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Thread: Faint Positive HPT x 2 however Neg BT result?

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    Thank you to you all.

    I just hope it doesnt take too long to conceive.... i'm 26 now and want 3-4 babies... not getting any younger!!!

    I know its only cycle#1 so i have a few mths until i need to be worried...i just want a baby so very badly time will come. i'm just soooo ready now..

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    I'm sorry Renstar. I know exactly how you felt about waiting a baby so bad. You are sounding so positive and realistic which is absolutely fantastic. Hopefully you'll get an amazing christmas surprise.

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    thanks Nurse Dan, i suppose i have to be positive hey....

    it just sucks cos literally, i have just gotten so close to being pregnant but then it was taken away, what a tease....
    but thats life hey....

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    Hi Renstar, sorry to hear the bad news, like i said before- i tend to look at it that you (and I) got CLOSE, on first cycles (mine was too, first month of trying this time) this is a postive thing i feel!! (at least i try too!!! LOL) it means our bodies are going Oh yeah ok- so this is what we do? Our bodies have had a little practice run to figure out some clitches and within a few months we should both have our BFP!!
    But hey- for you the fat lady hasnt started flowing yet- so there is still a miniscole teeny tiny chance.... r u using ovulation prediction tests?? My dr suggested that after what happened to me my first month (was a weeklate faint tests- level 9 hcg- AF came clottty yucky-) that i may not ovualte for a month or so- i dont think i ovulated this month- so dont be too upset if it takes a month or two before you do find your self with a BFP, maybe get some Ovulation Prediction Kits to reassure your mind that its not happening due to no ovulation- not just that its not happenening.

    Hope i have been of some use and at least you know your not the only one- isnt weird how that helps sometimes???!!! It has helped me to hear your story, sorry that you have to go through it though- ykwim.Take care- hey i am 26 too (soon to be 27) and my clock is TICKING hard too!! I would like 2 or three kids, so i hear ya on that too! LOL

    For us both to get our BFP's soon! Good luck!!

    Take care

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    Starbright - thanks hun. are you in the ttc thread? you should come join us in there, great bunch of ladies.
    yeah even tho we are 26, young etc, its a great time to start having a family (i feel) hence i want it to happen now! lol... dont want to have to wait...i have a good feeling tho it will happen soon for us.

    you're right though, at least now we did get CLOSE and we know we can conceive!!! thats a great thing to know isnt it! and i feel i have learnt sooo much about chemical pregnancies/early m/c & hpts & BTs and hcg levels.... my knowledge has gone up just over the last few days!! so now i can help others also.
    i've learnt too, only test once AF is about 5 days late!! as hard as it is to wait!!!

    I've learnt that its very common to experience a chemical pregnancy and not even know it! (we did cos we used hpts early and picked it up)... and i've learnt that its not common to get another one afterwards. Also lots of women fal pregnant next cycle after having m/c so i am not worried about conceiving, we are just going to start TTC again very soon as soon as AF goes!!! yay!

    BTW - AF came today, very heavy, only bit of pain, but no clots, just very dark and heavy..... i was expecting worse!!! I was probably only 4wks pregnant anyway so not much there to begin with iykwim?

    :hugs: to you! I hope we both get BFPs soon!!!! All the very best and thanks for your support.

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    yEAh, my Af was pretty yucky too. It has been kind to me this time- nearly all gone and i am gearing up and rearing to go!! Thanks heaps for the invite- i am sort of in the "have had trouble" basket though- i have a great support network going on there for me. Thanks again anyway, all the best for the coming weeks!! Maybe we will see eachother in the announcements sections soon!! if you want you can check out my TTC journal, i am a bit slack with it though, that reminds me, i should go and update it!!

    Good luck and take care

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    I am so sorry honey. AF will be very yucky. Mine was very heavy (which it never is) and quite painful. You have a wonderful, positive attitude towards it. Lets hope next time will be a sticker. :hugs:

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    Jodi - thanks for your support hun *hugs* I'm just drawing the positives out of all the negatives and moving forward... i need to... it all happens for a reason... its part of life and i've accepted that. i'm proud of myself for being positive about it all. we have next cycle to look forward to now and see what that brings us... hopefully a healthy, viable pregnancy

    ps i reckon you are having a boy!

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    Sorry to hear babe *hugs*

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    huge hugs Renstar :hugs: I'm so sorry sweety I can't wait for you to get those 2 pink lines I'll keep my eye out and my fingers crossed ... ok that sounds a bit freaky

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    thanks for ur support and kind words...

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