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Thread: Will I be treated any different?

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    you should be ok with bub 4, i have 5 and number 6 on the way and wasn't concidered high risk till this one, i had 5 under 29 but am 36 this time round so that has something to do with it,i get treated like a freak show up here the doctors almost fall off there chairs but the midwives are great they keep telling me that as i had uncomplicated pergnancies and deliveries the chances are the same this time and as for the age thing most mums now days are starting at my age not finishing(well maybe lol).

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    You'll be at more risk for prolapse now Fiona :P. You might be getting a special visit from the hospital physio afterward and you might like to go to their postnatal workshops too. Especially if you have a bub over 4kg too.

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    All this talk of large families makes me all maternal - yet again!! FJ, good luck, I had a large PPH with my 3rd, so I spose if I was to go for no.4 it would be high risk. But since you have had no dramas previously you should be fine!! Now, off to tak to DH about that no. 4 hehe!!

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