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Thread: I hate meal times already

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    Default I hate meal times already

    The ms has already started. Had my first spew today and not even 5 weeks. The worst part is I have 3 children to prepare food for and I can't stand the smell. I need to get creative or something. It's lunch time now and I have hardly had anything to eat all day. I know I need to eat and get the children something for lunch too. Has anyone any ideas???

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    Congrats on your pregnancy!
    What about ginger tea? I used to keep a cup in front of me and smell it all day long. A friend of mine used to put eucalyptus oil on a hanky and smell that every now and again when she felt queasy.
    Perhaps you could keep a eucalyptus hanky close by when you're making meals - to smell if you feel crook? So sorry I'm not much help!

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    rose - I become a real through the mouth breather while I'm pregnant so that I can avoid smelling for the same reason as you - meal preparation time (especially when hot food's involved) becomes a nightmare.

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