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    Hey girls,
    I recently had a daughter back in December 07.
    My period returned on Jan 17 then sometime again in mid Feb and I havent seen it since.
    I had a bloodtest a littleover 2 weeks ago and it came up Negative for pregnancy.
    My DR told me I would get my period within the next week and it still hasnt come.
    My partner and I have had unprotected sex a few times after the bloodtest, so I was wondering if I could of gotten pregnant around or after the bloodtest was taken? and it just hasnt showen up yet?
    Thanks alot.

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    Hmmm, maybe get your partner to pick up a home test on the way back from work tonight?

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    I agree with Lulu2 i would get DP to pick up a HPT on his way home just to make sure because who knows what might have happened

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