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Thread: Pregnancy after LT TTC #13

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    Default Its finally happened!

    Hi ladies

    Some of you may remember me from other threads, I have been a little MIA of late. My ICSI cycle was in March and we had to do a freeze all as I got 23 eggs. I have just got the BT results from my FET and its a I'm so shocked that it has finally worked, but so happy.

    So I thought I might join in if I could? My due date atm is 7 May 11 (my mum's birthday).

    Marie, hope this helps you

    Age of mother at time of conception: 29
    How many fresh or frozen cycles did it take? one frozen cycle (no fresh - IVF was a freeze-all)
    How many cells was the embryo at the time of transfer? can't remember but 5d blastie and embryologist said it was doing all the right things after thawing
    What was the problem (unexplained, endo etc) me - PCOS, him - ASA
    Did you use natural alternatives such as acupuncture as well ivf? had all good intentions to, but no
    Did you experience any pregnancy symptoms during the tww? Is so, how soon did you feel them? only sensitive nipples which I put down to the meds, I was also feeling crampy for several days prior to the BT which made me think it hadn't worked and AF was on the way. Apparently its the uterus strecthing?
    How many eggs did you get at retrieval and how many fertilised? 23 eggs, I think 17 fertilised initially and then we got 8 blasties to freeze, some were 5day and some 6day, I think we have three "quality types" - normal fertilisation - 5d, normal fertilisation 6d and slow fertilisation 6d
    How many embryos did you get to freeze? 8

    I hope that helps!

    I just thought I would introduce myself to rhose of you who don't know me and I look forward to being in a pregnancy thread!

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    Welcome mellybelly! So happy to see a newbie

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    Actually i think i'll post this here, i find it interesting to get to read each others experiences.

    Age of mother at time of conception: 29
    How many fresh or frozen cycles did it take? 3 fresh PGD IVF stim cycles, 1st- no transfer. 2nd bio chem pg. 3rd BFP
    How many cells was the embryo at the time of transfer? blastie
    What was the problem (unexplained, endo etc) hubby
    Did you use natural alternatives such as acupuncture as well ivf? no, not available where i live
    Did you experience any pregnancy symptoms during the tww? Is so, how soon did you feel them? in 2nd week, sore boobs and nips and i was very crampy. I thought it was AF coming but then the giveaway was my boobs got veiny toward the end
    How many eggs did you get at retrieval and how many fertilised? 15 eggs, 13 fert.
    How many embryos did you get to freeze? 5 blasties, 1 was damaged by the scientist after PGD testing

    My experience is a little different having had PGD IVF, it can take longer due to embryo loss.
    I'd like to say also that everyone i know 'personally' that has had ivf have fallen first time

    Good luck Marie

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    Congratulations MellyBelly! Great news.

    Renee, sorry to hear about your grandpa. Exciting about bubs kicking!

    MaggiePie, yes, I guess a four-year old probably might not keep a secret too well eh? Though I'm 33 and I can't really either! Not much changes. Looking forward to hearing about the big reveal.

    Lise, it does sound amazing, how time can fly once the little one arrives. It feels like an eternity for me (just waiting to feel a kick or something, or to show - though I should try to be more patient). Finn, that's a lovely name. I have friends with a little boy called Finn (and they're expecting another soon).

    Marie, I'm just wishing you all the best of luck. You can see from my sig what my story is pretty much. And it's probably not really what you want to read right now. I mean, when I was doing IUI/IVF cycles, I just wanted the specific success story which would most closely match me, ie IVF success. I know one couple who fell first round of IVF though and one who fell on about 5th round, and one who is still going after many years. But YOU are YOU. You're different. Best of luck for right now!!! Btw I think acupuncture with a well-regarded practitioner is definitely a good idea, plus (bc of my experience) I think a laparoscopy is a good idea if you're "unexplained" and your partner's tests are normal, because endo can have no symptoms or only minor and I reckon it does affect fertility (and endo can only properly be assessed with a lap).

    AFM, working at computer on Uni assignments, but getting distracted! All I can think about is feeling the baby (which I haven't yet). I don't know what came over me. I know it can be 20 or 22 or even 24 weeks before I feel a thing. Patience is a virtue, I guess .. not possessed by me!

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    Hi Guys
    Hope you dont mind me jumping in on your thread!!!! I usually hang out in the LTTC with Clomid/Metformin thread but I wanted to ask a question....

    Did any of you get a BFN close to or even after your AF due date that turned out to be a false negative????

    The reason I ask is I am CD34, 13 DPO (approx) on my first cycle of clomid (100mg). I know I ovulated (bad pains, positive OPKs for three days), I had two mature follicles on my right ovary (according to scan)....I first felt some cramping and twinges a week ago. For the past three days the cramping has increased. I have been feeling a little queasy at times (but I am prepared to put that down to pregancy hypochondria!!). Tired but not especially. Boobs sore, but not especially. Have done three HPT in the last week (the last one half an hour or so ago) All BFNs. Wondering if I may still be pregnant?????

    Not exactly sure when AF is due. I have PCOS, adenomyosis and endometriosis and my cycle is usually about 45 days or so. I dont know how this will change with clomid given this is my first cycle.

    Any thoughts would be most welcome!



    PS CONGRATS to you all on your long awaited BFPs!!!! I hope to join you soon!!!
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    You ladies are so lovely! Thank you so much for sharing your personal information with me. I'm positive that I'm going to have a baby one day. It might not be this cycle but I'm not going to stop until it does happen.

    Thanks again and congratulations for finally making it. I got really excited snooping through all your conversations from the thread. How amazing it must feel for it to be actually happening (having a baby growing inside you). I hope the rest of your pregnancies go smoothly. I believe that all of us LTTTC's have a lot of strength built up in us from years of stress and let downs, that child birth is just one more little hurdle.

    Your babies are so incredibly lucky to have parents that have fought right to the end to bring them into this world. They are going to know every second of every day, just how much you love them. I guess dreams and miracles do come true...

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    Aaargh, just lost my post! Hate it when that happens! Grrr.

    MellyBelly - congrats and welcome to the thread!

    Lise - great to hear from you and that all is going well. Glad to hear that time starts going more quickly, its still dragging for me!

    Worrywart - do you know where your placenta has attached? If its at the back, you might feel it a bit earlier than 20 weeks. FX you feel it sooner rather than later, it is a lovely sensation!

    MaggiePie - hope you're feeling better soon

    Renee - sorry to hear that your grandpa hasn't improved, and that work is stressful. Hopefully you can grab a bit of time for yourself to recharge. So exciting that your DH got to feel the bub kick!

    Lairdoz - god, the situation at DH's work sounds unbearable, for both of you. DH is right, you concentrate on bub if you can (easier said than done, I'm sure). Thinking of you, sending calming vibes your way!

    Marie502 - here's my answers:

    Age of mother at time of conception: 36
    How many fresh or frozen cycles did it take? 1 (luckily!)
    How many cells was the embryo at the time of transfer? 5 day blasty = heaps
    What was the problem (unexplained, endo etc) PCOS, endo, ANA
    Did you use natural alternatives such as acupuncture as well ivf? acupuncture before/after transfer, chinese herbs
    Did you experience any pregnancy symptoms during the tww? Is so, how soon did you feel them? Hardly any - sore BBs as usual from the drugs, strong AF cramping (convinced it was all over!)
    How many eggs did you get at retrieval and how many fertilised? 36 retrieved, 24 fertilised (all ICSI)
    How many embryos did you get to freeze? 6 (5 x 5 day, 1 x 6 day)

    Hope it helps? Like others have said, everyone is different. Keep your positive attitude, its fantastic and will help you through! Best of luck.

    Nothing2lose - sorry can't help you, hope everything works out and you get a BFP!

    Hi to everyone I've missed and to all.

    AFM - nothing much to report, DH has been an absolute darling and entertained my great aunts all day! Bless him. I'm driving him nuts, still trying to get him feel a good solid kick, after the half-hearted one he felt the other day. Must calm down and remember that soon, the kicks will be (uncomfortably) detectable!

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    Hi everyone,

    Hope everyone had a great weekend!

    Nothing2lose - on the preg test thing, I have always used the tests that say 'test 7-10 after conception' however I have NEVER had a BPF before 3-4 days after AF is due ie day 17-18 (we are talking all three pregnancies here). My first preg I think I was a week overdue before I tested positive, even though I felt I could be preg. And I have charted for all my pregnancies so know exactly when I ovulate. And this is with early morning urine and everything. I know friends who have similar stories. I guess some people build up the hormones quicker than others. So I really hope for you that this is the case and you get a BFP soon, and join us in here!

    Welcome MellyBelly and congratulations! Here's to a smooth ride for you and bub!

    Worrywart - I think that 16 weeks would be pretty early to feel a kick for a first bub. Mine was about 18 weeks with my first, then about 16 with the second. Don't worry about it and soon enough you will be getting woken up by a kick in the rib or bladder at 3am!

    Leabie - thanks am feeling alot better.

    Well we have told some of the family. Our DD was so cute, we put her on the phone to the MIL and she said 'I have exciting news, mummy is having a baby'. Then she answered some questions and put the DH on the phone. Didn't get much of a reaction from the MIL, he was off the phone about a minute later! She has always said we are silly for wanting another baby as two is enough and we will be too busy etc etc. I think she is just talking from her own experience but she is quite opinionated about things so doesn't surprise me there wasn't much of a positive reaction. His brother rang today though so she must have gotten on the phone to the others. Then we had my parents over for dinner last night. DD and DS both ran to the door to greet them. DD was so excited she could hardly speak, but eventually got it out. Mum was excited. Dad just said 'I told you so I knew she was pregnant' - he seems to be good at picking when people are it's weird. Also rang sister today (who is due in Jan) and she was excited too! So now just brother to tell then the world... although DD has started telling everyone she sees so will be interesting if brother doesn't already know by wednesday when I see him. Really glad we let DD tell everyone as she feels very special now and involved and important.

    Have a great week everyone. Am going to have cornflakes even though it's night time

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    Hi all

    Mellybelly - Congrats and welcome! Hope you have a very happy and healthy nine months.

    Maggie - Don't you just love MIL's. Due to is living away from both sets of parents we alternate x'mas every year between the two families. This yr is meant to be with DH's family in Dubbo (the hottest place on earth in summer) and since bub is due 28th we naturally won't be going. You would think MIL would have just assumed that would be the case but she seemed most upset the other day when DH had to actually say we wouldn't be there! We have lived in Newcastle now for nearly 5 yrs and not once have they been over to visit, god only knows what will happen when bub is born.

    lise - Hi Glad everything is going well, can't believe it has been 7 weeks!!!!

    Leabie - It took 22 wks for my DH to feel bub kick (my placenta is at the front) it will happen, and your right then you will want it to stop!!!

    Worrywort - I was nearly 21 wks before i felt bub. My placenta is at the front (which they will tell you at 20 wk scan) so it can be awhile if that is the case. It will happen!

    and to everyone else.

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts. My grandad is slowly improving but i think it will just be a matter of time now. Glad i got to see him when i did. DH has not had his hands off my stomach since he felt the kick. He asks every half hour if it is moving, LOL! He tells everyone he can, so cute! I have spent all weekend painting and am now paying for it with the sorest back! I just can't sit still ATM and feel like i need to be cleaning or fixing something. Weird!!!

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    Renee, how gorgeous your DH feeling the first kick and then asking every half hour if bub is kicking! Not very understanding of your MIL re expecting you to travel to Dubbo to see her in the circumstances, esp when she hasn't travelled to see you guys the entire time you've lived in Newcastle!

    Mellylbelly, welcome and congratulations.

    Marie, GL with IVF. Here are my answers to your questions:

    Age of mother at time of conception: 37
    How many fresh or frozen cycles did it take? Five. Was successful on a frozen cycle.
    How many cells was the embryo at the time of transfer? Two thawed at day 3, transferred at day 5. One was enlarged blastie and the other was a hatching blastie.
    What was the problem (unexplained, endo etc) Hubby had sperm issues post a vasectomy reversal and I was unexplained but likely hormonal imbalance as the first time we had oestrogen prescribed it worked. Plus we tried clexane, baby aspirin and prednisone.
    Did you use natural alternatives such as acupuncture as well ivf? Yes - acupuncture and both hubby and I saw a naturopath, but for us we firmly believe it was the oestrogen that did the trick. We were no longer seeing the naturopath or acupuncturist on the cycle that worked.
    Did you experience any pregnancy symptoms during the tww? Is so, how soon did you feel them? The only symptom was cramping in my lower stomach - can't remember if lower left or lower right, but unlike period cramping and never felt this type of cramping before.
    How many eggs did you get at retrieval and how many fertilised? Ranged from 7 to 15 depending on the cycle.
    How many embryos did you get to freeze? We have six frozen embryos

    Maggie, poor from from your MIL I reckon.

    Worrywart, I think I first felt bubbles/quickening around the 19-week mark and first gentle kicks at around 20 weeks. It is amazing and don't worry you will feel it. I love the kicks my twins give me, though I am not satisfied because Twin 1 kicks all the time and Twin 2 is much more reserved, so I start to worry if she is okay ... and then sure enough I'll eventually get a kick or some movement from her, letting me know she's just fine.

    Nothing2lose, sorry never had a false negative so can't help/comment with that.

    Hi to Lise. Amazing how quickly time flies, hey? It feels like just the other week you were in this thread and yet Finn is now 7 weeks old!

    Leabie, don't worry, soon both you and DH will be feeling heaps of kicks. I love my kicks; it is when I feel most connected to my babies. I have started singing nursery rhymes to them, and I talk to them and encourage them to kick - and they mostly hit my hand like it's a bull's eye every time. Well, Twin 1 does most of the time hee hee. The kicks are getting stronger and sometimes feel like they're pulling my skin up with their kicks. I can see them move too now. Love it!

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    MellyBelly - welcome, and here's hoping you have a happy and healthy 9 mths.

    Marie - my answers: (also my best mate in Melbourne got a BFP on her first round IVF/ICSI - PCOS issue diagnosed during IVF process and DH has very low motility)

    Age of mother at time of conception: 32
    How many fresh or frozen cycles did it take? 1 x fresh
    How many cells was the embryo at the time of transfer? Blastocyst Day 5 transfer
    What was the problem (unexplained, endo etc)? Endo discovered during laparoscopy/hysteroscopy and removed, fibroid also discovered and removed (had no symptoms of the endo or fibroid), regarding DH's sperm it was slightly on the low side and ICSI was decided on the day of pick up.
    Did you use natural alternatives such as acupuncture as well ivf? acupuncture in the weeks leading up to it all, as well as thru to week 13 of pregnancy.
    Did you experience any pregnancy symptoms during the tww? Is so, how soon did you feel them? no pregnancy symptoms and zero morning sickness through pregnancy
    How many eggs did you get at retrieval and how many fertilised? About 15-20 from memory, and about 12 fertilised but dwindled down to about 5 decent ones.
    How many embryos did you get to freeze? 3

    Good luck with your TWW

    Renee - fantastic that DH managed to feel bubs kick, it makes it a bit more 'real' for them and I think a bit easier to share the emotions and excitement. What paint are you using? I'm letting DH paint the nursery all by himself.

    Worrywort - I was at 18 1/2 week when I absolutely knew without a doubt that it wasn't just a stomach gurgle or wind, it was my baby. The kicks have been so strong that at 21 weeks I was lying in the bathtub and my stomach moved! Now that is a regular occurance and I can sit at my desk at work and watch it, then I give it a bit of a poke back Brunette, I think it's so cool that you can tell your twins apart!

    I've got a big seat of headphones (they look like DJ ones) and at night I've been playing the baby 'Lovely Baby' music which is apparently good for it's development. Brunette, I'd sing nursery rhymes but I need to get up to speed with them it's been so long!! (plus I can't carry a tune so would only do that when DH isn't home)

    Okay, new episode of True Blood is nearly ready for me and DH to watch, must go!!

    Take care everyone, and massive belly rubs to you all.

    Oh, before I go, how rude are people on trains that sit on the seats for disabled, pregnant, elderly people??!! I had to try to squeeze my fat belly past 3 people sitting in a 4 person seat configuration to try to sit in the spare seat at the window yet the men in suits that were neither disabled, pregnant or elderly just watched!!!

    Chrissy xx

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    Chrissy, I think those days are gone... One of the train rides last week there was me and another pregnant lady (she was obviously pg, whereas I just look fat) both standing up while teenagers and obviously fit/healthy adults were in the seats... P*ssed me off, but didn't surprise me. I think it makes it all the more special when someone does offer their seat though.

    Marie - sorry for the delay. I couldn't easily copy/paste on my phone last week.

    Age of mother at time of conception: 34 (just - EPU was 4 days after my birthday)
    How many fresh or frozen cycles did it take? we did 5 x fresh and 1 x FET - this BFP was from our 5th fresh cycle
    How many cells was the embryo at the time of transfer? we transferred a 2-cell and a 4-cell - don't know which one worked
    What was the problem (unexplained, endo etc)? we were diagnosed as "unexplained" for the first four fresh cycles and the FET, but a lap in March this year (with a new FS) showed stage III endo; DH's s/a results were also borderline for the morphology, so our new FS chose to do ICSI this time (previously did natural fertilisation with similar fertilisation rates)
    Did you use natural alternatives such as acupuncture as well ivf? I started acupuncture in August last year - I stopped for a few months after IVF#4 but started going again after my lap in March; I'm currently going every 3 weeks (was every week for 1st tri)
    Did you experience any pregnancy symptoms during the tww? Is so, how soon did you feel them? I had some bloating late in the 2ww, I also found I was quite weepy towards the end (which was also the first sign I had for my first BFP); I thought I was out of the running though when I had (light) bleeding at 14 & 15dpo
    How many eggs did you get at retrieval and how many fertilised? we had 5 eggs this time, 4 fertilised but only 2 divided - we transferred those two on day 2
    How many embryos did you get to freeze? we currently have 1 frozen embryo from our cycle in May 2009 (IVF#3), we also had 2 frozen embryos from IVF#1 which we used for our FET (produced transferrable/freezable 3 embies both of those cycles) - we haven't had frozen embies from any other cycle (IVF#2 and IVF#5 we only had 2 usable embies, both of which were transferred fresh, and IVF#4 we had nothing to transfer, let alone freeze), which is why we've done so many fresh cycles

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    Hi girls
    have been checking in every day,but haven't had chance to post as worked Fri/Sat/Sun then slept when home and then scrolling up and down makes me feel more nauseaus!

    welcome mellybelly!! congratulations!! My mum's b'day is 9th May, and never a sweeter personality could you find.
    worrywort - I too have no patience....that's something I found very very very hard to deal with on the whole IVF journey.

    ntl - sorry have never had a false positive or false negative. Good luck though and hope to see you here soon.

    maggiepie - it's a shame your MIL gave you that response, as my dh said when I read it to him, 'charming!' cute for your wee ones to feel included though.

    Brunette - it's so cool for you to be able to tell which twin is which and that they respond to well to touch. I can't wait for that.

    afme - almost 10 weeks and still shattered and nauseaus. Had a moment of feeling sorry for myself - just want to feel 'normal', but then i think of why and it makes it bearable again. I am loving fruit salad that DH prepared the last 2 nights. yum yum yum. He thinks it's funny cos I have to vet everything with my nose before it goes in bowl. the only thing that was no was passionfruit - slightl turned, and tinned mango - texture.
    but strawberry, pineapple, apple, watermelon, orange, cherries. yeh!
    also liking bagels with philly spread on them. oh and hot chocolate sits nicely. on my week off work now - thank goodness, and seeing my friend who's bringing her 2 dogs over for a play date with mine and her 6 month old twins.

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    Hi all, I think posts from 30 August have been deleted ... Has anyone else found this?

    With placenta brain I can't remember when I last posted and if I posted anything after 30 August which has now been deleted ...

    Oh well, how is everyone? I'm getting kicked as I type this and the kicks are starting to get uncomfortable. Over the last few days the swelling has also hit my fingers which is quite uncomfortable as I get tingling throughout the day and also at night which feels like a dead arm and forces me to wake up and roll over. Aaaagh the joys of being UTD

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    Hi Ladies! Welcome back, we have lost 2 weeks of info and data and everything! I lost my cool new avvy
    Oh well how is everyone, i had my 12 week scan yesterday it was awesome!!!

    Brunette i imagine getting kicked by 2 is a bit different than just one! Tell them to calm down! LOL

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    Jaki, the 12-week scan is brilliant, isn't it? Hard to believe that in just 12 weeks a baby is practically totally formed, when only eight weeks ago it started out as two cells! Yes, when the two kick together as they have been lately you really know about it. One is kicking under my ribs and the other is kicking down low. Ow!

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    Hi Everyone,

    How's everyone going?

    Jaki, great news about your scan! The 12 week scan is just brilliant. You can really see the whole picture.

    We had our scan yesterday and everything was looking good! It was such a treat to see the baby.

    We didn't find out boy/girl but I just think it's a girl. I mean, I think that's what I noticed on the scan, but I shouldn't have looked really ... My DH was adamant that we don't find out, but I suddenly couldn't help myself but try to figure it out. Also, I had a kind of strange experience, basically just an anxiety that I would have trouble being a good mum to a daughter. This is really hard to talk about (I've had a few tears last night). It's just because I've always struggled with my own mum and I've had 3 younger brothers, who I looked after quite a bit when they were little and I guess, I just can't imagine or see myself with a little girl. Plus, whenever I play with friends' little girls, I just feel nervous, like they're judging me or like they're not having any fun with me. But whenever I play with little boys, I just feel relaxed and unselfconscious. This is weird hey?

    I am horrified btw that I seem to have a "preference". I've always felt a lot of anger towards people (esp those who had it easy conceiving) who express that preference. Now I feel a lot of anger towards myself!

    Deep down, though, I'm really very happy and scared and excited. It seems a lot more real.

    Also, sorry for no other persies, I am confused and don't have a good enough memory right now given that all the messages are gone!!

    Take care ladies,

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    Brunette, I tried to reply to your post last night but something went wrong and I lost the site again... If you subscribe to BB's page on facebook there's an explanation of the problem and the missing data (short version - server died and hadn't been backed up for 2 weeks). Sorry to hear the twins are making you uncomfortable. I hope they're a bit nicer to you today.

    Jaki, congrats on the great 12wk scan!! Hopefully they've got a copy of you avvy on file somewhere (ie hopefully it wasn't only on the server).

    WW, great to hear the scan went well! Try not to be too hard on yourself for having a preference (however small). I have no doubt you'll love your little baby just the same no matter what sex it is! DH & I have wanted a girl for a long time, but we'd honestly have been just as happy with boy (now that I've found out we're having a girl I'm actually hoping if we're lucky enough to get #2 at some point that we will get a boy). It's more important to us that we have a healthy baby to take home. The only people who upset me are the ones who are so bitterly disappointed in the sex that they resent their child.

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