice

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    Don't stress - each pregnancy can be different. I have not had any m/s yet and I'm almost 6 months and everything is progressing normally.

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