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Thread: Cramping like pains in early pregnancy

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    Default Cramping like pains in early pregnancy

    Im about 5.5 weeks and have just in the past 3 or 4 days started to get dull aches around my ovaries - sort of like cramps. Has anybody experienced this? I've asked the nurses at the clinic and my GP and they say its quite normal, but its still a little unsettling, especially now I'm feeling the pain constantly on my left side. Thanks.

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    Hi Lisa
    Don't worry hun this is quite commom. It is caused by everything starting to grow and stretch. Providing that you are not bleeding everything is fine.

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    Lisa - Try not to worry, if your Dr's etc arent too concerned. I was getting stitch like pains near my ovaries that would alternate sides from before I knew I was pg with my current pg. I still now get it alternate from side to side but not as much since I have become further along in my pg. Just remember if anything worries you see your GP for reassurance hun. They may even send you for an early u/s to ease your mind abit. GL with the rest of your Pg.

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    I had quite bad cramps at the beginning of this pregnancy - like I was getting AF or something!!!!
    But I've always gone along with the theory that if there is no blood and cramping its all good.. when you get cramping + blood - may not be so good.
    I'm sure its all good.

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    I had these in the early stages of my pregnancy and was told that it was the feeling of the uterus stretching. I was also worried but providing you aren't bleeding and the GP isn't concerned then it is probably just the stretching pains.

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    I had a pain like you explained at 4.5 weeks, it went after a few days & came back at 11.5weeks when the actual clot burst.

    I'm sure it's nothing to worry about we all seem to experience something like this

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