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Thread: Sharp leg pains in bed...

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    Default Sharp leg pains in bed...

    Hi everyone
    For the last 2 weeks or so I have been getting very sharp pains in my legs when I go to bed. It feels like I am being bitten by a March Fly!!?? Very sharp and quick.
    It happens once every few minutes or so until I go to sleep, but it makes me jump around as I feel I am being bitten.
    I don;t have bed bugs!! It happens at night if I sleep on the couch or at my parents house too.
    Any ideas??

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    I'm not quite sure what your pain is exactly. I Sometimes get a similar sort of pain like i'm being bitten by a spider or sand flies.I put it down to sweat glands exploding(nothing dangerous, just a term that i use dont know medical definition), as i got it when it was real hot. Having a shower before bed got rid of it for me. Try that.
    I also get pains in my legs but they're more like cramps.
    Hope this helps.


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    this can be a sign of magnesium or calcium deficiency. are you taking a pg multivitamin?

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    I am taking Elevit. I'll ask the Ob on Thur and post her response - was not too bad last night so maybe it will fade away!!

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    It might be restless legs which is common in pregnancy - google it and you will see if your symptoms match.

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    I was recommended to take Magnesium tables from the Chemist, I noticed that helped a little. Try also to strech your legs before going to bed.

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    Thanks girls
    I asked my Ob about it and she had no idea. They have disappeared over the last few nights so I'm happy about that, but I now have restless leg in my left leg only.
    A nice ankle rub helps heaps though!

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