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    Hi everyone

    I know Mylanta is safe to take during pregnancy, but it says on the packet to not take it for longer than 14 days. Is this for pregnant ladies too? Over the last 3 weeks, my heartburn has gotten worse and I now have to take Mylanta after every time I eat something and again in the middle of the night. I've tried other alternatives (milk etc) but it doesn't help anymore.

    I'm nearly 29 weeks so have some time to go yet and can't imagine not being able to take them, but of course I won't if it's not safe. I blame baby brain for forgetting to ask my ob last appointment .

    Any help would be great!

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    Try Fruit Tingles!!!!
    So many people seem to swear by them for heartburn and i wish i had of tried it out!!

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    Claire Guest


    I practically lived off the stuff in my first pregnancy - the heartburn was constant from 5 months onwards.

    With my last pregnancy I tried to eat smaller meals and steered clear of anything that caused heartburn and only needed a few rennies once in a while towards the end.

    As far as I know it's fine to take...

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    Mylanta is ok to take for longer than 14 days.

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    Thanks so much

    Unfortunately Fruit Tingles don't help me- I wish they did though. Much earlier on in my pregnancy I read Fruit Tingles helps with morning sickness too, but again not for me. I must be immune to their magic!

    Thanks Alan

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    I also suffered really bad heartburn with my last pregnancy but my pharmasist advised me to take Gaviscon because Mylanta has aluminium in it. I did take Mylanta during my first pregnancy and longer than 14 days and everything was fine. Hope this can be of some help.


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    Are you taking liquid or tablets?? Sometimes the liquid aggravates the heartburn a bit by the swallowing action (so my doc said!!) and I find the tablets much better and more soothing.

    Quickeze have no aluminium in them. Healthfirst here actually say no mylanta for preggies, but depends on how much and for how long. If you are using a couple of times a day, every day - try an alternative such as gaviscon or quickeze.

    Good luck!!

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    Thanks for that information

    I'm using the tablets- can't stomach the liquid. I didn't even know about the aluminium in it- I went for Mylanta over everything else because it was in the Bounty bag I was given and so assumed it was the best thing.

    I'll pop into the pharmacy tomorrow and ask about Gaviscon, as I'm taking the Mylanta tablets 3 times a day (sometimes 4) every day. Gee, I wish I had known.

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