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Thread: question...tmi sorry

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    Unhappy question...tmi sorry

    Ok so for the past week or so i've noticed more frequent trips to the toilet to do a poo (tmi sorry ) and most of these times it's been um.. pretty much diarohea (SP) not full on like gastro.. but yeah... i've bee reading over the past couple of days that this can indicate labour is close. How close is close? i"ve still got 9 weeks to go and im getting worried that maybe it's going to be alot closer than what i think.. is it possible that i will have this for the next 9 weeks ? or is this a sign that maybe i might be having this baby closer than 9 weeks... Would be great if someone could put my mind at ease

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    I think when they say that it means labor is close it more likey when you are already 38+ weeks so you shouldnt worrie too much but to much diarohea is never good for anyone so if this continues then go and see you doctor..

    To answer you question I have always had diarohea the day that I have gone into labor it the bodys way of clearing out the system before you have to push...

    Good luck hope it clears up soon...

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    I second that totally!

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    I had similar, but it was just nerves I think!

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