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Thread: Did you find out the sex of your baby, and they were wrong!!!

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    Hi Dee,

    please let us know what you have, good luck with the birth.

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    I was told boys for the first two and boys I've got.
    Reading this thread is just getting my hopes up *sighs* but I've got a 4D pic of this bubbies tackle and I'd be stunned if this one comes out a girl. There would have to be a lot of labia/clitoral swelling going in there for the sonographer to have been mistaken. He even said to come back and show him if it comes out a girl as he'd be very surprised.

    Quote Originally Posted by Baby~amore
    The 18wks 'guy' said he could tell -boy because they (1) had hands between their legs
    I had to chuckle at this one Trish, that must be an instinctive male trait They just can't leave them alone!

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