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Thread: Mucus Plug....

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    Yeah Kirby, sounds close, how exciting for you and your partner. My advice is to try and get as much sleep as possible over the next few days, bubs sounds like he/she will be here soon, and you will need all the sleep possible. Try not to over do it, because believe me once bubs is here, you'll be like why did I do all that. Tali is right bubs won't come either way until he/she is ready, but I know how hard it is after having labour stopped at 31 weeks, and then stop start, stop start for several weeks, you just want things to happen for real (of course once you reach that safety zone age, which I know you have ) it can be very fustrating. So my suggestion is Accupuncture it worked for me, but it could have been just a coincidence but I believe it gave my body that extra kick it needed to start things for real. I had 1 dose, nothing, (later I learnt though, it was to just prepare my body), second things picked up a little but still no real action (after this one I was starting to loose faith and not interested in the 3rd) but had the 3rd 5 days after the 1st and things picked up again over the next 24 hours and then things happened for real, 3 hours of labour and my boy was here. So who knows if it worked or if it was going to happen anyway, but either way, it lifted my spirits.
    Good luck and fingers crossed for you it happens soon.

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