thread: I wish they told me....

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    Nov 2003

    LOL i agree with the "that id want to kill DH" one!!

    take care

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    Aug 2004

    that you get hairier!

    my stomach and also the sides of my face has started to grow fluff, thank god it is only blonde or I would look like an ape!

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    Jan 2005
    Country NSW

    I wish some one had told me that growing baby's can make you sleep more than a new born baby itself lol.

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    Feb 2004

    I wish I had that problem Canniel, I just can't sleep anymore

    Something else I wish they told me.... I never knew I could possibly get this uncomfortable. I knew pregnancy is a strain on the body but OMG I never imagined it to be this bad. I just want to be comfortable again *waaaaaah*

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    Jan 2005
    Country NSW

    hmmm sounds like there is not middle ground, and I was looking forward to not sleeping so much too, but I wanna sleep some...

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    Jan 2004

    You're so right Michelle - i wish someone had told me that I would be spending most of my time in the loo!

    I wish someone had told me that I would be able cry at the drop of a hat over the silliest things.


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    Jun 2010

    hip pain
    aching legs
    back ache
    extra hair in places i never had hair
    constant runny nose
    hot flushes
    pee'ing like a tap
    wearing pads
    and lots more!

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    Apr 2010

    I wish someone had told me
    -Pregnancy is not glamorous!! I had this image of how amazing and lovely it was going to be, feeling lovely and fuzzy all the time! Total BS! hahaha
    -restless leg will make me want to cut off my right leg
    -I will get NO sleep whatsoever
    -I would get cellulite when I have NEVER had it before
    -that I would start hating and avoiding people because I don't want to hear another person say "you'll get less sleep after the baby so enjoy it now" or how horrible their labour was, how bad their baby slept or had colic or reflux or poonami's, how I must be having a boy cause I am carrying all my weight in my ar*e (We are having a girl!!!) and my pet peeve "enjoy your pregnancy, relax, do stuff you love doing etc" BAH I am not enjoying this and cannot imagine how I am sposed to enjoy it and feel good when I feel soooooo fat and uncomfy and sore and tired and cranky!!!! How do you force yourself to enjoy it?!

    But most importantly (and this over-rides everything I have said above) I wish someone had told me:
    -how amazing it is to feel this little person moving inside you, wiggling, kicking (even when it's in the ribs) growing.... I under estimated how amazing it is to feel her move... Makes it all worth it

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    Apr 2007
    SE QLD

    • that every pregnancy is different... you hear people say it, but don't believe it until the next one comes along!

      the amount of pain you can be in the whole pregnancy BEFORE labour is even thought of.

      That you'll forget the amount of pain labour was almost instantly.

      And the one I really wish I'd have known before baby #1 was WHERE TO PUSH! Baby would have been out hours earlier if they'd told me where to push instead of "push"...

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    Nov 2009
    Scottish expat living in Geelong

    That early pregnancy symptoms feel like your period is about to arrive, that pregnancy is exhausting to the point you sometimes have to stop working at 5 months just so you can get some more sleep, that it's ok not to enjoy being pregnant just because you wanted a baby.

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    Oct 2008

    The round ligament pain I got at 16 weeks gave me a real fright! Wish I'd known about that.

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    Mar 2008

    Ditto the round ligament pains, they can be scary when you haven't had them before! *nods*

    Also -

    * Daily nosebleeds (every morning without fail since 5wks into pregnancy)
    * Pain when baby kicks at your scar tissue from previous lap surgeries
    * How early the 'waddle' can start!

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    Jul 2010

    Min - Clumsiness too!! I trip over flat surfaces all the time!!

    The Dreaded baby Brain!! Not realising how bad it actually is!!

    Heartburn - Its not just tomato based things, everything will give you heartburn!

    The Fidgetyness - U know the type where you can't just lay on the lounge and be comfortable, your always moving and changing positions and being all hot and bothered and still still finding something that's comfy!

    I love this topic!

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    Mar 2008
    Where dreams are now reality

    I wish they told me....

    all about hyperemisis dehydration, drips and medication.

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    Jan 2011
    Perth, WA

    The horrid pregnancy flatulence
    Restless legs
    Mood swings
    Back pain
    Constant BH
    Insatiable libido

    Most of all I wish someone would have told me that having my Letz treatment would severely compromise my ability to carry a baby to term.

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    Nov 2007
    Country Vic - West of Ballarat

    I wish I was told about:

    Back Pain
    Hip Pain
    Rib Pain
    Round Ligament Pain
    How painful those kicks in the "nether regions" can be

    And I agree, pregnancy is not "glamorous" like you see all those pregnant Hollywood stars, it is hard work and tiring and can be downright uncomfortable. But saying that I wouldn't change it as without this wonderful experience I wouldn't have my precious little girl and my 2 little boys who will be joining us in a few months.

    But don't ask me to do it again as the answer is NO....

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    Sep 2008
    Bunbury, Western Australia

    how insanely massive your hands and feet can swell too

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    Jul 2010

    yep- definatly insomnia and being sooooo uncomfortable nomatter how many pillows you use in bed!!! oh, and heartburn- ugggh