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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Baby Crazy,
    Good luck with the ultrasound, it is so exciting to see your little one finally.
    As for your weight I think after you crack the hundy mark, they classify you all the same. Don't freak too much about the blood pressure. I had one check and I was 190\100. Apparently stroke level, next preg it was just a tad high of the norm.
    I was stressing the pregnancy that I had high pressure.

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    Aug 2003
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    Summer Clothes

    Hi all,

    I had a bad day "fat wise" yesterday. ](*,) 'Cos I am carrying twins I am finding my normal clothes are already starting to get a little tight at times around the belly and went looking for larger girls clothes to wear as I grow bigger.
    After about an hour or two I was in dispair. All I wanted was some simple short sleeves sundresses which would allow me to be cool but not hippo like whilst the Qld summer hit. Sadly all of these seem to be made in Indonesia where no one is taller than 5'6 or wider than an XL.
    (I know about brands 16/26 awhich I already buy and I LOVE some of MY SIZE stuff but they are a bit pricey for sundresses.)

    I have asked my DP for a combined birthday/Xmas pressie of a sewing machine (that works properly) so I can make myself some less horrific clothes.
    Has anyone else found this and how did you stop yourself feeling heffalumpish when it happened?

    Thanks and Please MODS!! Make this a thread of its own! Us larger girls need a space too


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    Lee33 Guest

    congrats on having twins, how exciting for you! No wonder you are already finding yourself expanding!
    I havnt had that issue as yet, still fitting into my regular clothes. I know that I am not looking forward to buying things like maternity pants, as Im dreading discovering the 'limited' range out there for larger pregnant women. Im hoping I will be able to manage with what Ive got for a quite a while yet as I tend to buy oversize tops anyhow, its just pants and jeans that scare me. I might end up in trackies for the last few months!!

    I had my nuchal fold screening u/s this week, and it was very long and involed as baby wouldnt co-operate by turning into the correct position. Baby finally did and the test was done... when I got home I read the radiologist report and read the first line which said "The examination was technically difficult to perform due to combination of patient body habitus and position of the baby." At no stage during the exam did the radiologist mention my weight at all! Yet it was found necessary to mention it in the report......hmmmmm.
    It was very exciting to be able to see baby, and it has made it all more real for me now and hubby and I are going looking at baby furniture tomorrow.

    BabyCrazy, how was your u/s?

    hoobley, how are your homebirth plans coming along? Why did you decide on a homebirth? Are homebirths more common in the UK than here in Australia (if anyone knows)?

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hi girls,
    The Moderators have discussed your request for a forum of your own, however at this stage in time we dont see the need in a whole seperate forum, so please feel free to keep on chatting in this thread, and we will revisit this again at a later time if needs be.

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    paradise lost Guest


    Lee, my homebirth plans are not moving as i haven;t seen my midwife in 7 weeks! LOL! I have a letter from the head of Midwives asking me to discuss what i want at my next appointment so that'll be on Monday.

    I basically read an awful lot about childbirth and pregnancy before i ever fell pregnant, including books such as Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin. She is a very down-to-earth American midwife, and has been delivering babies since the 60's. She basically writes about the Farm, the birthing centre her and her (midwife) colleagues run. Their c-section rate has never, in nearly 40 years, been above 2% (they transfer to hospital for these, and the reasons have been prolapsed cord through an undilated cervix, brow presentation in an exhausted woman and locked twins (where the twins are both head down and both are trying to come through the bones at the same time)) Breeches, face-presentations, long-labours and twins have all been birthed perfectly safely on the Farm. It is 40% in the rest of the American hospitals. Her secret is that they interfere physically as little as possible (no drugs, no hormones, no forceps, no excessive examinations) and support and encourage the woman tirelessly, helping her to change positions to be comfortable and coaching on how to handle the energy of the rushes (they feel "contraction" is filled with enough negative conotation to scare a woman who just thinks "oh, another contraction") to minimise pain. SHe has found through this work that the vast majority of problems which lead to forceps, ventouse and cesaerean deliveries (all of which involve cutting and stitching of some sort and a longer recovery and often more difficult bonding process for the mothers and babies) stem from uneccesary medical interferance.

    SHe points out not only the obvious things (like if you lie flat on your back you have to push your baby out UPHILL, and if you have an epidural then you'll have to be flat on your back) but also things i never thought of (like birthing when your assistants shout to push is the same as trying to do a poo with a team of strangers shouting "push push" at you from a few feet away!). She basically points out that, in AMerica especially, the proportion of maternal and infant death is not falling enough when you consider the level of medical expertise. When women in remote areas of Africa bleed after birth, they die because there is no blood to give them. In the Western world they are probably only bleeding because their exhausted uterus, which has been contracting almost continuously under the direction of the drip feeding artificial hormones to the mother, is too weak to contract and stem the bleed caused by a impatient doctor yanking on the cord to "help things along" in the 3rd stage. She feels that the medical care looks at fixing a problem and that, with encouragement loving support and skilled sensitive care a long labour, a breech presentation or a shoulder dystocia (when a shoulder gets stuck) needn;t BE a problem. She points out that though it is one of the most challenging, physically demanding and miraculous things a woman's body does, it is no more abnormal an occurence than pooing, peeing, orgasming or breathing - none of which i turn to my doctor for help with!

    I don;t want to go in hospital because in my house, it will be me delivering my baby with help from the welcome visiting midwives. I will do things the way i want to because i am in a safe warm familiar environment. In hospital i will not feel in control, i will have to fit into the schedules and expectations of the hospital. When my sister-in-law delivered i was there with her, and after she had been pushing, with an epidural (so she couldn;t feel very well) for just 20 minutes a consultant came into the room with a massive pair of forceps and said "If you don;t get the baby out soon i'm going to use these and you and your baby don;t want that". The insensitivity of this man, to waltz into the room and THREATEN a woman at the most vulnerable point in her life (immobile, numb from the waist down, as "open" as she had ever been in her whole life, her baby in her BIRTH CANAL!) by waving frankly terrifying-looking metal surgical tools at her. I was shocked and knew right then and there that i would NOT be going into hospital unless i had to.

    In the UK homebirths are around 1% and the NHS doesn;t like doing them because they are expensive, but the law states a woman can deliver where she wants. I am getting my way by flattery. I said at my first appointment, to my team midwife "i think between your skills and my uterus, this baby is perfectly safe to be born in my home". How could she argue?


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    Oct 2004
    In my Zombie proof fortress.

    For maternity clothes try looking online, there is one called Cosmic Clothing that stocks larger sizes. I did buy a couple of pieces, they were fine to wear, but not my favourites. I did find it helped to spend some extra money on a couple of nice pieces that I wore to death. It made me feel good to wear a couple of nice things and did receive some great compliments

    If you are looking at sewing you own clothes and are buying commercial patterns remember not to go by the sizing on the packet, go by the measurements. For some reason the commercial sizes seem so much smaller.

    Another thing is to find a local seamstress. Some can copy existing clothing, so if you find a piece that you really like you can have more made in different materials.

    Don't forget the belly belt, it really helped me for a few months so I did not have to rush out and buy pants/skirts straight away, just a couple of longer tops.


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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    I was big to begin with when I got pregnant and didn't really put much on which was good, so basically all I did in regards to maternity clothes was just by 1 or 2 sizes up in regular clothes. This was perfect as I didn't have the added cost of it being "maternity" and the problem of getting the size I needed.

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    Melinda Guest

    I actually didn't have any problems finding maternity clothes. I guess at 86kg, I was on the smaller side of large?! But yeah, no problems there for me.

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    tiggy Guest

    Boy do I hear where you are coming from on the clothes front! I am preggie with twins too and large and I have reverted to going up in size at 1626, which is expensive but at least I don't feel so disgusting!

    What I have found with 1626 is that if you go in on a regular basis, you will find some great bargains! Yesterday, I went in and found some lovely cheesecloth tops on sale for $19.95! Three weeks ago, they were new stock and were $39.95! I bought three of them. Just keep checking.

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    Lee33 Guest

    I think it is wonderful that you are having a homebirth! I have done a little reading, and having as natural a birth as possible is something I want. I have read a book by Ina May Gaskin, I love her way of thinking! Unfortunately, hubby and I have different views on how we would like to birth our baby, and hubby is very keen on having a hospital birth. We have chosen the Womens and Childrens Hospital in Adelaide, as it is the hospital eqipped to deal with any medical emergency (if we were at any other hospital and we needed emergency care for the baby, the WCH is where we would be transferred to anyhow), and yet it also has a midwifery practice, so I think it offers the best of both worlds, to keep me and hubby happy

    I will still be doing as much reading as I can to keep learning about what my options are in childbirth, and to help me develop a 'birth plan'.

    I admire you for choosing a homebirth, and I look forward to hearing more about your plans!

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    Lee33 Guest

    I had a checkup this week, and everythings going well
    Blood pressure excellent! Urine test was fine. My heart is great. I have even managed to somehow lose 1.5 kgs since getting pregnant! I am sure it is because I am eating so much better now. My Dr wants me to keep my weight gain to around 7kg the entire pregnancy.
    Fingers crossed!
    My Dr told me that my uterus will start to move above my pubic bone in the next couple of weeks, and that by the end of the month I will have a fuller belly. WOO HOO. I may even start to look pregnant, lol.

    Hope everyone else is doing well

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Well done Lee,
    Glad everything went well. Excellent blood pressure.
    Don't focus too much on the weight increase number as sometimes it can be fluid and there is nothing much you can do about it.
    Looking preggers is so fun, although I think I looked pregnant for about 6 weeks the rest I looked fluffy..lol

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    Aug 2003
    Redcliffe Peninsula (Brisbane)

    Well Done Lee!!

    I gained a little over 2 kgs in fluid on top of my sons birthweight and lost it all within days of giving birth. Sadly I didnt lose any more!!
    My girlfriend told me the other day she lost 17kgs in pregnancy! (the only time in her life she has managed to do this) and she is a larger girl! I wish!
    Dont worry too much about it! Just stay healthy and dont stress over it. You can work on all "that stuff" after you give birth to your healthy little bubs!

    Keep up the good work!

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    paradise lost Guest

    Hi ladies,

    Well i am a little mad about my midwife this week. She was a woman i'd never met before. She gave me the standard lecture on the dangers of homebirth, i nodded but ignored her as usual! LOL! THen my blood pressure was up - i mean it is fine but it is high. Like it was 143/84 when i was booked so they just call that "high essential blood pressure" as at 11 weeks the bubs shouldnt be affecting it yet. Well i was at the hospital for my booking-in and i felt stressed and thought it was white-coat hypertension. Well this time, at 18 weeks, in my GP practice it was 1-something/88. Now if the lower number goes over 90 that counts as high BP, but in pregnancy the doctors give you 15 points above your booking rate (so 84 + 15 = 99) before it counts as "high". BUt it does mean if i go above 90 i might have to have my check-ups at the hospital which will mean more (unpaid!) time off work, and more stress. I have gained no weight, my baby is moving, i have NO headaches or blurry vision, and my urine is fine, so there is nothing to worry about but she wrote it all carefully on the chart. Despite that when she weighed me and i was 2.5kg LIGHTER than book-in, she didn't think that worth writing in! GRRRRRRRRR!

    Lee, my DP was also a little dubious about homebirth at first so i made him read "birth your way" by Sheila Kitzinger, which goes into details about what to expect at hospital, at a homebirth and at a birthing centre. After that he came round a little but did say "do you think you can handle a homebirth?" and i just said "I am having this baby the way i want to, and the day you feel the contractions and have your lower regions ripped open shoving a persons head out of you is the day you can tell me what i can and cannot handle." He laughed at me and said he took my point and now is 100% supportive. I feel that while the baby is inside of me, the choices on what to do and how are mine. It is my diet that has changed, my body which is being taken over, my hormones running riot. DP can moan about my skills once i get the baby out, but before then he just has to trust in his choice for the mother of his child ad let me be. But i realise this wouldn;t work for every couple. I can be very headstrong, and any attempt to control me makes this much worse LOL!

    I'm still in my jeans but they are annoying in that if i pull them up over the bump they stretch out and fall down, and if i don;t they fall down anyway! My maternity trousers are cool but make me look MUCH more pregnant so i only wear them when my jeans are out of action. I might get some maternity jeans soon. Long Tall Sally seem to be the way to go as their mat trousers are nice. My only dilemma is which size to get. I got 18 mat trousers and they seem bigger every time i put them on (except over bubs!) but i'm worried if i get the 16 i will suddenly pile the weight on and they won't fit... The most annoying thing is that i need to order them so i can;t try them on until AFTER i buy them and have them delivered. What do i do ladies?


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    Lee33 Guest

    I have never ordered clothes without being able to try them on! I dont have any advice for you there..... except to say Good Luck!
    Sounds like your pregnancy is going well!
    I plan to do more reading on labour/birth, I want to have as much information as possible, so I will be able to make informed decisions, rather than have a doctor make them for me! I have read one Sheila Kitzinger book, cant remember which one, it was an old one? I will look out for the title you mentioned - thankyou.

    I am still in my regular clothes, have only noticed a slight tightening of my jeans around my waist, but definately not showing yet - at least not baby tummy anyway LOL.
    The past couple of days have noticed some changes going on in my nipples! Some dry crusty skin !?!? and they have become much darker in 2 days! Also they seem to be erect alot more of their own accord, lol. Am assuming this is normal??

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2005

    Hi guys,

    It's a relief to see I'm not the only one I am already worried about being able to find maternity clothes. I know people have suggested target, but don't theirs stop at 18? Not big enough I am afraid! I will probably have to buy stuff online I guess.

    I am not all that worried about anything else. I am fit, eat well and generally healthy. I know I am at high risk of gestational diabetes, but that's because I have insulin resistance. My blood pressure tends to be on the low side if anything :evil:

    It will be interesting to see what my OB says when we meet for the first time tomorrow. I'm not gonna take any crap from him so for his sake I hope he's open minded


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    mysterygirl Guest

    hi girls - well i managed to loose about 10kg before falling pg this time - last week weighed in at 98kg so thats good - but my Dr is keeping a close eye on my weight and doesn't want me gaining much at all - and i have fortnightly insulin checks - i am trying to eat good and stick to a low GI diet - the hardest thing is staying away form energy drinks ect because mostly of the caffiene - but yeah am trying and feel good to be able to talk with others...

    I am hoping to be able to get away with my "fat" clothes for a wee while rather than try to get maternity wear...

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I can't believe I've only just seen this thread.
    I am a "big mumma" too (well over 100kgs).
    When I was preggo with Gabby, I didn't put on a great deal of weight (about 10kgs) but it definitely caught up with me afterwards! Anyone that tells you that BFing causes the weight to drop off is telling huge fibs!
    Anyway, I too found it difficult to buy maternity clothes.
    Kmart and Target had a very crap selection and it drove me nuts with the Small, Medium and Large sizing. What the hell is that about?? Because the Large sizes would have barely been a size 16! What about women sized 18 and over?
    I had a few tops and dresses that I just loved while I was pregnant that weren't actually maternity clothes. They were just a lovely stretch fabric (with a generous amount so it didn't cling!). Big W have got some nice larger sized clothes that could pass as maternity clothes.
    I found shirts to be helpful too (esp. for work when I had to look at least a little professional ).
    Bonds make those roll-over tracksuit pants. When they are not rolled-over at the top, they make reeeeallly comfy maternity pants.
    I also got a lot of clothes from ebay. I know some people are a little uncomfortable with second-hand clothes but all the clothes I won off ebay came to me in really good condition - most had hardly been worn!
    It's a way of getting some different brands for much cheaper than the shops.

    As far as feeling and looking "pregnant", I probably didn't feel good about it until the 3rd trimester when it was really obvious (and my belly had firmed-up). When people touched my belly earlier, the look on their face seemed confused because they mostly felt soft, squishy flab and not the firm preggy-belly they were expecting.

    Thankfully I didn't come across any nasty doctors or midwives throughout my pregnancy. I had heard of stories of hospitals refusing women because they were over 100kgs and of doctors and nurses saying nasty things about stretch marks so I was a little wary. But, uno, it was rarely mentioned. The only time I can think of where something was said to me, it wasn't that bad. The doctor that ended up delivering my baby mentioned that I would need to exercise more and eat healthier once the baby is born so that I could lose weight. She said "Maybe it will also help you to conceive easier next time around". I didn't tell her that our fertility problems were due to a low sperm count and my weight had nothing to do with it! I was a little ticked off but I figured she could have gone about it in a much nastier way so I got over it!

    I'm hoping to be lighter next time around (which won't be for a couple of years yet so there's plenty of time). The main reason is because I had high BP issues towards the end of the pregnancy. I never had any fluid retention and, for the most part, I had a pretty good pregnancy but I would prefer to not have the hypertension issues next time around (if I can help it). At least if I was smaller, they might not be so quick to induce me "just in case" something bad happened....

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