thread: labour pains???

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    labour pains???

    Well, last night I was getting really strong period like cramps in my lower belly, baby was still moving around too though (do they still move when you are in labour - no one has answered this q on me - I do tend to have an overactive bubs though!!).

    They strated about 8.30pm and by the time I wend to bed at 10.30pm, they seemed to time around 15 to 20 mins apart. This went on until about 12.30pm then I feel asleep and work this morning to NOTHING!! I am so disheartened - could that have been the beginning of labour? Is that what it is meant to feel like - everyone says - oh youll know - but I dont know!!! Last night felt like period cramps but also I get a similar feeling when I need to do a wee!!! Ive had no show, nothing. Heavier watery discharge last few days - but dont think its my waters. sorry if TMI - although at this stage for most of us, nothing is TMI!!

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    hey lesh

    it sounds like everything is warming up...pre labor

    this can go on for a bit as the cervix thins and prepares to start dilating in repsonse to the work of the uterus

    you will know when you are in the sensations increase in intensity and duration and come more frequently

    dont worry lovely we all go through this at the end of this it?...only to wake up the next morning still pregnant

    xx yogababy

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    I found I got period like cramps like that on and off during my last week of pregnancy. One morning though I woke up and the pain was slightly differnt, stronger and it turned on and off quite regularly and I knew it was labour pains. Mind you it was still 58 hours before baby came, but still as soon as those pains hit I knew.

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    Yes it sounds like prelabour - or braxton hicks.
    Dont worry it mean not long now. I had these regular braxtons for about 2 weeks leading up - some would be 7 minutely on the dot for about 12 hours one day... then gone....

    If it is a real contraction they will not go away nor get lighter or further apart.

    As for baby moving. DD was moving around up to about 2 hours prior to birth. BUt then i was too busy try to ignore the contractions i didnt concentrate on feeling bub move lol.

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    I agree pre-lagour.
    And yes some baby's can move around a lot during labour. They are all different.
    Not too much lnger to wait now

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    I know what you mean with my first I had no idea I was in labour I just thought I had to do no2's and I was getting tummy cramps a bit like wind, I kept going to the loo but nothing hapend! I had been getting them on and off for a few days but didn't realise till I looked back and thought how silly was I! I rang the hospy at about 3am just to get some advice and they told me to come in, I still didn't think I was in labour until they monitored me and said yep they're contractions well no wonder they hurt so much!! good luck and I hope it establishes for you

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    Hi guys,

    Just quickly touching base, I woke up at 1.00am last night with strong period pain cramps every 25 mins up until about 4.30am when it was every 15 mins. Hubby is home with me now, been getting pains ranging from 8/15 mins apart lasting from 25 to 40 seconds - this had better be it!

    I had a bath about an hour ago and pains still coming and going. Rang the hospital but they dont want me to come in until 5 mins apart of waters break.

    Im confused though as I havent had a show or lost plug or anything - please tell me this is for real and not practice as I dont think I could do this if this is just a warm up!

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    They could be it
    DO they feel different to usual!?
    some girls dont loose a plug (well that they notice - comes out at birth).
    ANd my waters didnt break until 20 minute b4 bub born (spontaneous).

    Oooh i hope this is it for you very excited!!!

    If you want to fo to the hospital go! My contractions became painful that i couldnt stand them only 1.5 hours b4 dd was born! - i was walking around happy till then!

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