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Thread: When do dopplers pick up a heartbeat?

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    Default When do dopplers pick up a heartbeat?

    Hey guys

    I have totally forgotten this, and can't be bothered looking for my monitor's does anyone know when a doppler is able to pick up bubs HR? Is it at about 12 weeks??

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    Hi Lee
    You can pick it up at 12 weeks but it can be very difficult to find.

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    I found it myself at 11w with my first one and 12w with my second one...but both times it involved a helluva lot of patience and took a while. I remember with DS it took me well over 20 minutes of trying on and off to pin him down

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    Right, thanks guys.

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    Hi - also depends on where placenta is - mine is anterior again and GP doppler didn't pick it up at 15 wks, yet midwifes (more high tech!) picked it up at 16 wks.

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    Hey sweets, just wanted to let you know that I had my midwife check up the other day and I was 17 weeks and I wanted to hear the heartbeat and she said she may not be able to get it on the doppler and not to stress, so wanted to let you know that it can be hard to pick it up - even for midwives!! Good luck with it though!!

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    I also got told it can vary depending on where the placenta is and also bubs position. I had an anterior placenta and the midwives were unable to find a heartbeat with a doppler until 28 weeks, and that was even trying several different dopplers each time. Never saw a doctor at all for my pregnancy, but I'm guesssing if the midwives couldnt find it, a doctor probably wouldnt have found it either.

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    yep all of u are right. Depends on many things. My midwife said we arnt going to use the doppler till after 20-22 weeks so that i dont freak out lol

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