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Thread: Anger/Anxiety in Pregnancy

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    Bindy, I too am due new years eve - so good luck. I have had a significant increase in anxiety in this pregnancy including panic attacks and insomnia. I hope it does not affect my baby but I feel as if it does transfer to her somehow. Hopefully she slept through all of my anxiety attacks. I was fairly anxious last time and had angel baby, now three and still he is angel child - so heres hoping!!!

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    I always worried about this to as DH and I argue a lot and I ended up in tears a lot during my pregnancy and finished work at 24 weeks due to high BP and stress. Julia's fine, not affected at all actually she is a very calm happy baby and slept through the night at 3 months and no problems settling or sleeping at all. Even now I have PND and she is fine. However I must say I go to great lengths not to let my illness affect her in any way.

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