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    Question Dizziness

    Am I the only feeling a 'woozy' and dizzy like feeling lately?

    I seem to get it when i haven't eaten (and although previously I have been able to go without eating, now I can't).

    Just reading the question back to myself it does seem like a pretty dumb question - but even now I'm finding if I have eaten, I still feel a bit dizzy - i could just be sitting down and it feels like a 'rush' over me - and there comes the wooziness feeling again....

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    O how I remember this I had it with both my 1st and 3rd baby always at the shops so I would have to sit with my head in my legs until it pasted and more when I smelt uncooked meat. But it did seam to pass by about 33weeks I think. so i to hope it will pass for you its not nice but was normal for me but whenever you are worried about something then write it down and ask at your next appointment.

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    I commonly had dizzy spells during pg. Just make sure you are getting some rest and drinking enough.

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    Yeah, as MR said, drink plenty of fluids. I find I get a bit woozy if I'm dehydrated or haven't eaten.

    Have you had your glucose test for gestational diabetes yet? Not meaning to worry you, but that was one of the symptoms I had in my first preg and I found out I did have GD. I think you get the test at about 26 weeks...

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    I had diziness in the middle of my pg. It was just low bp and it disappeared after about 32 weeks.
    Does the diziness get worse when you stand up?

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    I had dizziness too hun. Was worse when I hadn't eaten or it was hot. Just try and remember to keep your fluids up and to keep eating and hopefully it should improve a little.

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    My dizziness was from having low blood pressure too. Mention it to you health carer though jic.

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    yeah i have had it too. doc said it was pretty normal. told me to try to have somehtign a bit sugary like if i am out shopping or something. i always seem to get it when shopping. and hot flushes

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    Yes, as others have said - keep your fluids up.

    Dizziness can occur with low blood pressure which can be made worse by getting a little dehydrated.

    Also eating small and often to even out blood sugar levels can help too.

    I was advised by a DR to keep sports drink with me when I went out if I needed to be hydrated quickly because my dizzy spells led to fainting and have I have a tendency to low blood pressure.


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    I was a bit dizzy and lightheaded during the second trimester too but it's settled now and disappeared. I only get that way if I'm standing for a long time now.

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    It's often due to low BP. I get it right the way through pregnancy because my BP is always at the low end. My low BP also causes severe headaches and nausea. It is an annoying symptom but I figure I'd rather put up with this than have high BP and pre-e.

    Definitely mention it to your care provider but I wouldn't be too concerned in the meantime. Like everyone says, eat and drink regularly and stand up slowly. Good luck!

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