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Thread: Involving your partner

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    I am attending a BF class run by my (private) hospital next week. The information said that it was only for the woman. My DH would not be able to come anyway due to still being back home. I have had to come to the city 3 weeks prior to due date and he cannot get that amount of time off. He has only missed one appointment, on monday, and that is because he is a long way away. We discussed what happened at the appointment. I did not feel a lack of support because he wasn't there.

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    I guess involvement is whatever is important to the individual. I don't need my partner at my regular appointments as I can tell him what my BP and tummy measurements were afterwards. But I felt coming to the BFing class was important so we both knew what to expect in the early days and understood how to care for our baby.
    I was just curious about how it ended up that the birth centre and regular hospital patients were so opposite on this. Maybe it was one of those random things.

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