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Thread: No PG symptoms before +HPT

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    Default No PG symptoms before +HPT

    I was just wondering how many of you got a +ve HPT as one of the first signs of your pregnancy?
    I Hear about people having symptoms from anything from 4-9DPO (some sooner some later). I have had mild abdo cramping (nothing like my last PG, when they were quite strong, I was needing to pace, use heat packs) and sore BB, but I could have been anywhere between 5-9 weeks when I found out (I suspect I was about 7 weeks). I also have mildly tender BB (very sore last time) and itchy nipples. I had a sore throat last week, which went. I seem to be peeing more frequently, but I'm also trying to drink more water ( Also simlar to last PG, where I want on a health kick and began drinking more)
    I keep having high moments hoping and wishing I am PG, then having low moments, when I think I'm not PG. I have done some HPT which have been -ve, but none FMU and probably done too early. I also stopped temping as I usually temps start to fall from 11DPO (which they have as I caved and temped for a few days). I'm hoping if I don't watch they will stay up.

    Anyway, I'm grasping at straws. Just think I will feel realy down if AF comes in the next day or 2. I plan to test on Wed or Thurs if AF does not sow in mean time. Icould also take temp tmrw morning if it is below 36.5 AF will be on way, then I won't bother wasting a test.

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    I didn't really have any symptoms before this +ve... I had some cramping which I though was AF, and some funny things at 1-2DPO (most likely in my head ) but nothing more. But I did test at 10DPO, and had I waited until 14DPO or later I would definately known something was up as I had a few spews (lol sorry!) SORE bbs, and was asleep by 8.30pm most nights, all before 14dpo.

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    Some people dont get anything, with DD I didnt get any till I was 6ish weeks but this time round I had nausea from 4 DPO. Good luck!

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    I didn't have any symptoms and was in denial that there was a second line!!
    Good luck testing

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    leasha - wow I am so happy for you! Finally success for you both. Wishing you all the very best darl for your pg.

    I aint far behind you hehe

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    I was just thinking if AF was say a week late and I tested -ve I would go and get a blood test. Just wondering for those of you that didn't have any symtoms for ages and kept testing -ve, did you still get a visit from AF ?

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