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Thread: Pizza????

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    Yes that did help, I was wondering how people could eat pizza with processed meat lol.

    Its funny how things change over the years. When I had my first child in 1990 I wasnt told to avoid anything! Im sure I ate whatever I wanted and she turned out just fine.

    I was given a book on what to and what not to eat whilst pg and one of the things was soft serve ice-cream. I wasnt impressed with that, cause I love the stuff lol. Not quite sure what is wrong with it, but I havent eaten it since, so should be ok I think.

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    Hmm I was wondering about pizza today... that was, AFTER i'd eaten it!! It was piping hot, and fresh from the pizza place and tasted soo good! I couldn't resist... everyone else was digging in and I was starving!!!
    Although not very nutritional, it did taste nice.... but i definitely will stay away from the leftovers. DH took the leftovers home and i said he can eat them on his own!

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    mmmm I looove pizza when I'm pregnant for some strange reason!..We had it last night!...and maybe I even ate the leftovers today..

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    I ate a whole vegetarian pizza to myself about 2 hours before my waters broke

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