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    Jul 2007
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    As you can see from my ticker I'm 6 weeks pg today. Other than a little tiredness (start yawning at 6 o'clock), and some cramping at 4-5 wks, I have had not other symptoms. As a result I don't really feel pregnant .

    It's not that I don't want the horrendous m/s that I hear some ladies suffer with, but just a little would be nice.

    Has anyone else had a relatively easy, symptom free pregnancy? or am I counting my chickens too soon (ie symptoms will start soon)?

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    I was like you and within the last week i think i have not been able to handle the smell of food cooking/reheating. The other night DF cooked homemade spring rolls (my favourite) and i nearly vomited with the smell. BUT i could eat it cold.
    With DS2 i had hardly any symptoms.... think yourself lucky for now!!

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    Dec 2006
    Out of my mind. Back in five minutes...

    Been there... and depsparately wished for a sign that everything was OK. Even still for me at almost 12 weeks I have not really felt a lot of "symptoms". I get the odd days when I have bits of nausia but not a lot more than that.
    Have you checked out the thread up the top with Tri 1 symptoms? Cause I bet if you look at that you might be surprised at what they are...
    Anyway, enjoy it, and try really hard not to stress... Easier said than done...

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    hiya, thought i would just add.... dont count your chickens just yet lol, i started getting m/s this past week or so and im now 8.3 weeks pregnant. i think its to do with your hormone levels, so when they get a bit higher you may feel the difference.
    And dont be so quick to be wanting the m/s coz hunny it aint just mornings lol, and for me its leaving me feel worn out untill late afternoon.
    good luck and have a h&h pregnancy

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    i didnt get m/s till 7 weeks and then it hit me full on and it is only just starting to ease up i was like u worrying because i didnt feel anythingand wasnt sick.

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    Hi Pinklily- I guess most of us would say lucky you. For me my first was symptom free until bubs started moving and i started to actually feel preg. The only symptom i really had was around 7-8 months when the indegestion kicked in. I felt great, my skin always glowing felt so good i couldnt wait to have another. This time i have been nothing but sick as a dog. MS (not just nausea but full on throwing up that bad i was hospitalised and on a drip) , cramping, headaches, back pain, nausea, food tasting horrible and smelling yuk, boobs sore and starting to already grow larger by the day (gone up a cup size already and almost needing to go up another) tired all the time, no motivation. I felt the same with my first though- fee like if you get one symptom you feel like ok...bubs is ok cos i'm sick , etc. This time round i regret wanting to feel simething last time- My DP is going crazy listening to me complain. I'm 14 weeks and still sick. Have lost almost 7 kg. (although already big so doc says its ok...hehe)
    If you want some symptoms your welcome to take

    Good luck though

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    oh Jess, that sounds so horrible. I hope your symptoms lighten up soon .

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    With my first I didn't get any symptoms, I know how you are feeling. I also wished for just a little. Don't worry I'm sure everything is fine, it won't be long before you're feeling huge and wishing you didn't feel so pregnant!

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    Im 5weeks and abit but havent really got any as well. Im wanting some more so that it feels more real and I stop worrying. I know how you feel hun but Do we really want to be feeling m/c all the

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    May 2006

    I didn't have any symptoms either. (it made me wonder about all the months i had been testing prior to doing IVF when i 'thought' i was pregnant coz i was eating more or felt quesy...) I felt great until i one day i got really constipated and i battled with that for the rest of the pregnancy. I ended up buying a doppler because i had no symptoms as i just wanted to know my baby was still there and was ok. Got the doppler off ebay..a newie...but there are 2nd hand ones too...depends how you feel about 2nd hand DH is dead set against them unfortunetly as now i want a new pram lol

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    Hi Pink Lily,

    The only symptom I had at 6 wks with DD was a bfp and extra cm. Morning sickness didn't start until around 8 weeks and wasn't terrible when it did start. Just fairly constant nausea but not enough to want to be sick all the time. I don't even remember having sore boobs at all.

    Wishing you all the best!

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    Yes me! I had no symptoms whatsoever with DS and have none so far now.. only a little tired, but i do have a teething 1 year old also keeping me up all night.

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    I had more symptoms around the time I found out I was pregnant than I do now. My BBs were sore, but have got less so as time has gone on. My tiredness was also worse between 3 weeks (yeah, I knew early thanks to a dip in temp) to 6 weeks than it has been for the last couple of weeks, but it's starting to hit me again now. I was relieve to know they found a heartbeat at the scan at 6 weeks 5 days as I was so worried about my disappearing symptoms.

    Maybe you have some different symptoms, like I do.

    I've had a stuffy, sometimes blocked nose since the fourth week of pregnancy, my gums have bled when I brush my teeth since then too. I've suffered restless legs on a couple of occasions (even though you normally only get that at about 6 months plus). I'm moody as hell, and that's getting worse as each day goes by. I've also got more prominent veins in my BBs and my nipples are getting bigger and the bumps on them are too.

    Sometimes you have to look a little harder to see the signs. I've had absolutely no morning sickness, although if my DF rocks the bed a little at night I do sometimes feel a little off. Some women just never get it (not counting my chickens just yet though).

    I'm burping heaps and am starting to pass wind at awkward & intimate moments (very embarassing). So I have quite a few symptoms but not the main ones that women talk about, maybe you are the same but haven't realised it yet.

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    Pinklilly, I was the same until about week 8, then my morning sickness kicked in. It was in a way a relief because then I started to feel pregnant, even though it was horrible at the same time. My SIL is pregnant & did not find out until wk 16! She had no pregnancy symtoms at all.

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