thread: Faint Positive HPT x 2 however Neg BT result?

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    Mar 2007

    Thanks NixonsMama & Bjrose!

    yesterday was an emotional day thats for sure! (could have just been the hormones racing too! lol) Today was happier... feeling more confident... i have to be!

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    That a girl, keep thinking positive thoughts.

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    Mar 2007

    Just a quick update from me:

    Saw a GP today who actually listened to me & gave me a beta hcg quantitive BT! she said it may still be too early to show up hcg levels as i am only day30 however she said lets give it a go now.
    i went and got the bloods done.... and she will call me tomorrow afternoon with the results and will actually go through the results with me, so if there is hcg there she will let me know how much etc... she gave me 2 prescriptions so i have 1 spare one to use next week if this one comes back totally negative and with no AF by next week.....

    so this test is just over 2 days from the last BT so hopefully if i am pregnant, the hcg levels have risen high enough!

    So this test should give me what i need to hear!!! (either good or bad anyway).....

    Wish me luck for tomorrow afternoon, i'm so nervous... really want this to be positive although i know its our 1st month of trying for a baby, yet miracles happen right!?!
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    Purplemamma - i forgot to ask you, how many days past your AF were you when you got the negative BT result can i ask? and when did it then show positive on the BT test? days later?

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    That sounds really promising, good luck for tomorrow. I'll cross everything I can for you.

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    Best of luck for your results tomorrow. Got everything crosed for a positive raising HCG level.

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    Thanks Jodi & Nurse Dan

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    Fingers crossed for you.

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    Ever so slowly going crazy...

    I was only 1 day late, but breastfeeding ds1, and just knew i was. Didn't get another blood test till a week late and that one confirmed it.

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    Just wanted to wish u luck for tomorrow hun!! fingers crossed!!!

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    in lactation land

    hun, i too have my fingers crossed for you GL!

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    thanks everyone... you are all so very supportive

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    Sep 2007

    Make sure you let us know how it goes.

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    good luck hun, I hope to hear some great news!

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    good luck!!!

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    Today's the day petal. Best of luck!

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    Thank you!!!! So nervous..... hope this little one sticks for us.... if not, i'd say it was a chemical pregnancy or early miscarriage perhaps.... but i wont think like that yet!!!!

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    Good Luck today Renstar, my fingers are crossed for you.


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