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    I'm starting to get a sore back when I'm sleeping and want to get a body pillow. I am currently using a normal flat pillow which I slip under my belly and it helps a great deal but my back is getting sore from what I'm guessing is pelvic alignment.

    I bought a body pillow at bigW but when i got it out of the bag, there was no way in this lifetime I would be able to fit it under my belly for any support. It was higher than my husband would be lying in bed. I ended up taking it back so i'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations on where I can get a body pillow specifically for pregnancy. My friend said her's tapers in at the middle section for the belly and then back out again at the bottom but it was a gift so we don't know where it came from.

    Any suggestions?

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    Sorry i cant help but will be waiting to hear what others say as i also wanted a body pillow and got one from target but it is so long and high that it takes up so much bed space that dh compains he feels suffocated and i cant lie on it anyway so now it lies at bottom of bed.

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    Ok, I started a thread about pillows a little while ago, will see if I can find it for you.
    I already had a body pillow, which I got from target before pregnancy, and after searching for something else to use during pregnancy I ended up buying a second body pillow, this time it was from pillow talk. The one from pillow talk seems to be less bulky than the target one. I sleep with one on either side of me, so when I roll over during the night, I don't have to drag the one pillow with me.

    eta: ok here is the thread
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    Its been a little while since I saw them in a catalogue, but the pillow you're talking about that your friend was given sounds like the ones they have in Toys R Us - In the Babies R Us section

    They would still have them , I'm sure - the last time I saw it advertised was a few months ago!


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    I was going to suggest the same as Holly. I saw them in Toys r us only two weeks ago.

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    Hi there!

    In my last pregnancy, I used a boomerang pillow. They're not as big and bulky as the body pillows. It did the job for me! Plus you can buy them quite cheap from Big W.

    I hope this helps!


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    I have a pillow from Toys R Us - the leachco back n belly pillow. It goes right round me and is just divine - one of my best pregnancy investments, although it is expensive. The other pillow I have heard is very good, also by Leachco in toys R us is the Snoogle pillow - flexible to allow it curl right round you.

    Good luck!

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    My body pillow is an "Inspired Living" one. I got it from a baby shop here in Perth and it cost $80 including the pillow case. It's flexible and very comfy. DP has threatened to steal it for himself once bubs is here

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    I bought my body pillow from pillow talk for $20, and the protector for about $3 and the cover for $12... I love my body pillow, it sounds like it's a bit more squishier than the one you've talked about, because I can use it to support my belly, wrap my legs around it, bend it around so i can lay my head on it also...

    There was another one to choose from in the shop - it had a foam core, but was not as flexible, and it was very 'puffy' - it cost more.

    I want to buy another one to have one either side of me in bed, but DH complains that I take up too much room as it is!

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    I ordered a "belly bean" which is a small bean-filled pillow positioned at yoru front and at your back (for side lying), attached by material in the center. You can google "belly bean maternity pillow" to find the site. They are a bit on the expensive side though- $65, but they look very comfy and compact. I'm going to share mine with a friend who is 4 months' ahead of me (I'm only 4 months and dont' need it yet).
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    How's the hunt for a good body pillow going? I wish there was a Toys R Us store handy to me, so I could check out the Snoogle! It sounds great. I bought a body pillow from Target early on. It's short - about one and half pillow lengths? and it's slightly wedged shaped. It was about $25 and came with two pillowcases. I wasn't really happy with it though, as I was still getting back pain. Since then I've bought a longer one from Adairs which I'm enjoying snuggling into. It was about $25 and the pillow case for it nearly cost as much. I couldn't find any at Big W or KMart in Wagga or Griffith and I've only seen them the one time at Target in Griffith. There was one at a maternity place I went to but it was very expensive.

    Tonio, you're due the same time as me, I think. Would you like to come and join us in the Belly Buddies September 1-15 thread?

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    Kerry, (and ladies) If you google 'leachco' you might find something as well. I was sent a PM from another member after I started the original thread. I just had to go and check if I still had the PM in my messages


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    I'm intrigued by the Snoogle pillow. I was in Toys'r'us and saw it (on special) but couldn't seem to see any covers... plus was having an indecisive day, so didn't get it . I'm now wishing I had... but can anyone tell me if they normally do sell covers for it? Or does it come with one? Plus I wonder how easy it is to turn over with it? Do you "disentangle" then roll? or do you just roll with it IYKWIM!


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