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thread: beanie baby - please stay

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    Oct 2007
    Gippsland, Victoria

    Oh yay!! Thats AWESOME news Nae!!

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    Oct 2007
    Gippsland, Victoria

    Oh Nae!! That's AWESOME news!!

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    Dec 2006
    Gippsland Vic

    Yay!!! Yay!!!! Yay!!!
    With those levels you will be seeing a HB for sure.... are you going to LRH or Warragul?
    Huge hugs and best wishes that all continues to go well, take it easy girl.

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    Nov 2007
    Off with the fairies.

    That's fantastic news!

    So excited for you.

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    Mar 2008
    Waterloo, Merseyside, UK

    im so happy for you huni.
    i pray everything in fact i have a feeling everything will be ok...
    all my love rach xxxx

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    Apr 2008

    THAT`S FANTASTIC NEWS NAE.......I think you have been blessed hun,may the white light shine over you,love & peace Nae,thinking of you sweet.

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    Sep 2006
    Beaudesert, QLD

    awesome news hun

    WOOOOOHOOOOOO your having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jun 2008
    in the eye of a toddler tornado

    Another stalker who is very happy to see this!!!

    GL with the US!

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    Aug 2006
    Our house, in the middle of our street

    Fantastic news!

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    Feb 2009
    Moody Melbourne

    Oh Nae - I was out tonight at the races and I made my DP log in here and check this thread. I must say when he told me the news I was happier than if my 100-1 horse came in first! (Although he was a tad freaked by some of the other threads: "you women actually talk about THAT???!!!" lol)

    As a long-time lurker/(stalker if we want to be harsh ), I've been following your story for awhile and I can honestly say I'm so happy my cheeks hurt from smiling this much. I honestly believe that the more good one puts out into the world, the more one receives and based on the number of people who truly were waiting on bated breath today to hear your news - some of them complete strangers, including me, it seems you have been one good cookie to all around you!

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your weekend you Goddess and we all look forward to hearing the results of your U/S. Sleep tight Nae and Sweetpea!!

    And Loops - a massive congrats on your home loan!!

    It's days like these that remind me that our wishes do come true - just maybe not in the shape and form we initially banked on but they're perfect nonetheless.

    Shari xo

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    Oct 2007

    Fantastic news. Am really happy for you, everything sounds good YAY!!!!

    Good luck for your anxious wait till the u/s next week you see a healthy little bubba bouncing around in there. Have everything crossed for you. I have a good feeling about this.

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    Mar 2009

    That is fantastic news!!

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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    brilliant news hun *hugs* have a great weekend, sip some sparkling apple juice to celebrate!

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    Dec 2007
    Sunny Qld

    Such fantastic news mate... bring on this US!!!!

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    Sep 2008
    Croydon, Victoria

    Oh Nae you must be so happy...I am so happy! I have been stalking this thread from the start and was rapt to read your news. You really deserve this Nae, congratulations!

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    Oct 2006
    Adelaide, SA

    Thank goodness for that, I'm so glad that the news was good.
    Sit tight for that u/s i'm sure you're gonna see a very healthy little jelly bean!

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    Nov 2007
    Where we swim in glitter and play on rainbows


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    Sep 2008
    South West Sydney, NSW

    I haven't been able to log on all weekend - think the site must have been too busy with people logging on to see this news!

    Congrats Nae, I am one of the many that just welled up seeing your news! I am so happy for you!
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