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thread: Pregnancy after Long Term TTC #2 - 2009

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    Hi all mums to be,
    I am hoping to join your thread, I just got my BT confirming pregnancy today. I am so excited I'm beside myself. Of course so anxious too about getting through the next 3 months safely.
    I'm looking forward to reading all your words of wisdom!

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    HI ladies

    just popping in to say hi and that yes, i did finally POP last week!! long time coming, and a verrrrrrrrrry long lead up, but our beautiful Emerald Nevaeh Rose was worth every minute of it (esp now i can't so much remember the pain!

    basic long story short - Ob appt on tuesday showed high bp and protein in pee - quick scan and while i was dressing, the Ob was ringing the mat ward to get me in that night or next morning - no beds that night, so next morning it was - went into a tail spin, but knew DH was on his way home. went to mum's for dinner, and around half four got a call asking me to be there that night, they wanted to start induction asap with gels - the plan being to take it easy due to my heart issues. so mum took me to hospy couple of hours later. gels tuesday night and 10minutely contrax started within half hour - but it was all prelabour kinda stuff - ouchies but not unbearable - just nothing to sleep through! DH got there about midnight to see me and make sure i was ok - sent him home about one, took some panadol and sleeping tabs and managed to get about 3 hours of sleep broken every half hour by a more ouchie pain and a need to pee

    wednesday morning, VE showed little progress, so rather than full induction with drip, i was given another dose of gels and the pre-labour contractions continued. full induction with drip started thurs morning, no real progress until waters broken about 3 that arvo, 7 cm dialation within two hours (ouch!!!!) and then it just stopped - still getting contractions but not as regular and not as strong. ended up with epi about 7pm, VE at 9pm showed less than a cm progress in 4hours. VE at 1am showed no further progress, me with fever and starting to show signs of distress (my heart rate went higher than bubbas) - by 3am i was so over it, so exhausted and so sick, that i just demanded a c/s for the safety of baby and me. the Ob's tried to talk me out of it until another VE showed that i still hadnt made progress.

    Emerald Nevaeh Rose born by c/sect at 4.48am Friday 29 May - she's just perfect - but i think i'm biased a little!

    will post a link to full Birth Story when it's done - will still be dropping in to check up on you all - just not so often - all the best to you all!!


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