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Thread: Clary sage oil used in massage PRIOR to it ok?

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    Default Clary sage oil used in massage PRIOR to it ok?

    Does anyone know if clary sage oil is ok to be used prior to labour when having a massage?

    I'm also having reflexology - mainly for relaxation and to help with a few tiny niggles - the reflexology practitioner thinks I won't go full term (I've got about 4 weeks to go).

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    I have heard that it is only used for labour and not before hand. Personally, I would stick to a sweet almond oil only and leave the essential oils out.
    No one can tell when baby will come- midwives, specialists, drs etc so take your reflexologists thoughts with a large dose of salt (not literally). I have been told all sorts of things for 5 weeks now and I am 41+1! There is no indication to let you know- not BHs, mucous plug, backache etc etc until it actually happens. Good luck though!

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    Clary sage is a contractant and should not be used by anyone pregnant unless they are in labour, and not at all (even in labour) if they have high blood pressure. If you want a massage which will be helpful for labour and suitable now both rose oil and geranium oil are good for relaxation and toning for the female reproductive system. I used them in massage for the last 3 weeks of my PG (DD was born at 41+4) and in my bath during labour.



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    Thanks...we're contemplating using it during labour but still have more investigation to do I think.

    My reflexologist doesn't use essential oils for the work she does on me but she does specialise in treating pregnant women. She came highly recommended.

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