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Thread: Sleeping on my back

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    hi all!

    My OB told me if i didn't get dizzy when laying on my back, that i was more than welcome to sleep that way if i liked! I'm normally a side sleeper, so it doesn't bother me much... i do lay on my back occasionally when my hips get sore..!

    hope this helps...

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    hmmmm Haroula, my Ob told me it's not good to sleep on back but left side is's funny how they all tell you different things sometimes isn't it!

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    Hi, just an idea if you want to stop yourself rolling onto your back in your sleep - wear a big old t-shirt to bed and put a tennis ball on the inside back of your t-shirt, then hold it in place by tying the fabric around the ball with a rubber bad or hair tie on the outside. Hope this makes sense! I did it to stop myself sleeping on my stomach when I had back troubles - it alway woke me up if I rolled over in my sleep!

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    Good Thinking 99! (Kristin)
    Trouble is finding a T-shirt big enough when you are already popping out of all you have!

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