thread: Any suggestions for reducing swelling?

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    Any suggestions for reducing swelling?

    I am having a real issue with my feet and legs at the moment. They are so swollen my skin is pulling so tight I feel like I am about to rip open. The tops of my feet are actually numb!

    I am being monitored for preeclampsia but all other tests are coming back negative. I am going in for a c/section on Tuesday but am really struggling with this pain.

    Does anyone have any tips for reducing swelling? I have had my feet up for most of the afternoon and it has not made much of a difference.

    I know there is only 4 days to go, but it's AGONY!


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    I was going to sya see if you can get some compression socks as they help sometimes but seeing as you only have 4 days to go it's not really worth it. Have you tried a cold pack across the tops of your feet?

    I had PE with my DD and I put on around 16-20 kgs of fluid in a couple of weeks. I now have stretch marks on my ankles and feet from where they swelled so much. After you have had bubs the best way to get rid of it is to walk when you can, that's what I was told.

    All the best.

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    Hi Amanda Jane

    I was very puffy too but I only noticed when my ob pointed it out! So I don't have much advice for you except that in the hospital they told me to elevate my feet. I kinda forgot to do that but did it when I got home and promptly lost 9kgs overnight (this was five days after the birth so none of that was baby!). So it will go away but I know that's not much help to you right now. But make sure you do remember to put your feet up after the birth - it's easy to forget what with visitors coming in and out, feeding/cuddling and icepacking your girly bits.


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    Jodie259 Guest

    I swelled up like a watermelon with #1... and it was summer, and I couldn't keep off my feet.

    This time I thought I was doing quite well... very little swelling. But I felt my feet aching today and looked down at them - and they are HUGE !!!! I'm going in on the 26th - so 10 days away. Hubby said I should "put my feet up" - ha! Like that's an option at the moment! I have got soooo much to do in the next 10 days it's not funny.

    All I can suggest is :
    - feet up
    - massage
    - wrap them in cold, wet towels to reduce swelling.
    - sleep with your feet elevated on pillows, to let the blood flow away

    Won't be long now... they will start to go down fairly soon after you have baby... and as Tiffanny says - walk as much as you can after giving birth... that will help with circulation.

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    Thanks Ladies... Im going to head back to the lounge now and prop my feet up.. I'll try the cold, wet towels... that sounds like it would be a huge relief... I just need something to take the sting away... Jodie, I'm totally hearing you... being so close, there is so much to be done... and DD turns 9 next weekend, so we are having a party tomorrow for her (long story!!!)! The things us mothers do. We're missing you in the belly buddies group too... Pop in some time!

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    Jodie259 Guest

    awww... I should pop in.

    You wouldn't believe my life at the moment.

    We moved house about 5 weeks ago... and I am still living out of boxes (haven't even upacked my clothes!).

    I have been renovating (with my husband) and last week I was down on all fours tiling and grouting the 30metre kitchen!... which has now lead me to the physio as my shoulder is killing me.

    I sold my business - which was meant to settle 2 weeks ago - but that is still dragging on.

    My mother in law is coming over from Israel on Wednesday morning (6am)... and the house looks like a hurricane has swept through it.

    I was told by my accountant that I have to get my 3 months of bookwork to her by next Thursday. Having said that - most of my "office" is still in boxes!

    And my 18mo has recently cut FOUR molars !! Boy has that been fun - NOT!!! talk about sleepless nights. Right now it's 10pm, and he is still up because he refuses to go to sleep.

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    Sounds like you need an assistant or about 6 clones!!!

    I hope you're feeling better with your shoulder real soon!

    I used cold wet washers last night and lifted my feet as high as I could get them... the pain relief was great! I woke this morning with no swelling however it has started already...

    Thanks for your tips and if I don't see you in the Belly buddies group, I'm sure I'll see you in the November babies group!! YAY!! Not long now!!! Take care and as much as you can, take it easy!!!

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    Hi Amanda Jane. I know the others have had some great suggestions. I too also had really bad swelling, pretty much from the waist down ( I never knew you Hoo Haa could swell also! Sorry if TMI...). My legs were the same thickness all the way down to my toes, which were just little nobs on the end of my legs. My skin was also stretched so tight and they were shiny, I could almost see my reflection! I also got some additional stretch marks due to the fluid. In all, it amounted to about 15 kgs once bub had come out. Oh, I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia by the way, and they attributed the swelling to that.

    Nothing I tried reduced the swelling. I had lymphatic drainage, but to be honest, there was no way a light massage was going to able to get rid of my water filled legs. I couldn't even bend my knees to touch my feet myself, but my DH rubbed them from the toes towards my belly with peppermint lotion (cooling effect). This provided some relief from the pain, but didn't reduce the swelling.

    I had this really bad for about 7 weeks (induced at 37 weeks) so luckily it is almost over for you.

    Good luck hun, I totally know how it feels!

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    Jodie259 Guest

    Glad your ankles got some relief.... unfortunately they will probably swell up again throughout the day. So any chance you get - raise them up & wrap them up.

    Mmmm... I like the idea of clones!
    I can't really get people to help me - because there's so much stuff I have to do myself. Yep, clones would be the go.

    Will catch up with you all in November babies... say hi to the other girls for me...

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